Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken

Chapter 319

Chapter 319

translator: yompyamper

Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken Chapter 319 – Surprised Dunamis

I bring Dunamis back to the mansion .

(Kuku, you’re bringing her back . )

Eleanor buts in happily .

I get what she means .

Dunamis, emperor Mercouri, has always behaved like an emperor .

She granted me “one night”, and she’s walked all the way from the city to here so that I can “take her” .

Let’s use the warp feather, but for now I’m walking calmly .

I don’t feel like bringing her straight away .

“What are you doing? Guide me to the back . ”

“Yeah, yeah . ”

Dunamis follows me .

After all, I’m excited she’s like this .

I open the door and guide Dunamis into the mansion .

Then .

“Welcome home… umm . ”

Althea emerges from the back of the mansion .

“I’m back, you were sleeping?”

“No, I was polished . ”

Althea wearing sexy clothes like a prostitute .

She claims that she is just a woman, and the clothes she wears to prove it are increasing .

Of course she can only wear it in my house before me .

“That’s bad, I have a promise today . ”

“I don’t mind, I’ll make you think I’ve been waiting for you . ”

“I’m looking forward to it”

I hug Althea and give her a deep kiss .

She’s satisfied for the time being, and disappears into the back of the mansion .

“I’m waiting — what happened?”

I turn around and see Dunamis frowning .

“This is Althea? Isn’t she the great sage Althea?”

“Oh, it’s just Althea when I’m here . Didn’t you know?”magic

“I ordered her to become my officer, but she refused . ”

“I see . ”

“Is she your confidant?”

“A woman . ”

Immediately, Dunamis is stunned .

I have a sudden feeling .

When I turned to the origin of that feeling, Athea, who had left, is peeping from around the corner .

Her face is out of control, like it’s burnt red .

With those eyes, Althea immediately retracted .

This time she has really disappeared in the back .

I talk to Dunamis who is still stunned .

“Let’s go . ”

“… Um, that’s right . ”

After a short pause, Dunamis follows as if nothing has happened .

While she was upset, she quickly recovered (it seems) .

“Lord . ”

Going to the back, I encounter Nana this time .

Nana wears relatively light clothing when she’s not on the battlefield .

It looks sexy with lots of exposure from the armpits to the back, but I know very well that she is a rose with thorns .

Sure, she is beautiful, including the thorns .

“What happened Nana, it’s rare for you to be in the house . ”

“I was looking for my Lord . The soldiers have been great lately, so I was thinking on getting them cutlets . ”

Nana glances at Dunamis .

“I’m sorry, I’ve bothered my Lord . ”

“Well, it’s also important that they don’t waste anything . I’ll do it tomorrow . ”

“Hah! Thank you very much!”

Nana bows down, making her long hair flutter, and walks away .

“Wasn’t that Nana Kano just now?”

“Didn’t you know?”

I turn back to Dunamis and explain again .

“The chalky war princess, the swordsman Nana, the strongest woman in mankind . I ordered her to become my officer before and was refused . ”

“Did you scout Nana?”

“Why did she call you Lord?”

“Because she’s my woman . ”

“……Really . ”

She was upset slightly longer than before .

I start walking as she does a double take .

“Oh, nothing seems to be impossible today . ”

“Delfina . ”

Ten thousand customers!

This time Delfina appears .

“You’re here too?”

“Yeah, thank you for the slaves liberation, but … it seems a little late . ”

Looking at Dunamis behind me, Delfina looks like she knows everything .

That’s natural .

“Did it not disturb business?”

“That amount of damage can’t compare to my trauma . ”

Delfina smiles gorgeously .

You shouldn’t mind it that she talks about trauma . She’s thanking you .

“I will come here the day after tomorrow . ”

“I’ll prepare and will be waiting for you . ”

Delfina bows gracefully with a smile and then leaves .

“Delfina Homer Ranmari . ”

“Didn’t you know? She’s also my woman . ”

Dunamis does a double take yet again .

Her surprise is even bigger .

“I ordered funding . At that time I got paid 100 gold coins . ”

“Which is also amazing . ”

Dunamis has offered tremendous funding to Delfina, 100 gold coins .

It’s not about getting rid of small change, but 100 gold coins .

I am a little worried about the relationship between Delfina and Dunamis .

“You are … integral . ”

On the other hand, Althea, Nana and Delfina .

Dunamis encounters famous and talented woman who are different from the princesses one after the other, and this time, she has made a vow so she cannot leave on her own .

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