Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 2: Was She Raped?


Chapter 2: Was She Raped?

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Eh, whose hands were these? The touch of these hands felt comfortable...

Zuo Weiyi was bewildered. She thought of pushing the hands in between her collar away but the moment she touched his hands, she was electrified.

What was happening to her?

Shi Yuting lowered his eyelashes and could see the little hands touching his!

Was this woman flirting with him?


Shi Yuting roared. The fire of desire in him, which had subsided, had once again been ignited by this woman.

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When he was just about to let loose his hands, Zuo Weiyi’s hands moved from his arms to his muscular chest.

Due to the effects of alcohol and the drug, Zuo Weiyi was unclear of what she was doing. All she knew was that her gesture of touching this muscular body soothed the heat in her and it even aroused her excitement!

Shi Yuting’s eyes followed the movement of her little hands caressing his chest and his rage was building up.

Damn woman!

He clenched his fists. The veins on his forehead swelled.

Touching the woman’s warm little hands, the heat within him flared up like a beast, almost swallowing his rationality.

Previously, when his drink had been drugged, he would still have the power of restraint, but what was happening to him today?

His black cold eyes stared at the woman in front of him. How he wished he could skin her alive!

How dare she plot against him?

Great, he would let her know what it meant by ‘paying a painful price’.

Looking at the woman who nestled in his embrace, Shi Yuting’s eyes sparkled and he turned the tables on her. He threw Zuo Weiyi onto the bed and climbed on top of her...

Lightning flashed and thunder roared. The night’s thunderstorm was like a fierce wind and ferocious beast, rolling up the bustling city, while the presidential suite was filled with soft, decadent sounds...


When the first glimmer of dawn stained the sky, Zuo Weiyi, who was on the double bed, frowned a little and opened her eyes. Her tired body felt like falling apart—it was painful and unbearable!

Damn, what was wrong with her?

She slowly regained her senses and when she was fully sober, she realised that the style of the room was different.

Where was this place?!

Her vision shifted and she noticed a man lying beside her. That face was the best-looking face she had ever seen!

But who was this extremely good-looking man?

For a moment, the blur memory of last night flooded her mind like a series of short films!

Last night...

Was she...raped?

Nope, she recalled a little that she was the one who held onto the man and didn’t let go?

It was she who...raped this man?

Oh my god!

Zuo Weiyi wished to scream out loudly!

But she knew she couldn’t!

She turned her head and looked at the man who was sound asleep. She then gently lifted the blanket and got down the bed without noise. Grabbing her outer garment, she tiptoed toward the door like a thief.

‘I’m sorry, handsome boy, I don’t have money to pay you!’

When she was out of the presidential suite, Zuo Weiyi let out a long breath, patted her little heart, and dashed toward the lift!

Vaguely, the man heard the sound of the door closing. He opened his eyes slightly and saw that the woman on the bed had slipped away!

Accidentally, he saw a red stain on the bedsheet.


Walking out of ‘Charm of Night’, Zuo Weiyi saw the mark left by the thunderstorm. The eastern sky was fiery red but in this bustling city, high-rise buildings blocked the beautiful sun.

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