My Runes Can Be Upgraded

Chapter 649 - 649: Ghost Blade Talisman 1

Chapter 649: Ghost Blade Talisman 1

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After leaving the mythical realm management center, Wu Wei did not continue to do anything unnecessary.

For example, going to a clinic, going to the Hundred Treasures House to buy some medicinal pills to save his life, and so on.

Because Wu Wei knew very well that some things were worse than nothing.

It was enough to leave a white space and give them some space to imagine.

If he did too much, he might not be able to be more rigorous. Instead, it would be easier for flaws to appear.

Therefore, after leaving the management of the mythical realm, Wu Wei went straight back to the C class training center and opened a private training room for himself.

This time, Wu Wei only opened the 150-yuan card for the little sprite to cultivate for five days.

At the same time, he sent a message to the fat shopkeeper, asking him to send eight sets of [Basic] to [Specialist] skill books, as well as eight Level 51 Normal grade pretty dresses.

Since the eight little cuties had obtained 20 attributes, Wu Wei decided to lure them onto the path of the Sword Immortal.

At the same time, Wu Wei asked Fatty to send over a VIP card for the Hundred Treasures Festival.

Fatty didn’t know why Wu Wei wanted a VIP card. Wu Wei was already a VIP of the No. 10 Sky Hotel, so why would he need a VIP card? However, Fatty didn’t ask.

Soon, the items were delivered to Wu Wei. Together with them was a brochure for the Hundred Treasures Grand Meeting that was about to begin in five days. On it were the treasures that the Hundred Treasures House had revealed so far, which would be auctioned in this Hundred Treasures Grand Meeting.

After the items were delivered, Wu Wei checked the eight dresses first.

However, what Wu Wei checked was not the attributes, texture, or function of these dresses, but the style and appearance of these dresses.

After all, it was used to bribe those little cuties. It didn’t matter if they were strong or not. The key was whether they looked good or not.

Wu Wei took it out and looked at it. He felt that it looked pretty good, so he was very satisfied and kept it. Then, he asked the little elf to summon the eight little cuties and then took out the dress as if it was a treasure.

Wu Wei originally thought that the eight little cuties would go crazy with joy when he took out these eight dresses.

Then, Wu Weixi raised eight small eyes of disgust.

The eight little cuties expressed that the new dresses that Wu Wei gave them were not nice and questioned Wu Wei’s taste.

Wu Wei was unhappy.

Why didn’t this dress look good?

This big red flower, this big red flower, this red flower

However, Wu Wei felt that it was useless to look good. The eight little cuties refused to wear it.

Wu Wei had no other choice but to ask the fat shopkeeper to send some pictures of the dresses.

Then, Wu Wei took out the pictures of the dresses and showed them to the little guys.

This was a good move. The eight little fellows and the little elf who shamelessly squeezed over all took a fancy to the dress they wanted.

They expressed their opinions one after another.

He wanted this, he wanted this, he wanted this!

Their eyes were sparkling.

He wanted to be good!

“You want it, right? Come, come, come. 1 have some big treasures here for you to see!”

Wu Wei called the eight little cuties and little elves over. Each of them gave a [Basic Sword Technique] skill book to a little cutie, and each of them gave 20 Level 51 rare pills.

As for the Little Fairy, it was 10 Level 6 perfect-grade medicinal pills.

“In five days, all of you will level up your basic swordsmanship to advanced swordsmanship. Little Elf, level up your [Sword Two] to the maximum level. Once you learn [Sword Three ], 1 will buy you clothes!

If he reached Sword Specialization, and Little Elf reached Sword Three to the maximum level, he could buy two pieces of clothing for himself!”

Reality proved that there was nothing that couldn’t be solved by buying one piece of clothing. If there was, then he would buy two!

With Wu Wei’s promise, the little fairy and the eight little cuties immediately went to cultivate energetically.

For the sake of the clothes, they worked very hard.

One by one, they started training in the designated area. In order to prevent their beautiful clothes from being ruined during training, they took off their clothes one by one and trained naked.

That scene really couldn’t be broadcasted.

Although they were all small, they still had to pay attention to their influence.

Wu Wei had no choice but to persuade them to put on their clothes.

After Little Fairy and the others were on track, Wu Wei turned around and found that Ah Huang and Fourth Brother had already formed a team.

At this moment, Old Four was using its branch to whip Ah Huang’s body.

Every time Fourth Brother lashed, a golden light would appear on Ah Huang’s body.

That was the cultivation method of the Indestructible Golden Body Technique.

Seeing this scene, Wu Wei could not help but scratch his head. “No, Old Zhang, why is your family’s skill cultivation so unsuitable for children?” magic

“Not suitable for children?”

Old Zhang was stunned. “Shouldn’t this be the way to practice Thwart Kung Fu?”

Old Zhang’s matter-of-fact words left Wu Wei speechless. If he continued, he would feel that he was the one in the wrong, so he was smart enough to shut up.

He went up and gave the rest of his Tier 6 Perfect Body Tempering Pills to Ah Huang, then he didn’t disturb them anymore.

There were still five days before the Hundred Treasures House’s Hundred Treasures Grand Meeting began.

Wu Wei did not plan to go out for the next five days.

Firstly, he wanted to create the illusion that he was seriously injured, and secondly, he wanted to see if he could get the legendary [Thunder Pool Talisman].

The current Wu Wei could earn more than 3,000 yuan just by selling three perfect-grade talismans every day through the event..

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