Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 13: First Meeting with the Male Lead (2)

Chapter 13: First Meeting with the Male Lead (2)

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“Drink this first and go rest up!”

Ye Tianxin nodded and drank the glucose solution, but when she tried to stand up, she nearly collapsed inside the emergency room.

The young men standing around her quickly reached out their hands, intending to prop her up.

Ye Tianxin waved her hand to keep them at bay and said, “There’s no need. I’m okay. You guys should tend to him. This town clinic is limited in terms of the medical equipment and personnel they have to help him. I think you should take him to the hospital in the city.”

At that moment, Ye Tianxin wasn’t aware that her and the man’s destiny had become closely entwined because of her one act of kindness.

She went back to her grandmother’s bedside. She had originally intended to score an intravenous drip, but she soon fell sound asleep, as donating blood had weakened her frail body.

In the other room, the doctor administered emergency aid to the man’s injuries and gave him another transfusion.

“His injuries are temporarily under control for now. You guys should take turns keeping watch over him. Oh. And since this young lady has donated so much of her blood, you must remember to buy her some nutritional supplements, because if it hadn’t been for her volunteering to give blood, our clinic wouldn’t have been able to save your team leader.... That said, you should be aware that our little clinic can only temporarily manage your team leader’s condition. For proper medical treatment, you should immediately send him to the better-equipped hospital in the city....” magic

The sun had already risen by the time Ye Tianxin woke up after a good night’s sleep.

The tiny little town clinic seemed to be unusually busy. Through the open windows, the birds tweeted noisily.

When Ye Tianxin opened her eyes, she noticed the foodstuff on the simple bedside cabinet.

There were tins of canned food, eggs, milk, crackers, chocolate, and more.

By the looks of it, she knew that they had been put there by the young men who had been there the previous night.

“You awake? Eat something first. The young men from last night got you these things. Since you donated a lot of blood last night, you should eat something nutritious to replenish your nutrients. You’re in a developmental stage. You’re still growing. Don’t turn into an anemic because you donated blood!”

Seeing no reason to act coy, Ye Tianxin drank a glass of milk and ate an egg, and immediately felt energized afterward.

“Doctor, may I use the phone in your office, please? I need to call my school to ask my teacher for some time off.”

“Go ahead.”

Clad in slippers, Ye Tianxin went off on her own to make the call.

“Old Madam, are you awake?”

Looking at Grandma, the doctor examined her and said, “You collapsed in your home yesterday, and your granddaughter took you to this clinic on piggyback.”

Suddenly, Grandma grabbed the doctor’s hands in her wrinkled, dry hands. “Doctor, I cannot die yet!”

Amused, the doctor replied, “Madam, you can rest assured that there’s nothing seriously wrong with your health. Really. All you need is an intravenous drip for a few more days, and then you can be discharged.”

Grandma had been a tad worried. At her age, she had a lot of money saved up. However, the money that she’d saved was meant to be used for Ye Tianxin’s college expenses. What would she do if she fell ill now?

Knowing Tianxin, she would definitely want her to get medical treatment.

“Thank you, Doctor.”

Ye Tianxin returned to the ward and sat at her grandmother’s side. “Grandma, I’ve just asked the teacher for time off from school. Don’t worry. When I get accepted into the university, I’ll take you with me....”

Grandma nodded. As she looked at her maturing granddaughter, she missed her own daughter even more. “All right, then. Grandma will wait for you.”

More than a decade had passed since she left, and they had had absolutely no news from or about her since.

No one knew if she was dead or alive.

Sigh.... It was all that man’s fault.

“Grandma, eat something.”

Ye Tianxin peeled a hard-boiled egg for her grandmother and handed her a cup of warm milk.

“Where did these come from?”

It was only then that her grandmother noticed the foodstuff piled on the top of the simple bedside cabinet.

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