Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 18: Application Successful (1)

Chapter 18: Application Successful (1)

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However, more than anyone else Ye Tianxin was very much aware of the reason why she had submitted the application to Capital Film Academy.

It was solely because she wanted something to fall back on for her higher education. She definitely didn’t want her grandmother, who was getting on in years, to have to swallow her pride and speak deferentially to that trashy man.

Even if she couldn’t gain admittance to an accredited university, she would be accepted in the film academy, where she could learn to be an actress and a star, which would be pretty good.

With that thought, Ye Tianxin continued to walk back to the school for the study session. Her natural intelligence, coupled with her inquisitive mind and continuous questioning, delighted her teachers who, like many of their colleagues, didn’t think lowly of her and were most willing to answer any questions as long as their students had the desire to learn. In fact, she had shown steady improvement in every modular test...

Li Xiaohui tossed Ye Tianxin a note. “Tianxin, what were you up to earlier?” it said.

Not hiding anything from her, Ye Tianxin scribbled something beneath Li Xiaohui’s note on the same piece of paper and tossed it back to her.

After she read Ye Tianxin’s response, Li Xiaohui’s elegant brows furrowed and she didn’t say anything more.

Ye Tianxin didn’t appear to be offended by Li Xiaohui’s response and continued with her self-study. At that time, Qu Shanshi, who shared a desk with Ye Tianxin, also wrote a note and slid it across to her.

“Ye Tianxin, this is a serious question. What university are you planning to apply to?” magic

Looking at his glasses, Ye Tianxin tugged at the boy’s chemistry book, pulling it toward her, and wrote with her fountain pen in a corner of the book “Capital University.”

The male classmate was stunned. Capital University was one of the best tertiary institutions and had a very high score for admission.

Now, it should be pointed out that in Jiameng High School there was a stonecast university wall on which any student who had been accepted into an accredited university would have their names inscribed in gold.

To this day, anyone from Jiameng High School making it into Capital University was unprecedented.

“Are you serious?” Qu Shanshi asked, trying to confirm what she said. Although Ye Tianxin had mentioned on a few occasions her wish to be accepted into Capital University, he had always assumed that she was just joking.

Looking at Qu Shanshi, Ye Tianxin replied, “Of course. Getting into Capital University is my only chance to really transform my life.”

Not saying another word, Qu Shanshi simply stared at the words “Capital University” on the note and felt as if something had ignited deep inside him and was gradually burning brighter.

During the break between study periods, Ye Tianxin was told by a classmate that the teacher wanted to see her in his office.

“Mr. Chen,” Ye Tianxin greeted him as she entered the office.

Looking at Ye Tianxin, Mr. Chen asked, “Tianxin, where did you go after school today?”

“Mr. Chen, after school I went to the Internet café. Do you remember me saying that I wanted to apply for admittance into Capital Film Academy? Well, I used the computer at the Internet café to find out about the application process at Capital Film Academy. Mr. Chen, I am fully aware that I wasn’t a good student in the past and caused you a lot of headaches and worry.... But please believe me when I say that from now on I will be a good student. I’ll work really hard to get admitted to a university and not be a disappointment to you....”

Even after hearing what Ye Tianxin said, Mr. Chen didn’t appear to believe her. Instead, he felt a tad disappointed. He thought Ye Tianxin had been serious about turning over a new leaf and working hard. And now what? Having been a good student for a mere few days, she had regressed and played hooky at the internet café.

“Ye Tianxin, as your teacher I’m happy that you’ve thought things through.” That said, Mr. Chen pulled out a study plan that he’d specially developed, saying, “Based on your current performance, I’ve developed a study plan for you. Use it and work hard. You may ask me or your classmate Di Shanshi if there’ss anything you don’t understand.”

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