Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 17: Application to the Film Academy (3)

Chapter 17: Application to the Film Academy (3)

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“Thank you, Sir.”

Mr. Chen had seen for himself how much Ye Tianxin had changed recently and was convinced that this kid was serious about getting a good score.

So he was naturally happy to help her in whatever way he could.

When Ye Tianxin returned to the classroom, Li Xiaohui turned around to her and said, “Tianxin, I think what you said makes sense. What do you think? Would it be too late if I started studying hard from now on?”

When the bespectacled boy who shared Ye Tianxin’s desk heard what Li Xiaohui said, he replied, “Of course it’s too late. You have to know that you’re not as smart as Ye Tianxin, so you should know your limitations....”

Li Xiaohui gave an irritated grunt, grabbed his book from him, and hit him with it, exclaiming, “Di Shanshi, who cares if you’re a top student! I was talking to Ye Tianxin, so just mind your own business!”

Ye Tianxin was a little distracted. All she knew was that the entrance criteria for the Academy of the Arts were less stringent but... she had no idea what the application dates were for the entrance exams for the Academy of the Arts.

“Okay, settle down. It’s time for our lesson.”

After school that afternoon, Ye Tianxin asked Mr. Du, the teacher in charge of the evening chemistry study session, for a leave of absence that evening.

Taking some money with her, Ye Tianxin went to an internet café located near the school.

Having made the deposit of ten dollars, Ye Tianxin found herself a computer and sat down.

She input the user id and password given on the internet card for access and then immediately searched for Capital Film Academy.

Clicking open the Capital Film Academy website, Ye Tianxin, knowing what she was looking for, quickly found the page that she wanted. After she filled out her name and other requested information on the entrance application form, she realized that she didn’t have a photo to upload, which was a mandatory requirement for the application.

Ye Tianxin then recalled that when she entered the internet café, she had noticed a photography studio located across the street from the café. magic

She wondered if they were able to take photos needed for application forms.

Standing up, she told the boss of the internet café, “Sir, I need to go out for a while and will be back soon. Can you please keep a lookout for me and not let anyone mess with my computer? Thank you.”

“Sure thing.”

The boss of the internet café wasn’t bothered. His internet café charged by the hour. So long as the user hadn’t closed their account, they would have to pay up regardless of whether they used the internet or not.

Ye Tianxin went across the road to the photo studio. Upon entering, she saw a man seated in front of a computer and watching a Japanese romance-action movie. Although the volume was turned down low, Ye Tianxin could still make out what he was doing.

“Sir, I’d like to have a one-inch headshot taken to be used for an application.”

“Come on in.”

The proprietor minimized the window on his computer. Camera in hand, he came around the counter and asked Ye Tianxin to sit against a large piece of blue fabric.

“Keep your shoulders squared. Yes, that’s it!”

Ye Tianxin focused her attention on the proprietor, who was busy photographing her. With her elegant and flawless features, Ye Tianxin looked like a bare-faced goddess in the photo.

“Sir, can you please add me to your QQ contact list and send me an electronic file of my photo? I’ll need it for other purposes. Thank you.”

Ye Tianxin paid for the photo and returned to the internet café. She then sent the proprietor of the photography studio a reminder window, and shortly after her headshot appeared in the window.

Having uploaded the file containing her photo to the website, Ye Tianxin noticed a display message that said “Application Successful.” Only then did she feel assured that the application was on its way!

“Thank you, Sir!”

Not being a boarder, Ye Tianxin, a day student, was free to enter or leave the school grounds at any time during the morning, afternoon, or at night.

Since she had already asked to be excused that evening, she didn’t need to go back to the school.

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