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Chapter 550 - 550: Full Power + Explosive Arrows

Chapter 550: Full Power + Explosive Arrows

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Chu Bai had forced them to use another group invincibility scroll!

Now, the effect had disappeared!

Meanwhile, Chu Bai’s Explosive Arrow had finished its cooldown!

Each time, it was an explosion effect within a 20-meter range, and it was three arrows!

The key was that because the people of the Black Dragon Gang had a huge advantage now, they were gradually approaching the Heaven Alliance. It would not be long before they attacked the Heaven Alliance.

After defeating the Heaven Alliance, they would be able to attack the doors of many of the halls of the Heaven Alliance. From there, they would be able to find the guild plaque and shatter it. This would mean that the Heaven Alliance had failed!

This was what the members of the Black Dragon Gang thought!

However, because they were now converging, Chu Bai’s Explosive Arrow would be even more powerful!

“Full Power!”

[Full Power: During activation, attack power doubles, attack speed increases by 500%, and arrow flying speed increases by 500%. Each time you pull the bow, you’ll shoot ten arrows for 15 seconds. Cooldown time: One hour.]

This was a skill that came with the Demonic Dragon Three Illusions Bow!

Activating Explosive Arrow and Full Fire together, Chu Bai’s damage output and AoE damage were maxed out!

Each arrow had a range of 20 meters, and now, other than his faster attack speed, he would shoot ten arrows each time he pulled the bow!

However, it was not to the extent that ten arrows could have a range of 200 meters.

After all, it was impossible for ten arrows to fly in multiple directions.

However, it was definitely more destructive than the three arrows.

With the support of Full Power, the effect of Explosive Arrow was displayed to the extreme!

The battlefield below the Heaven Alliance had turned into a huge man-made bombing zone.


Everyone looked at this scene with their mouths agape!

“F*ck! Has Bai Ye’s skill finished its cooldown?”

“Isn’t this too exaggerated? No, have you ever seen an archer who can deal 20 meters of damage with each arrow? He can fire ten arrows at once?”

“That’s too exaggerated. Logically speaking, if God Bai Ye’s skill were to last a little longer, the Black Dragon Gang won’t be able to win!”

“Unfortunately, although Bai Ye is especially fierce now… The awkward part is that the skill will only last 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, it’ll be the Black Dragon Gang’s home ground.”

“Sigh, it looks like God Bai Ye really doesn’t have many tricks up his sleeve. Otherwise, he would’ve turned the situation around by now.”

“Yeah, but God Bai Ye is already powerful enough. Sigh, it’s mainly because of those super powerful items. Who can easily get their hands on them?”

Feng Ling, Dugu Wenjian, Xuanyuan Tian, and the others watched this scene!

Although it was quite shocking, the skill was indeed not very useful.

It was really useless.

At most, he could kill tens of thousands of players in 20 seconds.

It was quite powerful, but it was useless.

“Bai Ye is finished this time!”

Dugu Wenjian sneered.

Damn it!

Destroy World of Sword, huh?

Then the Heaven Alliance would definitely not have it easy either!

This time, the Heaven Alliance would definitely be taken down by the Black Dragon Gang!

Moreover, the Heaven Alliance would have been defeated by a guild from Sakura Nation. This meant that everyone would be even angrier and would be more likely to view the Heaven Alliance and Bai Ye as enemies. Would it not be a disgrace to the Chinese players if they were defeated by Sakura Nation.

Although most people were rational, there were definitely many irrational people.

They would curse at Bai Ye and the Heaven Alliance, completely ignoring the truth.

Qingqiu Yanmo looked at this scene.

“Miss, it looks like God Bai Ye really doesn’t have any trump cards left. If he really did have any powerful trump cards, he would have used them long ago, right?”

The young lady said.

Qingqiu Yanmo frowned slightly.

In theory, that was the case. If the effect was the same, why not use it earlier?

If he used his trump card later, the losses of the Heaven Alliance members would be even greater.

Did Bai Ye really not have any trump cards?

Qingqiu Yanmo did not quite believe it. magic

This was Bai Ye, and she always felt that this person was ridiculously mysterious!

The more everyone thought it was impossible, the more he could surprise everyone.

Therefore, Qingqiu Yanmo still had some expectations.

The Black Dragon Gang’s I Am God frowned when he saw this scene.

To be honest, it was quite exaggerated.

If this AoE damage could last a little longer, they really would not be able to defeat the Heaven Alliance!

Luckily for them, it could only last for 20 seconds!

“Spread out! Everyone dispersed as much as they could.”

I Am God shouted.

In fact, he did not need to say anything. The members of the Black Dragon Gang were already dispersing!

Once they spread out, Chu Bai’s AOE damage would be greatly reduced!

However, that was not important!

This was not Chu Bai’s trump card.

The show was about to begin!

20 seconds later…

Explosive Arrow ended.


I Am God sneered.

Was it useful?

“Bai Ye can’t really be thinking that he can defend his guild this way, right? He’s quite tenacious. He actually caused so many losses to my Black Dragon Gang, but is it useful? Soon, the Heaven Alliance will fall into the hands of my Black Dragon Gang. You, Bai Ye, will become my defeated opponent. The Black Dragon Gang will become the strongest guild in the entire Sakura Nation, and I will become the strongest hero!”

1 Am God’s eyes were filled with excitement!

“Kill them!”

I Am God then shouted.

The corner of Chu Bai’s mouth curled up slightly!

“Lil Xue’er.”

Lil Xue’er ran to Chu Bai’s side.

“Heart of Holy Light.”

“Yes, Master!”

Lil Xue’er nodded her head vigorously.

Little Demon beside him also blinked her big eyes and watched.

She really wanted to help.

However, her father said that she did not need to help, so she did not do anything.

There was indeed no need for Little Demon to do anything!

There were too many people, and the abilities of Little Demon were limited!

She could say whatever she wanted, but it was definitely not to the extent of instantly annihilating thousands or tens of thousands of people!

Then, Lil Xue’er’s body emitted a ray of light.

The light enveloped her and Chu Bai.

[Heart of Holy Light: A skill exclusive to the Calamity Fox. It unlocks the power of the Heart of Holy Light to protect the Calamity Fox and an ally. It refreshes all skills that have no use count and a cooldown of less than a day. Mana consumption: 10,000. Cooldown time: One day. Current Level: One.]

“What’s that?”

I Am God noticed the situation.

Actually, he was quite worried that it was the skill that made Bai Ye immune to death, but it did not seem to be the case!

The cooldown of that skill was not that fast. It was definitely a skill with a very long cooldown!

As for the effects of the Heart of Holy Light, it was naturally impossible for him to know!

The Heart of Holy Light could allow Chu Bai’s skills that were on cooldown for a day to be instantly finished!

In other words, the cooldown of Shura’s Dispatch that he had just used was over again!

The cooldown of Explosive Arrow was over too!

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