The Extra of The Lunerra

Chapter 250 Volume IV - 95: Upoming Big Changes

Chapter 250 Volume IV - Chapter 95: Upoming Big Changes

When we reached the meeting point, it was still ten minutes before the vehicle would arrive. There was nothing we could do but wait, hiding in this spot where the trees were sparse. Yet we were not letting ourselves go, we were alert, as we should always be.

The sun had already set. The darkness of night was slowly descending on the area, nothing could be heard except the wind blowing gently.

It was in the middle of this silence that Rulhan suddenly stirred.

We quickly turned to him. Breaking the silence, especially by one of us, was not something we expected.

"What happened?"

Gurdas asked, raising his eyebrows, but Rulhan didn't even look at him. His brow furrowed as he narrowed his eyes and focused straight ahead.

"I received a notification from AVRES. The vehicle'll be here soon, but..."

Tension settled over the space, a restlessness slowly spreading through my body. Rulhan's demeanor was not his usual.

"But what?"

Rulhan sighed deeply, then stood up from where he had crouched and his uniform, that of an enemy soldier, rippled. The armor he had kept hidden to avoid detection wrapped around his body under his clothes, preparing him for battle.

"The notification used the fake code, not the one we set for the operation."


That's a problem... a really big one.

AVRES is a system that's always under control, so I don't think it's likely they've hacked into it, which means... the vehicle that came to pick us up was probably ambushed, and the people in it are no longer allies... they're enemies.

That also means that the enemy has a rough estimate of where we are. In short, it's not just that vehicle that's on its way here.

"Can you access the system?"

"Yes, there ain't no issue with AVRES, and I've already filed a report. Just waitin' for a response, but get ready, we might have to fight."

I couldn't help sighing deeply.

It was strange in itself that this operation was so easy... I wondered when something like this would happen. My luck must be showing itself at this point...

"What do we do?"

With Gurdas in armor under his clothes, the three dwarves were now fully prepared to fight.

"A plan, a well-rounded one. There are three things the people in the vehicle can do, and we must act accordingly."

All three dwarves turned their heads to me at the same time, I quickly realized what they meant and continued.

"First, they can approach us as if nothing has happened. We get in the vehicle and they take us straight into a trap. Secondly, when they arrive, they can wait for us to relax and try to kill or eliminate us directly. Thirdly, and this is what I personally think they will do, they will move slowly and attack with reinforcements and try to take us by surprise."

I paused, took a short breath, and looked the three in the eyes in turn.

"What we can do is also simple. We can fight, but we don't know when reinforcements will arrive, so it would be dangerous. We can try to sneak in among them, just like we did at the very beginning of the operation, which I think is even more dangerous. Finally, we can run away without saying a word, which is what I suggest, as we are likely to hold out until help arrives."

There was silence between us for a short while. We thought and thought as time continued to pass, and then Rulhan suddenly interjected.

"I received another notification."

He stared at the space in front of him, his eyes moving as if he was reading something, the expression on his face growing less and less with each passing second. When he finished reading, his eyes narrowed, and he looked greatly dissatisfied.

"We gotta get to a place about twenty kilometers away. Seems there's a massive platoon tailing us. While they're chasin' us, we'll lead 'em right into our little trap."

So, we'll be decoys to ambush them...

I took another deep breath and slowly looked up at the dark sky, at the beautiful stars twinkling there. They were just now becoming visible after the sun had set a short while ago, yet they were always so much brighter in Lunerra's world than they had been in my old world. It was as if we were much closer to them.

I finally tore my eyes away from them, clenched my fist involuntarily, remembering the scene Sue and I had watched in Melany's room.

How long ago was that? I think it was December... If I think it's March now, it's been almost three months.

The whole time I've been here I've tried not to think about my friends, Sue, my sister... but now for some reason, they just came to my mind again...

I chuckled lightly, which turned into a low, short laugh.

It looks like I'm not going to have an uneventful day. I guess trouble follows me wherever I go, but... well, so be it.

I focused on my ring, pulled out my sword, and as the black long sword with purple runes appeared in front of me, I gripped it tightly and turned to my group, widening my smile.

"Let's go, let's not waste time."

Gurdas, Durvan, and Rulhan smiled at the same time. Even though we were in trouble again, we had no doubts. We were confident that whatever we had to do, we could do it.

If we were going to be bait, we were going to be bait, as long as we survived, the rest didn't matter, and we were determined to survive.

At least I was.


"Could you say that again, please, Mr. Chazon?"

The old man, barely able to walk with his cane and well over a hundred years old, narrowed his eyes at me. His short hair had long since completely grayed. Even his eyes, which used to be brown, had faded slightly with age. His skin was pale, without a single wrinkle.

His lips opened with difficulty, letting out the old man's weak voice.

"A new seer has awakened, Prince Lucas. And this seer is not far away."

His voice left the screen in front of me and echoed in my ears. Not just in my ears, but in the ears of everyone who witnessed this meeting.

The nobles of the Cevilian Kingdom, normally quick to engage in heated debate on important matters, were silent this time.

"That is not all I want to say, Prince Lucas."

The old man narrowed his discolored eyes even more, and his fingers on his cane trembled.

Everyone who saw him swallowed involuntarily, the tension they felt intensifying.

"You need to prepare, as best you can. Ms. Dalia and I shared a prophecy."

For a moment he trembled as fear gripped his body, an eastern and reactionary indication that whatever he had seen was not good.

"What did you see...?"

"We saw a darkness rising within us, and then a tiny piece of flame breaking out of that darkness."

He paused for a moment, just stood there. Soon a tear fell from his eye and his expression turned sad. It was as if he was in pain, as if he was hurting in the depths of his soul.

"It was because of us... It was our fault. This world will change, something big... no, big 'things' are coming, Prince Lucas. We are entering a time that could be even more critical than what happened eighty years ago. So you must be well prepared. Especially that tiny, dark flame..."

His voice trailed off, he quickly turned aside and coughed three times in quick succession. Finally, he managed to pull himself together and continued.

"He stands at the center of everything. He seems like an insignificant part, but everything is ultimately connected to him. It must be someone from the new generation. So study every one of them, hold them in high esteem. We must not make the mistake we see ourselves making, prince... Not even the Lords can save us."

He started coughing again, yet he forced himself to speak. Eventually, the words that came out of his mouth became gibberish, more and more confused.

"Darkness... light... chaos... order... dragon... phoenix... nothingness... death... Ah, right... an unavoidable death..."

His eyes twitched, his expression dulled.

"That's why you have to be careful. Very much... I... I'm not feeling well, I'm sorry, prince."

He brought his hand to his face, and then his vision flickered. A woman's low voice echoed in the background and the image of the old oracle vanished.

A deep silence fell over all the nobles again. No one said a word, they all stared silently ahead of them, thinking about what they had just heard.

Darkness, light, chaos, order, dragon, phoenix, nothingness, and an unavoidable death... Everything that came out of the old seer's mouth held great significance.

"Seer Chazon said that the dark flame in the prophecy he saw with Lady Dalia is among the new generation. I think we must first determine who this person is."

The person who spoke, with his blond hair, eyes as yellow as his hair, and tall stature, was Duke Patrick Virhen, leader of the Virhen Family, one of the pillars of the kingdom.

He looked calm. But underneath his calmness, I could see that he was thinking a lot.

"We must think long and hard about this. If the time we are about to enter is even more critical than what happened eighty years ago, then it concerns not only us but all of Lunerra."

Ronald Potenbea spoke this time. He had been pretty down lately because of what had happened to his daughter, but now he seemed a little more himself.

I took a deep breath, clasped my hands together, and focused on the table.

"Duke Virhen, Duke Potenbea, Duke Quie, Duchess Adella, Duke Laehera and Duke Bistra."

All the nobles I had named, the leaders of the six most important pillar families of the Cevilian Kingdom, turned to me at the same time.

"This doesn't seem like something we can talk about in a setting like this."

They are not the only ones in the network we are meeting now, along with almost all the counts of the kingdom.

If we need to think about something that concerns the future of the kingdom, perhaps the future of the world, this is not the place. We need to talk about it with other countries.

"In about three hours I will start another session on a private network, and not only we will be here, but my father, King Henry Cevilian, will be with us. So I ask you to attend."

The five nodded in unison, they had no complaints. In fact, they must have been thinking the same way as me, for they seemed to be reassured.

"Understood, Your Majesty."

"Good, then... let's end this session for now."

There was another important matter we needed to discuss. Like the dungeon that Leonard Quie and his team had cleared, but what the seer had said... is now more important than that dungeon.

"I'll postpone what we're going to do about the new dungeon, the corruption in the kingdom, and the foreign trade issues until the next meeting. Thank you for your participation."

I didn't wait, I quickly exited the meeting. The holographic screen in front of me disappeared into thin air, thus extinguishing the only source of light in the already dark room. Darkness quickly enveloped my body.

I was silent for a while, just staring ahead with my eyes squinted. I thought, for a long time. Finally, I let out a deep sigh.

A dark flame...

Is that who we met where we went with Aiden Tenebra? The seer said it was our fault, that whatever happens will happen because of us. magic

What could they have seen? What could we have done to cause a tiny flame to grow and eventually spread to everyone? If it was really who we met there, what can we do about it?

And what about the words he said one after the other? We have to pay attention to those too... especially the one they emphasize at the end, an unavoidable death.

Who's going to die?

And the new seer...?

Questions... So many unanswered questions.

"Big change, huh..."

I closed my eyes, leaned further back in my chair, and relaxed myself.

The new generation...

Adrian Caleo, Aiden Tenebra, Zayden Aetern and so many other young people with incredible talents.

I was wondering why there are so many of them, especially in this time, and now I understand better...

Really big things are going to happen.

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