Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 4: Blind Date II

Chapter 4: Blind Date II

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Anyway, if the other party was satisfied and agreed to court her daughter, he would get the deal!

Looking at her mother sitting on the opposite side, Zuo Weiyi felt that she was in a difficult position.

In this world, her mother was the person she loved the most.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Zuo Weiyi took the piece of paper from Jiang Huaiyuan and agreed. “Alright! What time?”

Jiang Huaiyuan was delighted!

“11.30am for lunch.”

“Alright!” She placed the piece of paper in her bag. magic

“Don’t be late, this concerns...” Jiang Huaiyuan paused and grinned. “Haha, nothing, so, that’s it.”

He stood up after speaking, turned, and was about to leave.

Looking at her father who was leaving after getting what he wanted, Zuo Weiyi stole a look at her mother and couldn’t help but say, “Since you are here, why don’t you have lunch with us before leaving?”

This was asked on behalf of her mother.

If it were her, she would not have asked him to stay for lunch!

“No, thank you. I still have work at the office. I’ll take my leave first.” Jiang Huaiyuan smiled and left.

Watching him leave, Zuo Qing was upset.

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“Mom, you know he’s a heartless man. Why do you still want me to help him?” Although mother was a sensible woman, she appeared to be too soft and weak at times.

Some things were obviously of no benefit to her but she just could not decline others.

Her daughter’s blaming tone made her lower her eyes. “Your father’s company is facing some problems. If this date is successful, maybe his crisis will be resolved. No matter what, he is still your father. Do help him.”

“Father? My surname is Zuo, not Jiang!” Zuo Weiyi grumpily shifted her vision and the pain that flashed through her eyes that instant was too quick to be captured by anyone.

“Haven’t you changed your surname?”

“I’ve never acknowledged Jiang as my surname!” She had been using her mother’s surname for a dozen years and in front of others, she had been introducing herself as ‘Zuo’ Weiyi and never ‘Jiang’ Weiyi!

Although she had changed her surname to Jiang a few years ago, she didn’t care to use this surname.

Anyway, she could never become the young missy of the Jiang family. She would rather be an ordinary girl living with her mother.

Zuo Qing looked at her daughter’s expression and felt bitter.

Twenty years ago, if not for Jiang Huaiyuan’s coercion, she wouldn’t have had an affair with him and gotten pregnant with Weiyi.

It had been twenty-one years and yet, she couldn’t give her a happy family.

“I’ll return to my room first!” Zuo Weiyi took a look at her mother and walked into her room.

Suddenly, Zuo Qing remembered something and asked, “Weiyi, where were you last night? Why didn’t you come home?”

Upon hearing this, Zuo Weiyi halted, pursed her lips, and turned around. She was trying not to meet her mother’s gaze.

“Err...I was drunk last night. Because it was too late, I couldn’t hail a taxi and I slept at my friend’s house.”

She blurted out an excuse, hoping that her mother would not be suspicious.

Of course, Zuo Qing did not guess that her daughter did not return home last night because she was sleeping in a man’s bed. So, she believed what her daughter said.

“You should have called me. I was really worried.” Zuo Qing sighed. Last night, she was very worried and had called her daughter several times but the latter’s phone had been switched off.

Zuo Weiyi gave out a guilty laugh. “Hah, my phone died. Alright, I’ll return to my room and take a bath!”

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