The First Store System

Chapter 11 - Status

A dark blue opaque screen appeared in front of Aakesh. Golden fonts then started appearing on it.

Personal Status:

Name: Aakesh,

Race: [*******],

Profession: [Locked],

Level: [Locked],

Physical attributes,

Strength: 1,

Agility: 1,

Intelligence: -0-,

Stamina: -0-,

No. of quests completed: 1,

Skills: [Locked].

The status first showed his name. When Aakesh saw the next appearing word, race, he became excited. He still didn't know anything about him even after spending decades here. But the next moment, his excitement vanished. He could only see gibberish in front of his race section.

"Hey, system. Why can't I read or see my race? With a hint of irritation, he asked the system.

[Host, you don't have sufficient authority.]

The system responded in a mechanical voice. Aakesh also finally knew why he couldn't hear any emotion in the system's voice.

The system belonged to a race called Yantra. What blew Aakesh expectation was that Yantras are a natural-born race, not artificially created. Yantra is a race that is incapable of feeling or showing emotions. So, only his origins were now unknown to him. Furthermore, he questioned the system as to how it knew so much about the Multiverse as Yantra isn't even a top 100 race. But he didn't get any answer from the system.

Aakesh fell silent after the system responded that he did not have enough authority. In the end, he decided to focus on the status. On the screen, there are now two more sections, profession, and level. The state in both segments was locked, however.

Aakesh didn't care much as he knew the reason why it showed locked. More golden fonts appeared on the screen. The newly emerged section showed physical attributes, which had four attributes: strength, agility, intelligence, and stamina.

Aakesh understood 1 in strength and agility, but he couldn't understand what intelligence and stamina showed.

"Hey, system. I don't understand the attribute section," Aakesh asked the system to explain.

[Host, your strength and agility are at 1. It tells that you are very weak in comparison with others. The -0- in stamina and intelligence shows that you don't need improvement in them anymore. You have infinite stamina and intelligence.]

The system answered. "Infinite stamina and intelligence!" Aakesh exclaimed after hearing the response.

He understood the meaning of infinite stamina, as he had been sitting for decades learning about different races, and he still isn't tired. But he didn't understand what infinite intelligence signified. It cannot simply mean Aakesh is the smartest.magic

"Hey, system. What does infinite intelligence signify?"

[Host, it means that you can learn any knowledge, no matter its complexity or restriction upon it.]

Aakesh became confused by the system answer. Even an ordinary creature can learn anything if he works on it. It's a different matter whether he'll be able to remember it in the future or not. So, he asked the system about it.

[Host, you misunderstood. Some pieces of knowledge in the Multiverse are taboo for everybody, and the Multiverse punishes those who try to read or learn about it. But those who have limitless intelligence, she doesn't stop or punish. If you didn't have infinite intelligence, you would've never been capable of learning about Deva. You'll also be like the majority of the creatures, who only know Devas exist, but don't know anything about them.]

This piece of information astonished him. He was one of the weakest in this unending Multiverse, but he was also one of the few creatures to learn any knowledge. The mysteries surrounding his past became more mysterious.

Aakesh then returned his focus to the status screen. The screen was entirely filled. Only two sections after physical attributes appeared, no. of quests completed, and skills.

Aakesh knew the meaning of both the sections, so he didn't ask the system about it. Since there was nothing new to see on the status, he thought of the screen disappearing. The dark blue screen with golden fonts vanished after his order.

"System, I'm ready for the second quest," He asked the system for the second quest. He has enough stamina, so he'll never get tired physically or mentally.

[Host, please see the screen for the quest.]

[Mission: Knowledge of Languages

Description: You need to have knowledge of the language of the countless races residing in this Multiverse. Your goal is to make your store 'The First Store', so you'll have customers from every species in the future. You need to make them feel familiar, so you need to have knowledge of their language.

Requirement: Learn about the language spoken by every race.

Reward: Unlock the skills section and a Title.]

"Hey, system, why do I need to learn the language of other races?" Aakesh confusedly asked. He couldn't see the point of this quest because the system surely can give him a skill where he can understand and speak every language.

[Host, only by doing so can you learn the language. Language is not always about communication. It's something more than that. Some languages are so superior and divine that it's almost impossible to create skills using them.]

"Okay, start the quest," Aakesh had no words to answer the system, so he told it to start the mission.

The system didn't respond, but a black screen like in the previous quest appeared, then golden fonts started appearing on it.

It explained, there are various ways in which different races converse. Some people communicate through oral speech, some through gestures, some through visuals, or some through audio-visuals, etc. Language may have different ways of conversing, but most have one primary purpose: to make communication easier.

There are countless races in the Multiverse. Every race to exist until now has created multiple languages, so there are also infinite languages in this Multiverse.

New fonts started appearing on the screen. It was titled 'Human spoken languages'. After that, the languages spoken by Humans began appearing on the screen one by one.

Only when humanity was still on planet Earth, it spoke more than 7000 languages, and as they grew in power, they created more languages. Currently, humankind has more than a million languages with billions of dialects.

Time flew. Decades after decades passed, but Aakesh still sat at the same position and stared at the screen. He hasn't even learned about one-tenth of the spoken languages, let alone forgotten language present in the Multiverse.

Aakesh interest increased in learning about the languages the more he read about. Language can also show the history of a species, so he was learning the history of the various races as well as their language. For example, he found out how humanity discovered fire through visual language.


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