Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 3: Reborn with a Vengeance (3)

Chapter 3: Reborn with a Vengeance (3)

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Although she knew very well that Ye Tianxin was in imminent danger, Lu Qingxin didn’t move. Instead, she stood still and didn’t resist when Ye Tianxin grabbed her neck with her hands and tried to strangle her.

Seeing Ye Tianxin’s face twisted with pain and rage, Lu Qingxin mused over how ugly she looked!

How could her Yancheng have fallen for such an unattractive woman?

“Sis, killing me won’t bring Jin back to life....”

At Lu Qingxin’s words, Ye Tianxin merely increased the pressure on Lu Qingxin’s neck.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lu Qingxin saw the vehicle speeding toward them. Soon, very soon!!

Gu Yancheng ran fast, taking large strides, toward the frenetic Ye Tianxin. He pulled at Ye Tianxin’s hands and threw her behind him.

There was a loud “bang” as Ye Tianxin’s frail body crashed against the truck speeding toward them.

She opened her eyes and stared up at the blue sky above her. The next moment, dark clouds gathered, and it started raining heavily....

Under the continual pelting of the pea-sized raindrops on her face, she felt no pain at all.

Slowly, she turned her head around only to see Lu Qingxin nestling gently in Gu Yancheng’s arms, saying, “Yancheng, quick. Call 120 for emergency services. Sis... Sis....”

Pushing Gu Yancheng aside, Lu Qingxin went on her hands and knees and crawled to Ye Tianxin’s side.

“Sis, don’t be scared. The ambulance will be here soon!

“Sis, nothing untoward must happen to you!

“Sis... don’t leave me!”

Ye Tianxin wearily shut her eyes. She didn’t want to witness Lu Qingxin’s superb acting, not even for a moment. Lu Qingxin had been so good at putting up an act that she had deceived Ye Tianxin for so many years.

Like scenes from a movie, her entire life flashed before her eyes—Lu Qingxin’s gentle, loving warmth, and Gu Yancheng’s care and attention.

It was only in that instant before her death that Ye Tianxin realized that her marriage to Gu Yancheng was a one-sided union and wishful thinking on her part.

She only felt really sorry that her poor Jin was the sacrificial lamb for the love triangle between the three of them.

Jin, don’t be afraid. Mama’s coming to you.

Then again, she still felt too aggrieved.

If the heavens could give her a second chance to live her life again, she would definitely choose a different path....

She didn’t want her life to be entangled with those two—Lu Qingxin and Gu Yancheng—ever again.

If she could be reborn, she would definitely want them to pay. An eye for an eye.

If she could be reborn, she would make sure that human trash would spend their days in a living hell.


“Jin....” magic

Roused awake from her nightmare, Ye Tianxin didn’t even have the chance to speak before her forehead was assaulted by the teacher with a small piece of chalk.

“Ye Tianxin.”


“Dozing off in class and even talking in your sleep. Stand at the back of the classroom.”

Ye Tianxin wondered. Was this a dream?

She must be dreaming....

Right before her death, she had thought about how great it would be to get a second chance at life.

If she could start all over again, she would make sure that she got admitted to Capital University. She would definitely spar head-on with Lu Qingxin, one on one.

The heavens must have heard her prayer and had really given her another chance to start all over again.

In this life, she definitely wouldn’t be the bad student that everyone ridiculed and teased....

Leaning against the wall, Ye Tianxin’s deep-set eyes looked thoughtfully at the mathematics teacher, who was writing and drawing on the blackboard.

The Ye Tianxin of the past had neither academic knowledge nor skill. Now, as she looked once again at these mathematical exercises, she felt like she was seeing stars.

Moving her gaze from the classroom to the Chinese parasol tree outside the window, she noted that it was flourishing with dense foliage and emanating life-giving energy, just as it had in the past....

Ye Tianxin dug her nails into her thigh and exclaimed as the sharp pain coursed through her. “Ouch, that hurts....”

It hurt.

So that could only mean one thing—that she wasn’t dreaming!

She... she was really reborn?

On a corner of the blackboard, the words “100 days” had clearly been written as a countdown to the college entrance exams.

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