Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 1923 - 1923: Peeping (1)

Chapter 1923: Peeping (1)

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you go first. I’ll think about it when I report it. I’ll see how you’re doing later.

Hearing this, Mory knew that it was not good to stay any longer. Knowing that the other party had made up his mind, Mory hesitated for a moment and still walked out.

At this moment, Bo Yi raised his head slightly and looked at the young man’s weak figure. there was a layer of haziness in his eyes, making it impossible to see what he was thinking.

If the progress was too fast, the young man would be suspicious. Mory was hiding something that others didn’t know about, and he didn’t want others to know, which was what Mory wanted to protect.

If he targeted Mory too much and paid too much attention to him, it seemed that he would put this student on guard.

and once they were on guard, it would be difficult to come into contact with them.

Obviously, Mory was also a loner and didn’t really contact other people in school.

However, what kind of part-time job did this young man have outside?

Why didn’t he dare to tell her?

A dark look flashed across Bo Yi’s eyes.

bo yi did not pay much attention to this student. at first, he did not want to make people feel that there was something fishy.

For two days in a row, Bo Yi did not go to talk to MO Li. They only met occasionally in class. He would leave once class was over, not giving the other students any room to make him stay.

Of course, Bo Yi also saw that Mori wanted to talk to him a few times. After all, he had something to use against this student.

However, he had left on purpose. He did not look back and did not care about anyone.

This was a trick, playing hard to get, but so what? he would let Mory approach him on his own initiative instead of going to find this student himself.

that night.

Bo Yi drove out of the villa in the block.

However, he lived in the neighborhood. After all, he couldn’t be completely isolated from the world. He didn’t like nannies and did everything himself. He would occasionally find a part-time worker and he would cook by himself.

they went to the supermarket.

Bo Yi was wearing a thin white turtleneck sweater on the inside and a smoky gray coat on the outside. His skin was as fair as Jade, and his eyes were clear. His appearance was outstanding, and the hair in front of his forehead hung down slightly, covering half of his long eyebrows.

When she watched him go pick out the food, there was really an indescribable feeling. Every move revealed a noble aura, but the faint green color that appeared in his eyes seemed to make him look a little decadent.

It was the normal state of insomnia all year round.

Such a scene attracted a lot of people’s attention, especially women. However, it had to be said that men couldn’t help but take a second look.

The things that Bo Yi bought were things that he rarely bought. They were some fruits and snacks. magic

especially snacks. he seemed to rarely buy these things, so he picked them up and picked them up carefully. his serious look attracted more attention, but he seemed to not notice anything and did not look back at others.

She was clearly buying some snacks and other things, but she still seemed particularly distant and unapproachable. This kind of feeling was indescribably out of place.

but in reality.

Indeed, Bo Yi did not eat snacks. He had his own reasons for buying these things.

However, Bo Yi had always been sensitive to the gazes of outsiders.

He could sense the meaning behind those gazes. Was it malice or kindness, or perhaps, ridicule?

It was a rather special gaze that followed closely behind him. That feeling didn’t feel like it was from a stranger..

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