Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 9 - Cure Glamorous Women

Chapter 9 - Cure Glamorous Women

Ye Chen approached the woman, when Ye Chen approached he saw a very glamorous adult woman who had a beautiful white face and body like a devil and two large rabbits that were estimated to be the size of E or F Cup.

Even though her long hair was a bit messy and still could not cover her beauty, this was the most beautiful woman Ye Chen had met in the past 19 years, Ye Chen crouched down and took the glamorous hand of the Mature Woman.

This woman’s hands were very soft, Ye Chen immediately dispelled dirty thoughts and checked the pulse of the adult woman and felt something was wrong. The blood flow was too fast and the female body was hot today.

When Ye Chen touched his wrist the woman opened her eyelids and saw the face of a handsome man, because she felt hot and felt like ants crawling all over her body, the first thing she wanted was to tap into Ye Chen and eat her.

Seeing the Adult Woman suddenly hug her to fall to the ground Ye Chen Quite Stunned and dazed, the Mature woman reached out her hand to Ye Chen’s shirt and wanted to open the button of his shirt.

Feeling that someone was trying to open the button of his shirt Ye Ye finally regained consciousness and he immediately caught the hand of the mature woman and tried to stop her

" Give it to me. . . please give it to me. . . . my body feels bad "for some reason today Adult lust exploded and he was very aroused at this time.

Ye Chen who heard this knew what had happened. It seems like this young woman was poisoned by an aphrodisiac, so Ye Chen locked her hands so she would no longer move. magic

Aphrodisiacs are quite dangerous if not handled immediately or he can damage this woman’s body.

Ye Chen just remembered "yes. surely the bald man has an antidote. "Ye Chen held the woman like a princess and immediately walked towards the bald man.

The bald man was still lying on the ground. He saw Ye Chen approaching again and panicked.

"Say where do you keep the antidote for this aphrodisiac?" Ye Chen said in a voice asking.

The bald man was afraid of Ye Chen and he immediately said "This is a newly developed drug so there is no antidote".

Listen to that answer Ye Chen was not satisfied and wanted to kick the bald man.

Seeing Ye Chen not satisfied with his answer the bald man said again "This aphrodisiac is not too high a dose so you just need to make it reach the Peak by touching his body".

"If you dare to trick me then I will make you suffer even more", After saying those words Ye Chen immediately took the adult woman away.

Ye Chen immediately looked for a suitable place to heal the adult woman, after a few minutes Ye Chen finally found a large tree, he immediately approached and descended on that tree branch.

On top of this big tree there is a flatter place that is better than on the ground, the mature woman continues to stretch like a caterpillar on Ye Chen’s arm, Ye Chen then places an adult woman she sees a very passionate adult woman in front of her.

If Ye Chen was not aroused with this then he was a liar, he was also a normal man, seeing a beautiful woman who teased like a devil, they would definitely eat it right away.

Ye Chen tore up the clothes of the adult woman and a black underwear appeared in Ye Chen’s eyes. He saw the peak soaring covered by the black bra, and the private parts were also covered by black lace panties which made Ye Chen even more excited.

Ye Chen’s heartbeat is getting faster and faster

Even though Ye Chen was the first to do this but he learned all the techniques in the King’s heart that could satisfy women easily.

Ye Chen reached out his hand to the two big white rabbits and he squeezed it, the sensation was very chewy and pleasant.

Feeling the touch of Ye Chen’s body was like provoked he immediately shouted. Ahhh again More. . . . Touch More. . . . Good, delicious, Ye Chen’s hands-on hands are really fun thousands of times better than touching his own body.

Hearing the Shout of a Mature Woman Ye Chen Semakian was excited he increased the power of the squeeze of his fingers to the fingers of his hand only separated by the black silk bra which was quite thin.

"Ah. . . ah . . . do more ... I Want more, Enjoy Very Good "the adult woman Like rising to surge and a very pleasant voice continues to come out of the adult woman.

Because not satisfied with touching Ye Chen finally let go of the woman’s black silk bra, after the black silk bra opened two pink cherries appeared.

Ye Chen admired this beautiful work in front of his eyes Greedily Ye Chen sucked and gibbled it so that it made the Mature woman enjoyment.

"Ah, don’t bite. . . sick . . . sick . . . lighter ah . ah . "That woman gets more and more pleasure so that her mind is empty and she is like being in heaven.

Ye Chen didn’t forget to suck the adult female’s YinQi even though the amount was small but better than nothing

The customer pleasure from that woman continues and continues to be heard in this silent forest.

After fifteen minutes the moans finally stopped etah How many times has the woman reached the peak she huddled next to Ye Chen and slept with a very satisfied face.

Ye Chen took his storage ring blanket and covered it over the body of the adult woman’s naked, half naked.

He began to remember the madness just now, said in the emperor’s heart technique Someone who has felt the emperor’s heart technique then he will not be satisfied anymore to deal with normal people.

Ye Chen also did not know the origin or name of this woman but if this woman wanted to be responsible then Ye Chen would definitely be responsible because she was not a person who would run away after doing such a thing even though her aim was good anyway this woman was still a beauty like a goddess

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