My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

Chapter 667 - 667: The Nine Kings’ Routes

Chapter 667 - 667: The Nine Kings’ Routes

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Qin Huai observed the multitude of people pouring in from the surrounding landscapes. “Our plan seems to be working.”

Gou Jie approached Qin Huai, observing the same sight. Families, filled with hope, gazed upon the Lingkou Pass, seeking peace and refuge.

“In the upcoming two months, the population of the ten counties of East Qingzhou is projected to grow by ten million. That would mean the total population of East Qingzhou surpasses that of the entire Qingzhou,” Gou Jie informed.

Population symbolized hope. Qin Huai also recognized that with an increasing population came an increase in the providence, or luck. Over time, he witnessed the rapid expansion of the providence dragon above the Lingjiang.

With the establishment of the imperial city, the dragon sparkled with gold. If the golden dragon was completed, his journey to becoming the true emperor would be half done. And he already possessed the other half: the might and qualification of an emperor.

Upon first seeing the providence dragon through the rebirth mirror, Qin Huai had grasped a hazy understanding. But the humanoid figure he once saw remained elusive. He began to question if he had imagined it. But now wasn’t the time for doubts.

“Any updates from the six royal clans?” he inquired.

Gou Jie nodded. “The Qiongqi clan has shared a list naming the nine kings along with descriptions of their king domains. Each of the Qiongqi, white tiger, and phoenix clans will send one representative, while the other three clans will send two kings each. Interestingly, both the younger brother of the Qiongqi clan’s leader and the Mountain Milk King from the same clan have sent identical lists.”

Qin Huai, pondering this, said, “It appears the Qiongqi clan isn’t as harmonious as they project.”

Gou Jie smirked. “The most intriguing part is still to come. The white tiger clan’s leader has ordered an in-depth probe into Tong Qing’s affairs. So far, we’ve eliminated seventy-five individuals, including an elder from the Qilin clan. ”

Gou Jie then presented another list to Qin Huai, who scanned it briefly. It detailed the Ninth Prince’s trip to Qingzhou and matched the Qiongqi clan’s report.

“It seems I may have underestimated the attraction of the ancestral blood,” Qin Huai mused.

Gou Jie delved deeper into the mysteries surrounding the six royal clans. “Rumors within these clans suggest that if they succeed in Atavism, they might reemerge on the path to becoming emperors. This is the catalyst for their intense desperation.”

Qin Huai connected the dots. “I see. There’s a balance to everything.”

In earlier days, the eight royal clans had morphed into human forms. Their objectives were clear: boost their numbers, simplify their governance, and trim down their cultivation periods. This move introduced alternatives to their bloodline martial arts. Presently, to chase even mightier power, they were considering a return to their origins.

“Have the other four royal clans remained silent?” questioned Qin Huai.

“Indeed. They play their cards close to their chest. They won’t act unless they’re sure of their prey,” Gou Jie answered.

Qin Huai nodded in agreement. If it hadn’t been for the ancestral source blood he had acquired from the kings, he doubted he would’ve received any intel from the white tiger and Qiongqi clans. He’d cleverly split the ancestral source blood into thirty portions, setting prices based on quantity, aiming for maximum profit.

Gou Jie presented a map, detailing the journeys of the various kings from their respective territories to Qingzhou. The map, however, lacked any definitive paths.

“Is this their way of setting a price?” Qin Huai mused with a smirk.

Gou Jie explained further, “The white tiger clan leads this initiative, designing all the routes for the nine kings’ arrival in Qingzhou. They’ve ensured that these routes are unique, even for kings of the same race, to keep the operation secret, especially from the prying eyes of the three sects and the Sacred Heart Sect.”

Understanding Qin Huai’s concerns, Gou Jie reassured him of the authenticity of this intel. magic

Decisively, Qin Huai said, “We’ll buy three at once.”

Having acquired the ancestral blood without any investment, he felt no pinch in spending it. And, a fraction of the ancestral source blood might not even let these royals glimpse the emperor’s path, let alone Qin Huai’s minuscule share.

Gou Jie nodded, saying “Understood!” then procured the jade bottles Qin Huai had crafted.

Switching topics, he reported, “During our clash with the three kings, the three sects made some advances, capturing cities and advancing their front lines, albeit minimally. Their accomplishments were not significant, as they’re likely observing our situation in Qingzhou.”

He continued, “The Sacred Heart Sect’s vitality seemed to wane after the demise of their enigmatic king. No tales of blood altars or atrocities have been reported.. “

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