Monster Factory

Chapter 751: Reclamation.

Chapter 751: Reclamation.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X made two round trips, absolutely no third, and the hill in front of it was gone and was replaced by a wide, flat four-lane road.

It was the dry season, and the surface was sorely lacking in water, and the Mechanical Colossus Type X dug a hole, and the ground was still extremely dry.

Looking at the avenue in front of them, a group of truck drivers and the soldiers guarding the convoy, a very absurd idea couldn't help but arise in their hearts. It seems that the machine in front of them is not a human creation at all, but an artifact given to them by the gods.


If they used the machine in front of them to open roads, what obstacles will there be in the entire southern region that could resist them?

The dry season in the southern region lasts six months, during which time most vehicles can cross the hard-packed earth pavement, but the downside is that there is too much dust and before they can break their fantasy, the bright yellow machinery in front of them roared and began to move forward.

The second obstacle was a river. Of course, the river dried up during the dry season and the river bed was overgrown with weeds. Vans can cross the flat riverbed, but heavy trucks cannot. Below this river bed, which was almost ten meters wide, there was plenty of soft sand, and sometimes vans can sink into it.

How will they overcome this new obstacle?

The drivers thought that was definitely not going to work: the deeper the river bed was, the softer the ground would be, so it was impossible to build a bridge, right?

The yellow-skinned Chinese engineers chatted for a few minutes by the river and finally fixed their eyes on a forest by the river not far away. Then, the twenty Type I Mechanical Colossus rushed towards the forest with a roar. All along this journey that they made, they spread their mechanical claw arms, or jammed an alloy cog wheel like a propeller, or jammed a mechanical claw composed of four sharp claws, and the earth roared and the forest trembled during this advancement.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I, which was moving forward, hit the root of a large tree with the cutter wheel, and the tens of meters high tree fell. A few streaks of white light passed, and all the branches of the trunk were broken, then the Mechanical Colossus Type I threw it aside and continued to rush towards another tree. This process only took less than twenty seconds.

The destructive power of twenty Mechanical Colossus Type I is stronger than that of twenty King Kong.

Then, the drivers and the onlookers finally understood how the river was going to be crossed. The Mechanical Colossus Type I will drive the timber straight into the river to serve as a pile foundation, then lay down a layer of cut timber to act as a bridge. And in less than half an hour, a solid road appeared in front of them.

Are they surprised?

They were so surprised and numb that if they encountered any other obstacle during the journey, they all thought that these magic steel machines could also solve it. Too bad there is no other fault on this road... At six o'clock in the evening, the powerful procession was finally rolling near the district of Anut.

Many people in the Anut district came out to see the excitement. Not so long ago, two huge planes that they had only heard of and had never seen before flew and landed in the sky of their city. Now, two Mechanical Colossus Type Xs, twenty Mechanical Colossus Type Is, and industrial equipment is known to be extraordinary just by looking at it. magic

Ten townspeople came to watch the show, and the number increased from ten to a hundred, and in the end, almost all the townspeople came to watch. Surprised, shocked, ignorant, scared... Some of these natives even knelt down in front of these machines, murmuring words that no one could understand.


That is not the point, and the point is that General Mopu was standing here and he could do nothing but stare at the two behemoths in front.

"General, if they are used to attacking the city, I think only Mount Kilimanjaro can stop them."

Buzz was also standing next to him. When he saw the Mechanical Colossus Type X, he felt his legs tremble. In front of the octagonal nose of the diamond-shaped Mechanical Colossus, there were anti-collision steel beams thicker than a telephone pole. These anti-collision steel beams are joined together, I really don't know what they are for anti-collision in Transformers.

"You know, Anut's high city wall is not as high as his tires."

"But there is no city on Kilimanjaro."

General Mopu simply sat on the base of the observation deck, his eyebrows drawn together.

"Today we saw a lot of it. Turns out the Mechanical Colossus Type I is just a little small. Do you think this gear can sell for $100 million?"

"Money can't buy this kind of craft, can it? I heard from the subordinate in charge of the guard that there was a Huge Industrial Monster ship as big as an aircraft carrier at the port of Harcourt. Even though it is several kilometers away, you can still see the steel spire standing in the sky."

"Huge Industrial Monster…"

"We found divine support this time," General Mopu nodded, "Look at General Brammer in the south, originally wanted to drag General Boggs who was in charge of Port Harcourt to fight with me."

"What happened?

"General Bogs of Port Harcourt immediately called me to talk about peace after the Lord Duan Battleship entered the Gulf of Guinea, as he understood that neither he nor the other would be able to deal with the Huge Industrial Monster. The Huge Industrial Monster will cooperate with us and remove all obstacles for the benefit of both of us."

"Therefore, after the Titan entered the port, General Boggs did not dare to block it in the least. Didn't these heavy container trucks below have the General's assent? "Boggs? Didn't they dare to quit their jobs and run for some extra cash from the Huge Industrial Monster?"

"So can we still fight it in the future?" Buzz's goal was to occupy the entire southern border, and now there are only two forces in his eyes. At the same time, he also knew in his heart that General Mopu had the same wishes as him. If Port Harcourt cooperated unconditionally with the Huge Industrial Monster, did the young president also consider General Boggs of Port Harcourt a friendly person? When they are both on the same side, how can they fight?

"Ha ha ~"

General Mopu pointed in the direction of Port Harcourt with great interest and said aloud to his confidant: "There is a giant steel beast several hundred times heavier than the Mechanical Colossus Type X Chairman Ye has already told me, in the next six months, we must do our best to ensure the fuel supply for the Lord Duan Battleship because the Huge Industrial Monster will build an international port for us."

"The day of completion of the port is the day we will launch our troops against Port Harcourt. I have ordered 20 off-road tankers. Now let us first contact the fuel supplier from Algeria and transport the fuel to earn money!"

Algeria is known as the oil depot of North Africa and had the largest oil reserves in Africa. Important Algeria is very close to Nigeria.

"Yes ~, let's follow the Huge Industrial Monster to earn money!" Thinking of a bright future, Buzz actually felt ten years younger.

The sun in Africa always rises earlier than in other countries. The next day, when the sky completely lit up, most of the inhabitants of the town of Anut were still asleep.


It's good to wake up early, and it's better to sleep until you wake up naturally.


The only thing that can disturb the sleep of residents of Anut Town is usually the sound of gunfire or the kind of gunfire that can be heard within two blocks. But today, residents of the entire southern area of the city were awakened by a dull and violent roar. The roar was extremely dense, and it seemed that there were many giant beasts gathered to roar in the sky. When they rubbed their eyes and stepped outside to see clearly, they suddenly realized the huge machines that had been parked in the vacant lot last night had formed a long, neat line.

In front, there was a multi-story giant in the shape of an X. It clung to the ground with two buckets, and it roared and stalked away. The uneven ground was plowed by it into a flat four-lane road, and countless heaps of sand accumulated on its sides. Out back, another giant steel beast actually pushed a roll of steel that was twice the size of the city's largest water tower, pressing down on the newly opened avenue, like sandstone. It was a wet ball mill with a dead weight of 200 tones. From the outside, this guy really looked like a stone roller, but he was heavier.

The remaining 20 Mechanical Colossus Type Is were responsible for carving the sand that had just been turned over on both sides and sinking them into a nice, gentle inclined slope.

Much like seeing the Transformers, children broke free from the chains of adults and chased after these giant steel beasts. Two hours later, the four-lane paved road linking the district town of Anut to the rainforest of Sotu was fully completed. Before the rainy season, this road was no different from a concrete road.

Then, a vague rumor spread through the city. Speaking of the Huge Industrial Monster, an airport will be built nearby, along with a hospital, aqueduct, and power plant.

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