Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 5: Blind Date III

Chapter 5: Blind Date III

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After speaking, she went into her room. She took a set of clean clothing and entered the bathroom.


At eleven, Zuo Weiyi took a bus and arrived at the restaurant.

When she arrived, it was 11.20 am.

She was a person with a good sense of time. She would rather be early and never late!

Upon stepping into the restaurant, a waiter asked, “Hi miss, how many of you, please?”

Zuo Weiyi halted and replied, “Err, I have an appointment with Mr. Lin.”

The waiter smiled. “Mr. Lin Hao? Please follow me.”

Trailing behind the waiter, Zuo Weiyi arrived at a private room on the second floor.

“Please.” The waiter bowed slightly and gestured for her to enter the room. “Mr. Lin is not here yet. Please wait for a while.”

Then, the waiter left.

Zuo Weiyi raised her head and saw a golden sign stating 999 on the door.

She pushed open the door and entered.

It was 11.28 am on her watch.

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If Mr. Lin was not there in two minutes, then he must be a person without a good sense of time.

If a man required a woman to wait for him, her impression of him would be greatly reduced! Out!

It was 11.30am and the man was still not there. Zuo Weiyi started to get impatient.

He was a man with bad punctuality. How could he have a blind date with her?

With a little backpack on her, Zuo Weiyi walked out of the private room.

At the same time as this was happening, in the hall on the first floor of this restaurant, Lin Hao saw a man who walked into the restaurant just a bit later than himself. His expression turned joyful.

He walked over immediately and greeted, “Mr. Shi, have you come for lunch too?”

Seeing the man who suddenly approached him, Shi Yuting remained stoic. His eyes emitted a cold glare that could pierce through people’s heart, sending fearful vibes to people around him.

“Who are you?”

His voice was as cold as ice and Lin Hao felt awkward.

“Haha, I’m Lin Enterprise’s...”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Shi, all the private rooms are fully booked for today...” The waitress at the bar counter said timidly.

Usually, Mr. Shi would make a reservation in advance but today, he showed up suddenly and all their private rooms were fully booked. However, they were afraid to offend Shi Yuting, and so, the waitress didn’t know what to do.

Just when she was about to call the manager, Lin Hao, who was standing by the side, walked over to Shi Yuting.

“Mr. Shi, you are here for lunch, aren’t you? I have reserved a private room. If you don’t mind, you may use that room.”

Shi Yuting’s black eyes gave Lin Hao a sweep and he smiled faintly.

“So, should I thank you?”

“Oh, no, no, enjoy your lunch, Mr. Shi.” Lin Hao was overwhelmed and took out a name card from his pocket. “Oh yes, I’m Lin Enterprise’s...”

Before he could finish his words, Shi Yuting had turned and walked up the second floor. magic

“Quick, usher Mr. Shi to Room 999!” Looking at his tall figure from the back, the waiter at the front counter instructed another waiter.

In the washroom on the second floor, Zuo Weiyi stood in front of the wash basin, looking at her pondering self in the mirror.

If she had left just like this, her father would definitely blame her. If things got screwed up by then, her mother would definitely be the one desolated.

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