My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 30: Scathach Scarlett.

Chapter 30: Scathach Scarlett.

February 5th. Two days after Victor, Violet, Sasha, and Ruby clashed with the hunters.


Current Location... The Vatican, headquarters of The Inquisition organization.

In the skies over Vatican City, a red plane was flying at an altitude of over 30,000 feet.

"Lady Scathach, we've arrived," The pilot of the plane informed the woman who was lying lazily with a photo album on her face.

"Hmm?" The woman opens her eyes, takes the photo album from her face, and puts it on the table beside her.

"I'll be back soon, Ruby," The woman spoke, smiling lovingly as she looked at the photo album which started to freeze slowly, and soon it was in a pure ice chest that looked quite sturdy.

The woman stretches a little and, when she does, her big breasts threaten to come out of the blouse she was wearing. But, even with that tempting sight, the pilot showed no reaction or looked at the woman's breasts.

The woman smiled sensually and licked her lips teasingly when she realized the pilot showed no reaction to her beauty. magic

This pilot attitude towards her was a good thing, she didn't want to change pilots again. The 101 previous pilots made the mistake of looking at her with lust, and today they are buried six feet underground.

As a vampire who has been alive for over 2000 years, she considers herself an old-fashioned woman, looking is okay, but looking with lust is a big 'NO', because of that, she has killed many men in the past...

Well, she admits she's a bit cruel. She likes to tease men and, when these men get lost in lust, she castrates the men and then kills them... In the end, this was all just a hobby for her, a sadistic joke for her to have fun when she was bored.

Scarthach cracks her neck a little. "Let's pay a visit to my friend…" Her face took on a confused expression, "What's his name again? Kratos something? I think it was Zeus?"

"Well, it's not important." She shrugged as if it didn't matter.

"Tony, keep flying over Vatican airspace," The woman ordered.

"My name is Lucas, ma'am..." The man sighed tiredly. When he saw the woman's red eyes glowing a little, he quickly nodded his head, "Yes, Lady Scarthach," He accepted the order.

"Good," She smiled with a cold little smile.

She opens the plane door, smiles a predatory smile, and, with a little kick of her feet, she jumps into the air.


"Let me get this straight..." A man with long golden hair and golden eyes speaks with a tired face. He puts his hand on the brow of his face, and says, "I gave the order to search and capture the vampire who stole the finger of Saint Mary, a sacred artifact, right?"

The man had the expression he said; 'I hope you're kidding. You're kidding, right? Please tell me you are kidding.'

"Yes," Mizuki who was called back to the Vatican replied. She had just finished reporting everything that happened in the incident she was involved in two days ago.

"..." The man's expression crumbles, he looked depressed now.

He sighs once more and presses a little button he has under the table.

Then he leans back in his chair while waiting for the person he just called.

And, before long, just a few seconds later, someone knocks softly on the door and walks in:

"Your Holiness, Alexander" The man spoke in a neutral tone that held a lot of respect.

Alexander, the man with golden hair and golden eyes, looked at the man who just walked in: he looked 25 years old with brown hair and brown eyes, standing at 180 cm tall he was wearing white priest's robes.

"General Kurtz, can you raise the alarm please?"

Kurtz looked at Alexander with a neutral gaze, and without questioning said, "What's the alarm level, Your Holiness?"

"Level 6"

"... Is that demon coming?" He asked in a neutral tone, but Alexander could see he was hiding his fear from him.

"Yes..." Alexander nodded, then continued as he stared at the ceiling, "Actually... She's already here," His eyes seemed to glow golden for a moment.

A sonic boom was heard by everyone present, and then they heard an explosion as if something was falling to the ground.


The impact was so big that the structures around the impact started to shake a little, it was like a small earthquake.

"W-What? What is it?" Mizuki leaned a little against the wall as she exclaimed in surprise.

Alexander gets up from his chair and, for the first time, Mizuki saw how tall this man was, he was 195 cm tall, and his toned body couldn't be hidden by the white priest's uniform he was wearing. Soon the man walks smoothly towards the window:

"Mizuki, do you know what happened to the former general you took over for?" He asked in a gentle tone.

"He died? But I don't know the details of death," She said.

"Yes... He died, he was a good friend," Alexander said a little sadly, he opened the window and looked at the red-haired woman who had a huge smile on her face that showed all her sharp teeth.

The woman was standing in a huge crater, she gently jumped out of the crater and the moment she puts her feet on the ground outside the crater she was in, the whole area around the woman was frozen. It looks like the woman created her own 'territory' for herself with more than 5 KM of pure ice!

"S-Scathach" Mizuki swallowed a little saliva.

"Indeed," Alexander nodded, "This demon killed the former general, she was 'shopping' at the Vatican, and when our former general tried to 'harass' her... She killed him and left me ??a letter of complaint claiming that I needed to improve the 'policemen' that protect the Vatican."

Mizuki opened her mouth in shock... She even thought she heard Alexander's words wrong.

"Do you understand what I mean?" Alexander asked as he looked at Mizuki.

"W-What?" She stuttered.

Alexander sighed, and explained, "You hurt this demon's daughter... What do you think she came here for?"

Mizuki closed her mouth and said nothing... After all, she had thought it would be a good opportunity to kill Ruby who could be a very dangerous vampire in the future. She had even thought that Scathach's strength was overestimated, after all, she wouldn't dare attack the Vatican alone, right?

Destroying a third-world country is easy for any power in the world, after all, the country that Scathach destroyed in the past didn't have soldiers like the Vatican, but...

"Fuck!" If she had known this information about the former general before, she wouldn't have tried to kill Ruby!

"Your Holiness!" Two voices were heard, and soon two men entered the room where the golden man was.

"General James, and General Leonardo... Prepare for battle," Alexander spoke in a gentle tone as he opened the window and jumped out of the room.

General James, a dark-looking man with black hair and black eyes wearing black priest's robes, was a short man at only 170 cm tall.

James looked out the window, when he saw the woman who had created an ice throne and sat on it while waiting patiently, he looked at Mizuki. "What did you do, woman?"

"Apparently I provoked a monster," Mizuki spoke in a sarcastic tone as she walked towards the window.

"Great...Just, Great," James said in a sarcastic tone, then he jumped out the window and followed Alexander.

"Don't interfere in the battle, Young one," Kurtz said neutrally.

"Yes, I know," Mizuki didn't mind the way Kurtz spoke, after all, she knew these men were older than they looked.

Mizuki looked at the last man in the room, he had red hair and bright blue eyes, and like the three generals and the pope himself, he looked like a 25-year-old adult.

"Hahaha, she's as beautiful as ever... Too bad she's a demon," Leonardo spoke with an arrogant smile, then he followed the two generals.


"Hello, Kratos, it's been a while since we've seen each other, I think the last time was two months ago?" Scathach asked the golden-haired man.

The man sighs and says, "My name is Alexander." How many times has he repeated that same phrase over the years?

"Oh, I'm sorry," She said, then she continued as she crossed her legs elegantly, "You know how being old is, you forget things as time goes by."

"You don't look old to me," Leonardo said with a smile on his face, but soon his expression darkened to pure fear as he felt Scathach's sheer killing intent. The moment she saw he was scared with just that, she loses interest, she looks at the man like she's looking at an insect.

Scathach likes talented people, and with just one look, she could tell this man had no potential, he stinks of garbage. To her, this man wasn't even qualified to breathe the same air as her.

"Silence, Dog. I'm talking to your owner."

"Y-you-" He tried to say something again then, immediately, felt danger coming from around his neck.


Just as the general tried to say something, Scathach moved and tried to decapitate the man...

"You're crazier than usual, Demon," Alexander said as he held Scathach's wrist.

"I said silence, he must learn to listen to his elders," She spoke with a big smile on her face, then disappears again and sits on the ice throne she created.

She crosses her legs elegantly again while keeping a sensual smile on her face.

Leonardo just stayed silent while sweating a lot, he was just going to lose his life so without any effort; he looks at Scathach and thinks; 'Crazy Bitch.'

"You've gotten stronger." She complimented him with a smile that showed off her sharp teeth.

"Indeed, I've had a lot of time to train," He spoke with the same gentle tone, he didn't seem annoyed that she was trying to kill his general.

"1900 years... Time passes quickly, huh?" She spoke with a bit of nostalgia, she seemed to miss the past.

"..." Alexander was silent; he had the same feeling of nostalgia that the woman has. As a human who gained eternal youth, he too had to go through many difficult farewells.

"I've always had a curiosity…" Alexander said.

"Hmm? Which is?"

"What is the story of your life?" Alexander asked something he always forgot to ask, and the moment he asked that question, all three generals looked at Scathach with curiosity twinkling in their eyes.

"Life story, huh?" She spoke as if thinking deeply, then she smiled and said, "I don't have anything interesting to tell about my life... But once, I met Jesus,"

"... How was he?" After the initial shock, Alexander asked showing more interest than usual.

The three generals will open their eyes in shock.

"He was a silly, and boring, man" She spoke with a smile on her face.

The three generals clenched their fists in anger, but Alexander's expression remained the same.

Soon Scathach continues: "I met him once in the past, he wasn't the 'saint' you believe, he was a normal human, he shits, pisses, and eats… He was a man with great potential; I wanted to train him in the past."

The four men opened their eyes in profound shock… A vampire training Jesus? Is this some kind of prank?

That's what the generals were thinking.

"... I even asked him to be my disciple, but he refused, he preferred to help people than to grow stronger. He was a good-hearted man... Unfortunately, his good heart was what led to his death." She spoke with a disappointed face, she still thinks that if Jesus trained enough, he could have given her a good fight.

The four men remained silent... the three generals had various emotions running through their bodies, they didn't know how to react to this revelation.

Although Scathach didn't care about their existence.

"... He didn't deserve that death," Alexander spoke in a melancholy tone.

"Indeed," Scathach agreed.


A moment of silence passed between Alexander and Scathach.

Soon Alexander sighs again, he doesn't know how many times he sighed that day, "I'm sorry for what my subordinate did, she will be punished, please can you go back as if nothing had happened?"

Scathach's smile grew and said, "It's impossible. I warned the world in the incident 18 years ago, the message was clear; touch my daughter and you felt my anger."

"You didn't give me any choice then..." Alexander spoke as his eyes began to glow golden, slowly a golden aura began to cover his body.

"My dear," She smiled sensually as she licked her lips, and soon her eyes began to glow blood red, "You had no choice from the start."


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