Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 20: Application Successful (3)

Chapter 20: Application Successful (3)

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“Tianxin, the algorithm you’ve used to solve this problem is unique, and it also came up with the correct solution. Can you please explain it to me? How did you come up with this method of problem-solving?”

Collecting her thoughts, Ye Tianxin started sharing with Di Shanshi how she had solved the math problem.

In her previous life, although Ye Tianxin had definitely been a bad student, she had, due to her social status, engaged private tutors to coach her on various subjects.

Mainly because if someone couldn’t even understand what their own spouse was talking about at social events, then they would naturally be looked down upon by others in the social circle.

To ensure that she could fully assimilate herself into the upper echelons, Ye Tianxin put herself through challenges and hardships that could only be imagined by a regular person.

Finance and investment, global politics, energy trends, and more—all the topics that Ye Tianxin had originally found uninteresting and dry eventually ended up being her core talents.

Just as the private tutor who had coached her in finance and investment had told her—everything in the digital world is governed by rules; the trick is to suss out those rules, and once that’s done, half the battle is already won.

Of course, if the person doesn’t have any natural talent for this, he can only learn by rote.

Ye Tianxin had worked out a way to learn and recall, using it to pick up and store everything that she learned.

“So that’s how it works....” Di Shanshi’s eyes flashed with surprise. At the same time, he also belittled himself and felt a sense of shame.

He’d always assumed that his consistently good grades were because he’d been born with the gift of extra blessings from the heavens.

But that was before he had noticed the recently transformed Ye Tianxin. Now, Di Shanshi realized that Ye Tianxin was Heaven’s chosen one, not him.

Before, she was just a rose, beautiful but without any depth.

But within a short period of barely one week, she had transformed into a single bloom of exceptional qualities, standing tall through the crevice of a cliff and gently emanating fragrance, even if no one appreciated it.

“Tianxin, you will definitely make it into Capital University.”

Ye Tianxin’s eyes dazzled with surprise and joy. “Really?” she asked.

“Really. I truly believe that you will make it.”

As he said these words, Di Shanshi told himself that since Ye Tianxin was doing so well, he shouldn’t trail behind her. He should also challenge himself and make Capital University his goal.

After her study session, Ye Tianxin headed home, where she found her grandmother still awake. She was sitting in the courtyard making shoe insoles.


Her grandmother put the stuff in her hands into a bamboo basket to the side and stood up to take Tianxin’s backpack from her.

“Tianxin, I made some noodles. Quick, eat up.”

Her grandmother had made tomato egg noodles and, concerned that Tianxin wasn’t getting enough nutrients, had added two eggs.

Looking at the huge bowl of egg noodles, Ye Tianxin replied, “Grandma, in future, please don’t wait up for me. You should sleep early.”

“I’m old and don’t need too much sleep.” Sitting by the side, Grandma laughed happily as she continued, “I met your homeroom teacher today. He was full of compliments for your recent behavior and grades. I just knew that my Tianxin was a good girl....” magic

“Oh Grandma, there’s something I need you to help me with!”

At Ye Tianxin’s exclamation, Grandma asked, “What is it?”

“Grandma, I’ve applied to sit for the entrance exams to a university. However, this university wants me to go there in person for an interview. So Grandma, could you please come with me? I’m afraid to go on my own. People say there are kidnappers around there who target girls my age....”

Shocked, her grandmother asked, “Where did you say this university is located?”

“Capital City,” Ye Tianxin replied. To her, the face to face interview at Capital Film Academy was of low priority. What was more important was taking this opportunity to send her grandmother to the Capital First Hospital for a medical check-up.

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