Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 26: The Male Lead’s Followers (2)

Chapter 26 The Male Lead’s Followers (2)

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“Sorry, but I don’t know you.”

Although she could tell he wasn’t a bad guy, Ye Tianxin didn’t feel that they were on familiar enough terms to engage in a friendly conversation.

Looking embarrassed, Yan Ge rubbed his head.

“We’ve met before. In the emergency ward at the hospital that night. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yan Ge. Thank you for saving our boss.”

At Yan Ge’s introduction, a look of concern passed over Ye Tianxin’s face, and she asked, “That guy. Is he all right?”

“Our boss is doing well, all because of your courageous act of donating blood to him. But due to the severity of his injuries, he has to recuperate for a long time!”

“That’s good...”

Ye Tianxin had barely stopped speaking when she heard the sound of the approaching train.

Full of energy, Yan Ge bellowed, “Make way please for the young lady and the elderly senior to board first!”

And that was how Ye Tianxin and her grandmother were sent onto the train by the group of young men.

Since Ye Tianxin and her grandmother only had standing tickets, they didn’t need to look for their seats.

After they boarded the train, Ye Tianxin took her grandmother to the interconnecting section between the two train carriages.

“Grandma, I’m sorry, but because of the short notice, I could only buy us standing tickets. Just bear with it and rest here. When we get to the next stop, and someone gets off, I’ll get you a seat.”

When she packed for their trip, Ye Tianxin, taking into consideration her grandmother’s condition, had intentionally picked a soft bag that could be sat on and a thin blanket.

“Young lady, I’ve been looking all over for you! Come, we can’t let you sit here. Come with me!”

Looking a tad bashful, Ye Tianxin declined. “No, thank you. We’re fine sitting here.”

When she bought their tickets, she’d been informed that there were no more allocated seats. Ye Tianxin knew that if she followed Yan Ge’s instructions, then he would be the one left without a seat.

“No way!”

Yan Ge noticed that Ye Tianxin had refused to budge.

“Someone, please help the old lady to our seat.”

At his command, Grandma was escorted by the friendly young men to a private car and seated comfortably.

The entire car was filled with young men in the same uniform of polo shirts and pants.

They were all seated upright and proper in neat rows and looked full of life.

When they were told by Yan Ge that Tianxin had saved their team leader, they treated her with even more respect.

“Young lady, I’ve asked the train conductor to transfer you once a sleeper becomes available.”

“Thank you so much.”

Now, Ye Tianxin wasn’t someone who liked to be indebted to anyone.

Yan Ge consciously softened his expression and explained, “Young lady, you saved our team leader’s life. You’re our team leader’s savior! That makes you our benefactor, so please don’t stand on ceremony with us.”

That said, Yan Ge turned to Ye Tianxin’s grandmother and said, “Old madam, you’ve done an excellent job with this young lady’s upbringing. Thank you.”

The advantage of sharing a private car with these young men was that Ye Tianxin and her grandmother didn’t have to lift a finger to do anything.

During mealtimes, the young men would even share their food with Ye Tianxin and her grandmother.magic

When it was almost dark, the train conductor came by and informed Yan Ge that two sleepers had become available.

Carrying their luggage for them, Yan Ge accompanied Ye Tianxin and her grandmother to the sleeper seats.

One of the available sleepers was a lower bunk, and the other was a middle bunk.

Having stored their luggage securely, Yan Ge handed a piece of paper to Ye Tianxin, saying, “Young lady, not being familiar with Capital City, you might need assistance at some point. In that case, please call this number.”

Ye Tianxin carefully put the piece of paper away. It was better to be safe than sorry, although she hoped they wouldn’t find cause to call them in Capital City!

“Thank you, Yan Ge.”

Grinning, Yan Ge replied, “It’s been our pleasure to be at your service. Old madam, please rest up!”

It was only after Yan Ge had left that Ye Tianxin’s grandmother looked at her and said, “Tianxin, what did I say? Doing good has its rewards!”

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