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Chapter 13: He Can’t Repay What He Owes You

Chapter 13: He Can’t Repay What He Owes You

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As if reading her mind, Jiang Huaiyuan shoved the money back to her. “Don’t worry, she doesn’t know I’m giving you this money.”

“It’s not necessary, I...”

Before Zuo Qing could finish her words, the three stacks of money were taken away from her hand!

“It’s time to take this money to buy some new clothes for my mother!” Zuo Weiyi took the money without hesitation and sat on the couch. magic

To her, this money was unable to compensate the grievances and harm her mother had experienced in her life.

Since it was her relationship with Shi Yuting that helped the Jiangs overcome their difficult period, what was wrong with taking this money?


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“Mom! He can’t repay what he owes you, do you understand? Why are you still so tactful?”

“Yes, yes, yes, please bring your mother to buy some good clothes.” Jiang Huaiyuan smiled while chiming in.

Then, he left the condominium.

“Weiyi, you know very well that people will gossip. Why did you still take the money?”

Zuo Weiyi was unimpressed. She stood up and said, “He owes us this, so why don’t we accept it?”

She turned and went back to her room to change into a cool and refreshing summer outfit.

After breakfast, Zuo Weiyi took the thirty thousand dollars to a big shopping mall and did as her father had instructed. She bought two sets of good clothing for Zuo Qing.

“Weiyi, I have enough clothes to wear. You just get some for yourself.” Although her circumstances were not as good as others, Zuo Qing would always think of her daughter and give her the best.

“I have lots of clothes! This set suits you!” Zuo Weiyi took a set of clothes and held it up in front of her mother. Then, she walked to the cashier and said, “I’d like to have these three sets please.”

“Alright, please hold on.” The cashier smiled.

When they were done with clothes, they went to the supermarket to get some fresh vegetables and fruits.

Zuo Weiyi took a look at the money in her purse. There was a balance of ten thousand two hundred dollars.

“Mom, let’s go for a more luxurious meal!”

Dragging her mother along, they walked into a French restaurant next to the shopping mall.

The steak here was delicious but it was costly. The minimum charge was 998 dollars!

Zuo Weiyi wanted to go into the private room but was stopped by Zuo Qing.

So, she chose a corner seat.

They sat down and ordered two sets of steak and a bottle of red wine. Zuo Weiyi was enjoying herself.

Anyway, this money was not Jiang Huaiyuan’s money. It should be Shi Yuting’s money, shouldn’t it?

When she thought of this name, the scene of that night in the hotel flashed through her mind and she blushed.

“What’s happened to you?” Looking at her daughter’s rosy cheeks, she thought it was because the wine was too strong.

Zuo Weiyi raised her head and beamed, “I’m fine, mom. Try this steak, it’s really delicious. I’ve been here once with our manager.”

Previously, she had been here once because of work and the steak was definitely delicious.

Zuo Qing smiled and cut her steak into half. She placed half the piece on Zuo Weiyi’s plate and exclaimed, “Then, you eat more.”

Zuo Weiyi looked at the additional piece of steak in her plate and smiled like a child. “It’s ok, Mom, I’m on a diet and can’t eat too much!”

She placed the piece of steak back onto her mother’s plate.

Both of them only had three thousand dollars in living allowance every month and it was insufficient to even survive in this big city, not to mention eating luxurious steak and dining at luxurious restaurants like this.

“You’re so thin, yet you’re still on a diet?” Zuo Qing frowned with a pang of heartache.

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