Monster Factory

Chapter 22: Reactors

Chapter 22: Reactors

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Petroleum industries are the most dangerous industry in regards to power outages.

And because of this, these industries always have a two step contingency plan.

When one line suffers an accidental power outage, then there is a backup safety line providing emergency power.

Of course, this isn’t absolutely safe. Otherwise, there would be no accidents from factories who suffered power outages.

Ye Qing looked around, but at the moment found no factory around with thick smoke and fire rising from it.

Ye Qing hurriedly pulled out his cell phone and gave the deputy manager of the park a call.

Xu Loujun is one of the people in charge of this stretch of the park. Although this guy has the deputy manager title, you can only count on him to give out power outage warnings or some other policy implemented by the park. Like needing factories be surrounded by trees and such.

After hitting the busy tone multiple times, Xu Loujun finally answered. He is probably in a car, since the roar in background covered almost everything.

“Yeah, what is it.” Xu Loujun anxiously yelled.

“Why is there a power outage? And I even saw a bunch of fire trucks headed into the park......”

“When [Huaxiang Heavy Works] was constructing the third stage of the park, there was the need to use a 200 ton crane to move a cooling tower. Due to the driver’s blindness during the transfer, he didn’t retract it high enough, so it touched and shorted our region’s power line. Right now we’re calling an electrician to get it fixed.”

“The main accident happened in [Gangjie Chemicals]. At the time, they were using several reactors to create some catalyzed reactions.”

“In the end, the sudden power outage made the reactors automatically seal its valves. When its backup power line came online, due to too much pressure in the steam pipeline, a section of it cracked open.”

“The catalyst has already been inserted, so if the internal temperature isn’t kept up there might be unimaginable chemical reactions.” Xu Loujun’s voice kept getting louder: “Alright I’m gonna hang up now. I need to find their person in charge to understand the current situation. If there are dangers, I’ll warn everyone to evacuate before hand.”

Gangjie Chemicals?

Before at Ayun’s shop didn’t I hear 2 of Gangjie Chemicals’ workers talk about some 50 million yuan deal and reactors and what not.

Ye Qing is proficient in mechanics, but he doesn’t know much about chemical reactions. However seeing all those fire trucks rolling by, Ye Qing reckon that the problem isn’t light at all.

His factory is only 2 kilometers away from Gangjie Chemicals. Even if something happens, it probably won’t reach there, so patience is required.

Ye Qing continued his walk towards the city. Having reached that familiar garage, he took a look at his van along the way.

This garage mainly fixes trucks, so they close pretty late.

Today, there weren’t many cars that needed fixing, so the workers had already replaced his van’s lights and bumpers.

The hood of the car has already been fixed, all that’s left is to wait for tomorrow morning to apply a layer of paint.

Since the paint needs to wait for tomorrow, Ye Qing called out and took the van out to act as a means of transportation.

Before arriving at the hospital, Ye Qing first stopped at a nearby fruit store to pick up some mangos. Cause his dad loves these things.

As Ye Qing approached the sick room, he pondered over one question.

All the workers already resigned, but now they’re replaced by a bunch of monsters.

When Ye Qing isn’t at the factory, to keep the monsters a secret, he unsummoned them all.

But this isn’t a long term solution. Although the factory is surrounded by a high wall, which blocks the regular view of the factory, it’s still in the park with many other factories near by. When a period of time goes by, there will definitely be people with questions.

And, father use to manage the factory, so when he leaves the hospital, he will definitely be taking over the factory again.

The app is seriously too shocking. Hence, Ye Qing doesn’t want his parents to worry about him coming into contact with a bunch of monster.

The monsters will be his secret which no one can or will know.

In that case, the best option is to find a secluded place and build another factory.

Currently there are 10 monsters, so it’s relatively easy to hide them. However as the factory’s level increase, Ye Qing is convinced that the app will provide ways to hide them.

When Ye Qing arrived at the sick room, Ye Jiangning was watching movies on his phone. Seeing that Ye Qing was here, he quickly asked if he sold the machines or not.

Xu Lan also asked and said that Xian Dongdong is out of danger of internal hemorrhaging, so he’s been transferred out of ICU.

“I haven’t sold them yet, they’re still piled there.” Ye Qing smiling raised the mangos in his hand: “I contacted a classmate of mine and we got a big contract from the city construction management office. We’re engrossing ourselves in making money.”

Ye Jiangning has been stuck in the hospital for the past couple of days, so doesn’t know of anything going on at the factory. However upon hearing that Ye Qing found someone and got a big order, he became even more happy and asked for more details.

When sons and daughters can make money by themselves, their parents will naturally be happy.

“It’s to process curbstones. I got low priced materials from a classmate, then I had it cut it and sold it to the city.”

Ye Qing used the warm water lying around to wash the mangos and handed them to his parents: “When this order is over, I might even be able to make millions. When the time comes, I’ll definitely buy you guys a car.”

“Buy cars for us?” Ye Jiangning laughed outright, and as a result, a piece of fruit got stuck in his throat and caused him much pain: “I’m grateful as long as you can buy us a santana.”

“Money can’t be spent recklessly. Did Zhang JIangyu help you get the order?”

Under the warm lighting, Xu Lan displayed her kind yet exhausted smile: “Last time he got us the contract for the 7 cutting machines, now he even helps with the curbstone contract. When this is all over, you need to properly thank him.”

Ye Qing got the order due to his superior skills, but thanking Zhang JIangyu for before is still a must.

“No problem.” Ye Qing laughingly accepted.

A phone call suddenly broke the peaceful silence in the room. When Ye Qing took a look at the number, it’s actually from the deputy manager of the park, Xu Loujun.

“Hey ~” Ye Qing’s heart thumped. Xu Loujun didn’t make this call to inform him of some bad news, right?

“The power lines are fixed, and the main line is working again.” There were hints of rejoice in Xu Loujun’s voice: “At the beginning when we received the report, it was simplifying too frightening. Several hundred tons of chemical materials stuck in a reactor. It gave us quite the scare. Hence all the fire trucks.”

“Afterward, the chemical plant’s boss called over several experts from Zhongyun university’s chemical laboratory. Under their inspection of the materials, the materials stuck in the reactor pose no possibility of exploding or potential to contaminate the air. The danger has already passed.”

Maybe because of the clearance of the accident’s hidden dangers, Xu Loujun became quite chatty: “However, [Gangjie Chemicals] is probably screwed this time. If the temperature in the reactor doesn’t increase, then tens of millions in chemical materials will be all for naught. Right now they’re looking for divers who can perform welding underwater all over the place. I heard that their calling price is currently half a million.”

“500,000, for a diver who can perform underwater welding?”

Ye Qing understood the 500,000 price tag, but still didn’t understand. Since the pipeline is broken, don’t you just turn off the boilers and fix it by welding?

Steam isn’t burnable or explosive, so they can fix it however they want. How does this have any connections with underwater welding. magic

“Due to their office’s scenery, they put a section of it under a man made lake. The damaged part is currently in the lake. Now the lake has an extra fountain, except it’s spitting out steam instead of water. Most of the fish in the lake have also been cooked through. Right now there are a lot of people there grabbing free fish.”

As soon as Xu Loujun finished speaking, he immediately hung up. He still has a lot of other people who he needs to inform.

Steam pipelines are generally double layered and have a fiberglass thermos layer in the middle, so even if there is a leak occurs, there is no worry of the temperature dropping.

Then, welding this pipeline underwater?

Ye Qing remembers his M.P.C.V. : that little guy can perform long periods of underwater welding.

Tens of millions in chemicals is about to be wasted, so of course Gangjie Chemicals’ boss is worried to the point of wanting to suicide. So he’s offering 500,000 for someone who knows underwater welding?

Ye Qing is somewhat tongue tied. Just as he was thinking of ways to earn some side money to buy some luxury cars, an opportunity immediately presented itself.

Ye Qing decided to take a look, maybe he can even be of help and earn that 500,000.

In the call, Xu Loujun said that Zhongyun university’s chemical experts are already on site analyzing.

He doesn’t know the cost of using these experts, but Ye Qing does.

He graduated from Zhongyun university, so he knows of the university’s [Material Chemical Engineering Laboratory]. This is Zhongyun university’s pride, it is also Zhongyun university’s one and only State Key Laboratory.

The experts from there aren’t like those that appear on T.V. for only 998, they are in countless chemical companies’ eyes, money shakers and masters of the field.

Since they said that there is no danger, and that workers are busy catching fish; with these two layers of protection, Ye Qing naturally has no fear.

Ye Qing told his parents that there is business and dashed towards the parking lot.

Right now it’s 10 pm, so traffic volume decreased a lot. This also allowed Ye Qing to speed over the limit.

20 minutes later when he arrived at the park, he just happens to pass by a Iveco truck with [Dragon Underwater Infrastructure] printed on it flying towards [Gangjie Chemicals]

“Shit, competitors!” Ye Qing, with his pedal to the metal, had the commercial van join in the road race.

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