Chapter 14 Final Boss

Alex entered the final boss room; it was dimly lit, with only one light stone in the middle; it was hard to see how big the room was, and in the middle of the room, on a chair, sat a young boy no more than 16-year-old with two creatures standing behind him.

The boy sitting on the chair was Clifford Forechester, the first child of lord Forechester with the two creatures being his protectors, a man and a woman.

The man in pitch-black armor was his knight guard captain, and the woman wearing black leather armor was his head maid, also an assassin.


Undead Knight Captain (Epic)

Name: Stephen

LVL: 35

HP: 20500

Skills: (Knight Swordsmanship) (Blind Charge) (Counter) (Battle Roar)

(Ice shield) (Blessing of Strength) (Knight Valor)

Description: Stephen was a great warrior that served the Forechester family all his life and died protecting his master, turning into an undead, and losing everything he held dear. Now fulfilling the purpose he holds dear in his life, protecting his master even in death.


Ghoul Assassin(Epic)magic

LVL: 35

HP: 9000

Skills: (Dagger Master) (Haste) (Evade) (Back Stab) (Shadow Merge)

(Minor Invisibility)

Description: Esther, head maid of the young master Clifford turned into a Ghoul with the curated power when she was alive and became a creature that hangs between dead and alive.


'Why is there a Named monster here?'

Those mercenary bastards published the information that only the boss monster was named, and even he was weaker than a normal Epic monster.

Undead Magician(Epic)(Boss)

Name: Clifford Forechester

LVL: 35

HP: 22000

Skills: (Darkness Heal) (Summon Undead) (Death Curse) (Mindless curse) (Darkness Empowerment)

Description: Clifford Forechester, the first child of lord Forechester a very talented and strong mage killed with regrets of not being able to save his family, now turned into an undead with no clear memory of who he once was

After seeing the boss's stats, Alex knew that even though it was weak alone, it would give him a hard time with the undead captain.

'I need to kill the Magician first, so he doesn't heal, but the knight captain will not let me do it; that only leave the assassins, so let's take her out first.'

After making a rough plan to kill the assassins, Alex sprinted toward the trio to separate them first.

The knight reacted first and sprinted at Alex head-on for a clash while the assassins vanished into the room's darkness.

Alex seeing his target disappear, focused back on the knight whose sword was coming for Alex's neck.

Alex started clashing with the knight while keeping his eyes on the boss, who didn't make any move, and the assassins were probably waiting in the shadows for a perfect opportunity to strike.

'Any moment now.' Alex thought as he was getting pushed back into room dark area by the knight captain.


The moment Alex entered the room's dark area, the assassin's strike came from his back as the captain also used battle roar skill to immobilize Alex so the assassins could do critical damage.

Alex was waiting for this moment because right now, both captain and the assassins were in his range of attack, and at the perfect moment, Alex used his skill [Frost tide], freezing the area around.

Not expecting immobilizing skill, the knight and assassin got their legs frozen in ice, unable to move.

Alex didn't waste any time on the knight. He turned around and used his second sword skill [Frost Slash] on the Ghoul assassin doing a critical hit and taking more than half of her HP.

Alex didn't give any chance for her to recover and used the [Ice Sword frenzy] skill doing multiple normal and critical strikes on her and finishing her with the Slash Skill killing her instantly.

The boss tried to heal her, but she died quickly, with her taking way more damage than he could heal.

'One down, Two more to go.' Alex thought, making some distance from the knight that was blankly looking at the dead body of the assassins, and the boss was staring at Alex with frosty eyes like he had taken something very important from him.

"Human, you have enraged me. Now your death will be so painful you will pray to god that you were never born." The boss said with a deep voice that didn't match his half-decayed youthful appearance.

'He can speak?'

Alex was surprised to see a low-level monster speak because to speak, they need to have good enough conciseness like normal humans do, and finding an undead with conciseness on a low level was very hard.

'Things are getting more and more complicated.'

A named monster already has some memories of his life that he can use to fight better than a beast with only instinct, but a monster that can speak can think freely and use his skill at opportune moments, and these types of monsters are hardest to kill on the same level.

Clifford used the Darkness Empowerment skill on the knight boosting his stats and using the Summon Undead skill to summon ten skeleton warriors, sending five to attack him and five to protect himself.


The knight released himself from the ice and rushed at Alex using his Blind Charge skill.

'I need to kill the magician first.'

Alex started avoiding the knight and skeleton warrior attacks and kept wasting time and not attacking them, so the skills would be off cooldown when he needed them.

Five minutes in on dodging the attacks, the boss summoned ten more skeletons, five archers, and five warriors, sending all of them at him.

'The summoning skill has a short cooldown; let's see if he can heal the knight faster than I can damage him.'

Alex recovered his stamina and started attacking the knight while avoiding the skeleton warrior; it was challenging but doable.

Five minutes into the fight, the knight has still full HP and was going strong; at that time, the boss summoned ten more skeleton warriors, sending them at him.

It was already hard for him to dodge 15 attacks and counter simultaneously, but with 25, Alex will eventually get killed.

'What the hell is wrong with this bastard? How many more can he summon? I need to kill him fast, or with already low stamina, I will be killed when he summons the next skeletons.'

"Getting tired already. I can summon 100 more such skeletons." The boss said in a mocking voice.

'He is not telling the truth; every skeleton will consume a good chunk of mana when they are summoned but seeing how relaxed he is, he can probably summon more that will be bad.'

'The undead knight is also not going for the fast kill; he has not used a single skill like waiting for me to get exhausted.'

'I can only use the BERSERK skill, and I will die if I fail to kill all of them before the skill time ends. Then I can only choose the advanced class as the promotion quest reward.'

Alex made up his mind and used the BERSERK skill getting his stats to increase by 50%

He charged into the skeleton, sending them and the knight back. Getting free from the constant attack, he opened his inventory, took out the stamina potion gulped it down to help him retain berserk mode for some more time.

Alex charged at the boss, not wasting any time; when he was near the boss, he used the skill Ice Meteor Crash to try to crush the magician, but at the last moment, the undead knight came and took the hit using his Ice shield skill.

Alex didn't stop there and used his Frost tide skill, freezing the boss and the knight with nearby skeletons.

[Effected with curse magic(Mindless Curse): Player will be affected with an extreme headache for 60 Seconds]

Alex was going to use the next skill on the standing boss when he felt his head hurting as if someone had just smashed it with a hammer. Alex knew the boss had used the mindless curse.

Alex would not be affected this much if he was not in the state of BERSERK.

Alex was stunned when two arrows hit him in the head, drawing blood and not doing much damage but irritating him.

[Effected with curse magic(Death Curse): Player will lose Health and feel nauseous for 60 Seconds]

Alex was struggling with the headache when he felt weak, like he was sick; the boss used his skill, the death curse.

Alex knew if he couldn't recover in time, he would not get another chance to kill the boss and find the secret of the Forecaster castle after his death, other players would find this place, and Alex would get nothing.

Alex calmed down, cleared his brain from all the things, and thought of the best actions he could take to kill the boss; he was doing all this as the skeleton warrior was rushing at him with the knight captain almost free from the ice.

Alex assessed the situation seeing the knight almost free from ice with the boss having a creepy smile behind him.

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