My Abilities Come with Special Effects

Chapter 372 - 372: Awakening and Severe Injury (2)

Chapter 372: Awakening and Severe Injury (2)

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Especially the Black Grade man, he stared deeply at the man in Cheng Yu’er’s arms. His eyes were filled with confusion and fear.

Just a moment before he finished speaking, the pink and white cloth tent hanging in the awning was suddenly stirred up by an invisible force and blew from vertical to paralleling to the roof!

Inside the tent, a person sitting cross-legged suddenly appeared!

How long had he been sitting there?

Did he suddenly jump up just now?

Everybody actually didn’t realize it!

Either way, it meant that this person was not simple!

Based on Cheng Yu’er’s shout of “You’re finally here”, it was obvious that Cheng Yu’er was not alone. She had really arranged for a friend to ambush them!

However, the strange thing was that this person’s aura was rather weak. Moreover, when Cheng Yu’er bumped into him head-on, he actually vomited a large mouthful of blood. His face was as pale as golden paper, as if he was seriously injured.

For a moment, the Black Grade man narrowed his eyes and stood on the spot on guard. He decided to take a look first.

Cheng Yu’er narrowed her eyes and listened. When she realized that the two of them had stopped moving, she focused her attention on the person below her.

This was a young man with a rather heroic appearance. There was an abnormally strong personal temperament between his eyebrows, but his expression was very bad. He even spat out blood and looked like he was half-dead.

“You’re a little weak…”

Cheng Yu’er rolled her eyes and quickly crawled away from him. At the same time, she put her palms under his armpit and pulled him hard. She pulled the obviously weak young man up and forcefully helped him stand.

Cheng Yu’er waved her hand and pointed at the Black Grade Noble Realm with an arrogant expression. “Do you think I’ll dare to plot against you without any backup plans? Little Brother! You’re just a Black Grade Noble Realm, but you actually dare to bully me. You must stand up for me!”

The Black Grade Noble Realm cultivator narrowed his eyes again. No matter how he looked at it, this sickly invalid was an unlucky person who was seriously injured and on the verge of death. However, he was actually able to dodge the perception, so he still had to look again. magic

Cheng Yu’er heaved a sigh of relief. It was effective!

Next, as long as she turned around and jumped down the building into the room when they were not paying attention, she would have a chance of survival.

Just as she gently raised the heel of one of her feet, preparing to slip away while everyone’s attention was attracted.

The heavily injured young man, or rather, Lin Yan, reached out to wipe the blood by his lips and suddenly asked in a hoarse voice, “Where are the blue flowers?”

Cheng Yu’er’s heel immediately stiffened. “Huh?”

Everyone’s gazes also turned over.

Lin Yan coughed twice, but he turned around and walked towards the edge of the roof of the small villa.

Just now, Young Master Teng and the others had jumped up from this direction.

Cheng Yu’er hurriedly grabbed Lin Yan’s arm. “Little Brother, with your status, why do you have to go personally to look at the flowers? I’ll go pick the flowers for you now!”

Before Cheng Yu’er could finish speaking, there was already wind under her feet. Like a wild rabbit, she leaped towards the side of the roof!

However, although she was fast, the Black Grade man was even faster. He actually rushed behind her and landed on Cheng Yu’er’s shoulder with a move!


It was as if Cheng Yu’er had been hit by a lightning cannon. She suddenly fell forward and smashed a hole in the roof.

“Hehe, I was almost tricked by you.”

Until he knocked Cheng Yu’er down, the Black Grade man’s full attention was still on Lin Yan. However, even after knocking Cheng Yu’er down, Lin Yan still didn’t move. Instead, he continued walking out of the villa.

Only then did he realize that he had been deceived by Cheng Yu’er!

Cheng Yu’er spat out another mouthful of blood. She stretched her limbs forward, wanting to crawl, but her entire body was in pain. Her strength had been scattered.

At this moment, Lin Yan said again, “Young Master Teng, right? There are six of you, but there are only three of them. Why aren’t you running now? Are you waiting to be silenced?”

Young Master Teng’s entire body trembled. He suddenly realized that the others beside him had actually fled in all directions!

“Wait for me!”

Only then did Young Master Teng belatedly choose a direction to escape.

The Black Grade man’s face revealed some dissatisfaction. “Old Ghost, Old Bing, take care of the three on the left!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed and caught up to the three people on the right. One by one, he hammered them to the ground from top to bottom. Although he did not completely kill the three of them in a hurry, the force of the wind and lightning was enough to paralyze them, causing them to fall to the ground with serious injuries, unable to move like Cheng Yu’er.

With such chaos, all the people who fled were caught up and knocked down. Two of them even died.


The Black Grade man turned to look at Lin Yan and realized that he had already used this period of delay to climb onto the platform by the side of the villa.

He turned his head to look left and right, as if he had identified a target. He actually jumped out without hesitation!

“…So he’s a lunatic!” The corners of the Black Grade man’s mouth twitched. This villa was three stories high. Looking at how difficult it was for him to walk, wouldn’t he die if he jumped down like this?

Of course, he still turned his head and said, “Old Ghost, go and make sure he’s dead.”

The Yellow Grade Noble Realm cultivator on the left nodded slightly and jumped down from the villa.

The Black Grade man walked to Cheng Yu’er’s side and squatted down. He grabbed her hair and lifted her head. “Cheng Yu’er, since you’re so smart, you should know that you don’t have a chance. Be a good girl and help me open your master’s secret vault. Help me save some strength. I can still leave your corpse intact.. Otherwise, I have plenty of ways to deal with a small woman like you!”

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