Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 12: First Meeting with the Male Lead (1)

Chapter 12: First Meeting with the Male Lead (1)

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Ye Tianxin heard the thunderous noise of car horns at the front of the town clinic.

Before she had the chance to register what was happening, she heard the sound of disordered but powerful footsteps coming from the corridor.

“You... him... darn it. You just treat him and get him well.”

“Yes, Doctor, please. You must save our boss.”

Looking at the group of young men who had surrounded him, all of them dressed in T-shirts of a similar style, the doctor in the emergency room was scared out of his wits.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help him. We’re just a very small, ill-equipped town clinic. We don’t even have a blood bank. And you just said yourself that his blood type is Rh-negative, a rare blood type as it is...”

Seated in the IV room, Ye Tianxin heard the words “Rh-negative” and couldn’t help but get to her feet. She left the IV room and walked to the entrance of the emergency room.

“I’m Rh-negative...”

At her words, everyone in the emergency room turned in unison to look at Ye Tianxin.

At that moment, Ye Tianxin didn’t look very presentable. In fact, her school uniform was messy and creased, and she looked disheveled.

With her white red-trimmed sneakers covered in mud, she looked unkempt and grubby, except for her eyes, which radiated life-giving energy.

Regardless of how she looked, to the group of anxious young men who were at their wits’ end, the woman standing in front of them was like an angel of mercy, a savior to all mankind. magic

Looking at Ye Tianxin, the doctor asked, “Do you know about Rh-negative blood?”

Ye Tianxin nodded. “Yes, I do, Doctor. If you don’t believe me, you can check my blood type.”


Ye Tianxin started walking into the emergency room, and the group of T-shirt-clad young men silently stood aside, simultaneously creating a path for her.

It was only at that moment that Ye Tianxin noticed the man lying on the bed in the emergency room.

His face expressed steely determination. And, perhaps due to the large amount of blood he had lost, his lips were very pale, without a touch of color on them.

Conscious that it would be improper of her to stare at a strange man for an extended length of time, Ye Tianxin gave him a cursory glance and averted her eyes.

She sat in the chair. Once a member of the “Rh-negative Friendship Club,” she had given blood without compensation.

Because her blood type was so rare, Ye Tianxin hoped that one day there would be someone available to donate blood to her if she ever needed a blood transfusion.

Ye Tianxin was someone who had died once before. Having died once, she knew very well that nothing beat being alive, so she wanted to treasure her blessings, help as many people as she could, and save as many people as she could.

By being charitable and doing good, she would be rewarded by the heavens. Surely that would a good thing!

The blood analysis results were generated in no time. Ye Tianxin did have the same blood type as the injured man.

“With your small frame, we can only extract six hundred milliliters.”

Ye Tianxin looked at the long, thin syringe in the doctor’s hand and felt a little nervous.

In a conciliatory tone, she requested, “Doc, please be gentle. I have a low threshold for pain!”

Knowing that all girls were afraid of needles, the doctor replied, “I will be gentle. It’ll feel like a mosquito bite and won’t hurt at all!”

Ye Tianxin extended her arm and turned her head to one side, not wishing to look at the needle. She winced in pain and shut her eyes when the needle pierced her skin.

From his bed, Li Qingcang weakly opened his eyes and looked briefly at Ye Tianxin before shutting them again and losing himself to darkness and oblivion.

Having transfused a portion of the fresh blood extracted from Ye Tianxin into Li Qingcang, the doctor poured some glucose solution into a cup for Tianxin to drink.

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