My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

Chapter 1136

“M-master, what did you do?”magic

“Hmm?” I cocked my head. “Ah, well, I found that when a piece of a person is captured by curses, these pieces are naturally drawn to each other. It stood to reason that as soon as the two Xin’s came in contact with each other, they would start merging.”

“Shouldn’t something like that have happened with you when it came to your two forms?” Ruby had walked up beside us now that she saw the fight taking a peculiar direction.

“My two parts were a somewhat unique case. First off, our souls had completely healed, one through the use of a rare medicine, which now that I think about it, probably existed in the Twilight dungeon as a hint to Xin’s true nature. Of course, she had never taken the medicine and instead made it an award. The other piece was healed by absorbing the power for a dungeon. These two parts were diametrically opposed to each other, one being a karma soul and the other being a mana soul.

“Even then, given the right circumstances, our soul did reunite back together after being damaged and freed from our bodies. Once, the giant had absorbed the remaining piece of Xin’s soul I had scavenged from the Twilight dungeon. It stood to reason that something similar would happen here. Although what surprised me was that it was my Xin being pulled into Ost Republic’s Xin instead of the other way around. I would have preferred it the other way.”

“Why?” Alysia asked. “You have the slave mark on this Xin, so isn’t it better that all of it ends up inside her?”

Ruby chuckled. “You’re not thinking like a man.”

“Wh-what does that mean?” Alysia asked.

“His Xin is both smaller and about twenty years younger. How could he not prefer the more youthful model?”

“M-master…” Alysia’s voice grew weird.

“Th-that’s not true!” I cried out with a cough.

Now that I could see the two Xin’s next to each other, it was true that the Xin who acted as Alysia’s mother did look more motherly and older than her counterpart. If one woman was in her twenties, then the other looked to be in her thirties. However, if we were talking true ages, Xin from the Twilight dungeon was hundreds of years old, having been caught in that loop. However, the body she had ended in was the giant, who was an echo of Xin before she got pregnant. So, this Xin was gaining a few years. That didn’t mean she wasn’t beautiful! It was just now she was a bit more Astria and a bit less Celeste.

As we were talking the last bit of Xin flowed into her.

“What I’m most worried about is that this Xin should be even more powerful than the other two Xin’s. Whether she is your slave or not, are we sure she is friendly? This is a combination of my mother who was gutted out by Aberis and a woman who was brainwashed by Elaya.” Alysia asked worriedly.

“Well, we’re about to find out,” I said as Alysia began to stand up.

I faced her as she turned around to look at me. Her eyes were solid black, but they hadn’t been earlier either. Did that mean she was under the willing control of the dungeon?

I suddenly felt my Danger Sense tingle. Without saying a word, Xin pulled her sword and attacked.

“I guess she’s not!” I cursed.

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