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Chapter 18: Get On Your Knees and Beg

Chapter 18: Get On Your Knees and Beg

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“Mom, don’t think too much. I didn’t kick Qiu Yun very hard. It’s not easy for them to sue me!”

Zuo Qing halted. She half-believed her words, “Really?”

Zuo Weiyi forced a laugh and nodded. “Yes.”

She didn’t believe that just a kick would land her in prison?

Zuo Qing looked at her, still worried.

“Alright, don’t move, I’ll nurse your wound.” She dragged her mother to the couch and carefully cleaned her wounds.

Zuo Qing felt uneasy the whole afternoon and kept pacing in the living hall.

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“Mom, it’s getting dark, don’t you want to prepare dinner?” Looking at her worried mother, Zuo Weiyi reminded her, but her actual intention was to distract her from thinking about the incident with Qiu Yun.

Upon hearing this, Zuo Qing noticed that it was really getting dark.

“Oh, I’ve forgotten. I’ll go and prepare dinner now.” She walked into the kitchen absent-mindedly.

After 40 minutes, dinner was done.

Zuo Weiyi sat at the table. As compared to Zuo Qing, she was relatively calm. She was not worried about what Jiang Tingmei had said at all.

On the table were still her favorite dishes.

She picked up the chopsticks and tasted a mouthful of tomato and egg stir-fry. On the first bite, she stopped.

“Mom, did you forget to add salt?”

Zuo Qing was stunned. She took a mouthful of tomato and egg stir-fry and indeed she had forgotten to add salt.

“Yup, I did not add salt. I’ve forgotten.” Zuo Qing took the plate of tomato and egg stir-fry and walked toward the kitchen. magic

Looking at her mother from the back, Zuo Weiyi pursed her lips and her expression was dull.

If only she had a strong family background, no one would bully her and her mother.


After one week, what Zuo Qing had been worrying about did not happen. She finally felt at ease.

However, just when she thought things had been patched up, Qiu Yun and her daughter appeared again.

That morning, after breakfast, Zuo Weiyi went to the office. Zuo Qing locked the door and was about to go out to buy some vegetables.

When she walked to the entrance of the condominium, Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei appeared in front of her all of a sudden.

The sight of them stunned Zuo Qing and she felt uneasy.

“Mrs. Jiang...”

Qiu Yun was silent. All she did was stare at Zuo Qing.

After a while, Jiang Tingmei took out a piece of paper and held it up in front of Zuo Qing.


On top of the paper were some big words and they stunned Zuo Qing.

Injury identification report?

She scrolled down and her eyes stopped at the identification result column. It stated ‘severe injury’.

Zuo Qing turned pale.

Jiang Tingmei kept the report and smirked. She was pleased with herself. “Tell Zuo Weiyi that she will spend the rest of her life in prison!”

After saying those words, the mother and daughter turned around and was about to leave.

Zuo Qing was stunned for a while and then regained her senses. She tugged on Qiu Yun’s sleeve and called out, “Mrs. Jiang!”

Qiu Yun turned around and looked at the hand which had fallen on her clothes.

When Zuo Qing’s gaze met hers, Zuo Qing let loose of her clothes and pleaded, “Mrs. Jiang, I beg you, please spare my daughter.”

Qiu Yun laughed coldly. “Spare her? Sure, kneel down and beg me.”

Zuo Qing looked up and saw Qiu Yun’s heartless expression.

She immediately put the vegetable basket down and knelt down in front of Qiu Yun.

“Please, I beg you, please spare my daughter.”

Qiu Yun curved her lips. She bent her body and stared at Zuo Qing. “Keep dreaming!”

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