No Way! The Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Character Is Actually a Genius Big Shot

Chapter 310-end - 310: Finale

Chapter 310: Finale

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In front of all the academic big shots, a steady stream of knowledge drilled into her mind. Other than eating and sleeping, there was not a moment when she was not studying.

If divine cultivation was a way to describe it, this place was definitely the place with the densest spiritual energy. Yuan Xiao felt that she would never be able to completely absorb the energy here.

After she gradually adapted, Little 7 also completed the upgrade. It was smarter once it had upgraded to Special Mode Little 7. Moreover, it also gave Yuan Xiao a lot of authority.

This also allowed Yuan Xiao to be like a fish in water during the research process of the Al. It even allowed the Al to make a huge leap in its research.

Points were no longer useful. There were no longer any missions. Yuan Xiao and Little 7 were more like partners.

A year later, the national scientific research team launched an all-intelligence robot. Unlike ordinary robots on the market, all-intelligence robots were smarter and could communicate with humans without barriers. It was just that some aspects were not complete.

Two years later, the national scientific research team launched the second generation of all smart robots. The second generation robots were even more complete. Other than their appearance, they were almost no different from ordinary humans. It was just that their functions were not complete. They could only do some simple things and could not bring real convenience to human life.

Three years later, Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao were engaged. The three families came to the event location to give their blessings. The only flaw was that Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei had an argument at the engagement banquet. The two of them were very unhappy.

In his exasperation, Jiang Yan actually proposed to Yuan Xiao and was beaten up by Fang Yao. Ever since then, Yuan Xiao rarely saw Jiang Yan.

As for Yuan Wei, she was sent overseas by Yuan Ming and Sun Li after the engagement banquet.

Four years later, the national scientific research team achieved true artificial intelligence. At this time, the appearance of the robot was no different from that of an ordinary person. Moreover, it could complete missions in various fields outstandingly.

Five years later, technology developed rapidly. The artificial intelligence that only existed in novels was successfully researched. The entire country was connected by a network. The cell phone no longer existed and was replaced by a blue screen in the void in front of humans. Everything in sci-fi movies was gradually realized.

Six years later, Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao got married. As the greatest contributor to the development of technology in recent years, Yuan Xiao had long been known by everyone. Their wedding was celebrated by the entire country.

Seven years later, Yuan Xiao gave birth to a son and a daughter and decided to rest for a year.

Nine years later, Yuan Xiao rejoined the national scientific research team.

“Little 7, thank you for your company for so many years. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to develop the Al so quickly.”

The woman in front of the mirror was wearing a windbreaker. Her face was no longer as tender as before. Time had still left traces on her face, making the girl from back then grow into a woman and become more charming.

A man in a suit walked over from behind her. He was tall and mighty, but when he leaned against the woman, the aura on his body faded, leaving only gentleness.

“Daddy! Mommy!” Behind the two of them was a baby who was not even as tall as her calf. Even though she was very young, one could already see her future beautiful posture.

Her family was blissful, and technology was developing rapidly. Everything was developing in the direction Yuan Xiao had expected. She could not help but tell Little 7, who had accompanied her for many years, about the joy in her heart.

[It’s not just Little 7’s credit. It’s also thanks to the host’s hard work day and night. I just didn’t expect time to pass so quickly. The host will have to journey on your own for coming days. Little 7 can only accompany the host until here.] “Little 7, what do you mean? Didn’t you say that you won’t leave until I die?”

[I’m sorry, Host. I broke my promise. Host, your Al is just one step away from developing an existence like Little 7. Little 7 is really happy, but your current ability doesn’t need Little 7 anymore. I believe that you can develop an even more powerful Al to replace Little 7. Alright, Host, I’m leaving. I wish you a bright future.]

No matter how Yuan Xiao shouted, the voice that had been lingering in her mind did not sound again. She slid to the ground in despair and Fang Yao helped her up in a panic.

Ten years later, the national scientific research team launched the first artificial intelligence that could really coexist with the human brain. It was named Little 7. The first experimenter was Yuan Xiao.

[Hello, host. I’m your exclusive Academic Genius System 67. You can call me Little 7 or The System.]

‘Little 7’

[I’m here! I’m the smart system that can change your tragic fate! As long as you keep completing missions, you can obtain a perfect life!]

“You’re finally back.” Yuan Xiao’s face was gentle..magic

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