My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 27: Priorities

Chapter 27: Priorities

What is this? What is it? I asked myself as I looked at the pillar of flames coming out of that newborn's body.

This should have been an easy job, I eliminate the arrogant newborn and take the woman I so want, but what is this!?

Wasn't he just another newborn who was lucky enough to gain Violet's attention? I understand Violet, she must have gotten bored and found a human to treat as her toy; this happened many times in the past and female vampires have always done that. Wasn't he just that!? Wasn't he just a toy!?

But... Why does he have this power!? WHY DOES HE HAVE THESE FLAMES!?

How can a newborn have the power of the Snow Clan!? Who is this man!?

Suddenly Corneliu heard the roar of a beast.


"Hiii~!" Corneliu fell to the ground as he stared at Victor in fear.

Victor's appearance had changed, his clothes had disappeared because of the heat and he was practically naked, but that was not noticeable because of the flames that were covering his body.

Victor's entire body was covered with fire, his ears became sharper-looking like an Elf, the sclera of his eyes that was once white changed to a dark black, his iris turned blood red, and the pupil of his eyes looked like the pupil of a dragon.

His smile grew abnormally, and Corneliu could see all of Victor's sharp teeth; he could see that Victor's teeth had also undergone a change. Victor's old teeth that looked like small sharp teeth, grew and seem to have changed into the teeth of a demonic beast.

"H-How... How do you have that power!? Only vampire counts have this power!? Who are you!?"


It's hot, it's hot, but I feel good... I feel released, but I feel angry! A growing fury was building inside my body, and I couldn't control that fury.

All my senses were improved, I could see, feel, and hear everything around me; it was an uncomfortable feeling.

I look at the blond-haired vampire. When he looks at me, I see he started pissing himself in fear and, when I saw that, my sadistic smile grew on my face. I wanted to humiliate him. I wanted to see him in more despair. I wanted to hear his screams!

I took a step forward, and I noticed that when I did, the ground I stepped on started to catch on fire, and I also noticed that the moment I took a step forward, the vampire's entire body shook with fear.

With a little thrust from my legs, I appear in front of the blond vampire and grab him by the neck.

"AHHHHHH!" He started screaming in pain, and hearing those screams filled me with sadistic satisfaction!

I realized that my hand hurt him a lot, I squeezed his neck more, and I saw his neck burning with fire.

"Let me go! L-let me go!"

I did what he wanted, I released him 'gently', of course, he probably didn't like my gentle side very much. I held his throat in my hand and pulled!

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Those were his last screams and, soon, he couldn't speak anymore.

When I saw that noble vampire kneeling with his throat destroyed, when I saw him look in fear; I felt my whole body tremble in pleasure. I wanted more. I wanted to see him in despair. I wanted to see him humiliated!

I took a step towards the noble vampire to continue playing with my new toy.

I suddenly smell an intense smell of blood and turn my face towards the scent; I knew that smell, I don't remember where, but I did.

Soon I felt an intense pain in my chest. "Ugh" It was like someone was slowly squeezing my heart; my heart hurt so much, I knew something was wrong.

I utilize my vampiric vision, and soon my vision turns to a world of blood; I ignore all the humans in my field of vision, and I focus all my senses on the scent of blood.

Soon, I see the vision of several humans covered in golden energy surrounding two female vampires. One female vampire was lying on the ground, and she looked hurt, and the other female vampire was kneeling while holding her arms...

Then I focused my attention on the bite mark of the vampire who was kneeling.

I felt my heartbeat like it was calling her, then I understood something: "Ruby."

I focused all my strength on my legs, and I jumped towards the two vampires.

Seeing Victor leaving, Corneliu did not understand what had happened.


In an area that should have been full of walking civilians.

A group of hunters was surrounding two female vampires, the first woman was wearing a maid dress; she had white hair and pink eyes, and was holding the wound in her stomach. "Lady Ruby, please run away," She said while coughing blood on the floor.

The other woman had red hair and green eyes, she was holding her arm which was injured by a deep cut. Hearing what the maid said, she looked at Luna with a neutral gaze, though anyone who knew Ruby well enough could tell she was worried about Luna, "Silence, Maid." She ordered.

Luna flashed a gentle little smile and was silent, but inside, she was trying to plan something so Ruby could run away, but, as usual, she couldn't think of anything.

She coughs up blood on the floor and looks at the woman who attacked her: she was wearing a professional white jacket and looked like a Japanese woman, white skin, black onyx eyes; she also looked tall for a Japanese woman, standing at 175cm tall. Then she heard the Japanese woman say:

"Ruby Scarlett, heiress of Clan Scarlett, you are very brave to walk around without a guard."

"I don't need bodyguards," Ruby spoke dryly, and then she continued: "All beings in our world know the consequences of provoking my mother's wrath." She touches her wound with her fingers, then brings them to her front; when she sees the blood on her finger, she thinks:

'How many years has it been since I was injured? I remember the last time it happened was when I was 3 years old, I remember that a country disappeared from the face of Earth that day.'

When the older hunters heard Ruby's words, they shivered a little in fear, but when they looked at the Japanese woman, they were more relieved because they saw that the woman wasn't afraid.

"Indeed," The woman spoke in agreement with Ruby's words. magic

"All beings in our world know the legends of Lady Scathach Scarlett…" She noticed that her subordinates trembled in fear when they heard the woman's name and shook her head, inwardly disappointed, then continued:

"The strongest female vampire in the world. A vampire over two thousand years old, she has been walking the Earth since Jesus was born into this world. Crazy, psychopath, and is considered by the church to be a monster we should never provoke. Because, the moment she is provoked, an incident like what happened 18 years ago can happen; an incident that reminded the world how vampires can be terrifying creatures."

The moment that incident is mentioned, all the hunters look at Ruby as if they've made the worst decision of their lives, the only one who doesn't feel that way is Carlos, the hunter who attacked and killed Sasha's maid.

He looked at Ruby with anger visible in his eyes, "Because of you, an entire country has disappeared from the face of Earth."

Ruby looked at the man with neutral eyes, "So what?"

"Huh?" The man could not believe what he heard.

"Don't throw your hypocrisies at me. How many people has the church killed in the name of its 'god'? How many wars has the church caused because of its 'god'? Shall I recall the incident of the saint of Orleans Jeanne d'Arc?"

"They were sinners!"

"Oh? So it's okay to murder thousands of people just because you said they were 'sinners'? As expected, the hypocrisy of the church has no limits." Ruby snorted in disdain.

"Don't act like you care! You're just a monster that sucks blood and kills for fun!" Carlos yelled angrily.

Carlos' companions just looked at him shocked, they were puzzled by Carlos' attitude, normally he wasn't a man who got irritated easily.

The Japanese woman looked at Carlos; his mate's kidnapping affected him so much, huh?

Ruby chuckled softly in amusement.

"What are you laughing at?"

Ruby didn't respond, she just looked at Carlos, and everyone could see that her eyes had changed to blood red: "I've never killed a human soul in my life. I've always drunk blood donated by humans to hospitals, I used my mother's money to buy them for me."


Carlos opened his mouth in shock, he looked at the Japanese woman, when he saw the Japanese woman gently waving, he was totally disbelieving what he was doing. 'Did I attack someone innocent? Wrong! She is not innocent, she is a vampire! A vampire is not innocent!'

Ruby's smile grew unnaturally as her sharp teeth began to show:

"The hard truth to swallow is; you hunters just hunt me because I'm a vampire, I'm a different species. For us vampires, all humans are just cattle, and for humans, vampires are their natural predators, that's just it."

"That's the law of nature, we need blood, and because of that, some of my species actively hunt humans. And, to defend against this natural predator, you were created. This whole situation was created by decisions made in the past, and this is just the natural course of things... Although we have created the ritual to control our bloodlust, for the church it doesn't matter, they just seek to eliminate us."

She snorted in disdain: "God, motivations, explanations, and even why you attack me today are just excuses for this unchanging truth. We are the predators, and you are the prey, but... Unfortunately, over time, the situation has evened out, and it has become the contest of two predators. One that will only end when the vampires, or the humans, disappear from the face of the Earth"

"And I can guarantee you, we will be the winners." Ruby finished speaking with a big smile on her face that showed all her sharp teeth.


All the hunters looked at Ruby in shock, when the Japanese woman saw this, she said:

"As expected, you also inherited your mother's madness, I don't think we should let you live."

"Crazy? Me? Pffff... Hahahahahaha," Ruby laughed lightly.

The Japanese woman just raised an eyebrow in doubt.

Ruby stopped laughing and spoke with a big smile on her face: "Mizuki... I'm the sanest vampire you'll ever meet."

"Are these your last words?" the Japanese woman asked.

Ruby doesn't respond, she just turns her face and looks to the side and shows a shocked expression, but soon a small smile appears on her face. She turns and looks at the Japanese woman, "You guys are so, fucked."

"...Huh?" The woman didn't understand, but when she felt something approaching at high speed, and when she heard the noise of buildings being destroyed, her instincts screamed:

"Step back now!" She ordered.

And as experienced hunters, they quickly listened to the woman's orders, they didn't even dare to question.

Soon a being covered in fire falls from the sky in front of Ruby.


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