Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 11: Plotted Against!

Chapter 11: Plotted Against!

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She picked up her phone and looked at the screen. It was a call from her good friend Xingchen.


“Weiyi, did you attend the classmate gathering that Shu Yuner organized last night?” Bei Xingchen sounded anxious through the phone.

Zuo Weiyi was momentarily blank. She nodded, “Yes, why?”

“You idiot! Didn’t Shu Yuner do something to you?”

During university years, everyone knew that Shu Yuner hated Zuo Weiyi.

It was because the boy whom Shu Yuner loved secretly had suddenly pursued Zuo Weiyi.

Of course, Zuo Weiyi did not like him. After graduation, they did not keep in touch.

However, Shu Yuner still treated Zuo Weiyi as her rival in love.

Hearing what her good friend had just said, Zuo Weiyi sank into deep thought.

Last night, although she was drunk, the heat within her did not feel like her usual drunkenness. She clearly remembered it because the moment she touched that man’s body, the drive in her became more obvious.

Last night, she was not just drunk!

“Weiyi, you didn’t go home last night, did you?” Bei Xingchen asked carefully.

Zuo Weiyi did not want to hide anything from her good friend. She and Bei Xingchen were as close as biological sisters!

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“Xingchen, how did you know?”

“So it’s true! You’ve been drugged!” Initially, Bei Xingchen was a little suspicious. She thought that no matter how obtuse Weiyi was, she would not be plotted against by Shu Yuner!

However, it was true!

Zuo Weiyi could make out her astonishment from her tone. She froze. “Drugged?” magic

“Didn’t you know?”

Zuo Weiyi was dumbfounded, then she understood!


She had really been plotted against by Shu Yuner last night!

What the hell! Was she addicted to bullying her?

Knowing that she had been plotted against, Zuo Weiyi couldn’t sleep the whole night and she tossed and turned.

After one night, her mood was better.

She promised that she would settle the score with Shu Yuner sooner or later!

When she opened her eyes, she heard voices outside her room.

When she listened carefully, she knew it was her bastard father’s voice.

What was he doing here again?

Frowning, Zuo Weiyi got out of bed. She was wearing adorable Doraemon pyjamas.

When he opened the door, she saw a happy Jiang Huaiyuan in the living hall.

“Here, Qing. Take this money and go get yourself and Weiyi some good food and clothing!”

Jiang Huaiyuan sat on the couch, took out thirty thousand dollars from his wallet, and placed it on the coffee table.

Thirty thousand dollars might not be a big amount to Jiang Huaiyuan, but to Zuo Qing, it was a surprise.

Although he would give them a monthly living allowance, the amount was merely three thousand dollars. When had he ever given them so much?

Zuo Qing looked up at Jiang Huaiyuan in surprise. “Didn’t you say that your company is facing a crisis? Why are you still giving us so much money?”

Jiang Huaiyuan gave a big grin. When he was about to speak, he heard the room door opening.

He turned around and saw Zuo Weiyi in her pyjamas, walking out of her room.

“Weiyi, you are awake!” He walked over with a smiling face. “Why didn’t you tell me you know Mr. Shi? It was my fault for getting angry with you yesterday. Can you please forgive me?”

Zuo Weiyi was stupefied.

What was he talking about?

He was asking her for forgiveness?

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