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Chapter 27: Be My Woman

Chapter 27: Be My Woman

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“Why am I here?” She looked at the man in front of her. It hadn’t even been a week and she looked haggard.

Shi Yuting swirled some red wine in a glass. His thin lips pursed slightly and answered, “My people carried you here.”

He said this in a careless manner but Zuo Weiyi halted. She did not understand this man.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Shi Yuting toyed with the wine in the glass with no intention to taste it.

“Be my woman. I’ll give you everything you wish for—money, vanity, whatever you wish.” Beneath the black eyes, no one could guess his inner thoughts.

Zuo Weiyi looked up and stared at Shi Yuting.

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Be his woman?

“Even if you wish to be the young missy of the Jiang family, I can easily fulfill that wish.” He smirked.

Young missy of the Jiang family?

She held on to the blanket tightly. Her mother’s death and her hatred within, who could repay all these?

However, why was this man willing to help her?

“Why do you want to help me?” she blurted out.

Why the offered help?

Shi Yuting’s lips quirked up.

His intention was not to help her. He wanted her to be his woman solely because he was interested in her.

He didn’t understand it either. He wasn’t usually interested in women, but why was he interested in Zuo Weiyi? After knowing her identity, he even took pity on her.

Because of this, he wished to give her money and power.

“I’m not helping you. I’m interested in you and that’s it.”

Zuo Weiyi was stunned.

She knew clearly that this man had great power and in Z City, he was a man everyone kept at a respectful distance and dared not mess with.

If she were to become his woman, did it mean she could avenge her mother’s death?

Her mother died saving her. If not for Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei’s threat, her mother would not have knelt in front of the Jiang Group office and gotten humiliated by many.

The thought of her mother’s grievance brought extreme pain to Zuo Weiyi. It was as though her heart was being dismembered slowly by a knife.

She looked at the man in front of her and agreed firmly. “I’ll be your woman!” magic

The man beamed with satisfaction.

“However, I do not wish to be the young missy of the Jiang family. All I wish is for the Jiang Group to go into bankruptcy!”

She had once thought that there was still a slight father-daughter bond between her and Jiang Huaiyuan. That was why she had agreed to the blind date.

However, she hated him since the day he treated her mother heartlessly and turned a blind eye to them!

The man raised his eyebrows. “Only this?”

Zuo Weiyi was slightly taken aback.

This man could read her like an open book.

Indeed, this was far from what she wished for.

She swore she would definitely want Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei to pay a painful price!

Zuo Weiyi lowered her head and suddenly felt a shadow enveloping her.

She looked up and saw that the man had walked over to her and looked down at her from above. “Remember, you are my woman. Whatever you want to do, do it bravely. I’ll support you!”

Zuo Weiyi tilted her head up and suddenly, there was a tingly sensation on her nose and a warm current flowed into her heart.

Why did he treat her so well?

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