The First Store System

Chapter 12 - Creation

Chapter 12

After Humans using languages, it was the turn of the languages used by the Elves. Since Elves were artificially created, they had a perfect set of languages since their birth.

Elves only had one way of communication, oral, since their birth. They also have only one language, elvish, but since there were multiple types of Elves, they differentiated the language through their color, like Dark Elf spoke dark-elvish, and Moon Elf spoke moonlight-elvish, etc.

It took Aakesh the least amount of time to learn different kinds of elvish since there were only minor changes between them. When he was learning elvish, he saw the perfect use of magic. He learned many things about magic from elvish. Now he knew why were the Elves so talented when it comes to magic?

Time flew. More than three centuries have passed since he started learning the languages. Only one race was left, now. His excitement knew no bounds currently. He'll learn more about mysterious Deva using their language.

Aakesh's knowledge of magic has become perfect during this quest. It was all due to the language of Dragons. Dragons are the creator of magic in the Multiverse.

The black screen changed, huge golden fonts showing Deva appeared on it. Below that, only one strange letter started appearing.

When he was looking at the incomplete letter, Aakesh got a severe headache and almost blanked out. He right away closed his eyes. His back was sweating. For the first time since he opened his eyes, he felt the fear of death. He saw the illusion of him dying and taking rebirth again and again when looking at the word.

[Host, please don't try to look at the whole letter. It is the most divine character in the Multiverse. You may not be able to handle the pressure.]

In an emotionless voice, the system warned Aakesh. "You could've warned me before the letter appeared," He complained.

The system didn't speak anything in response. Aakesh stopped complaining after getting no response from the system.

[Host, you can open your eyes. Only the first stroke of the letter is currently present on the screen.]

The system informed Aakesh. He believed the system after spending several centuries with it, so he opened his eyes. After opening his eyes, he saw a tiny downward curved line. As he stared at the curve, he could not take his eyes off it. He felt himself getting sucked into it.

Despite wanting to move his eyes away from the screen, he had an intuition that moving his eyes away would be his biggest mistake, so he believed his hunch and continued looking at it.

Just as Aakesh looked at the curve, it started moving into creating the strange letter, but he wasn't aware of it. He lost himself into an illusion.

He saw how uncountable years ago, there was nothing. In that nothingness, a sound echoed. That sound gave birth to a spark. As time passed, the spark got bigger.

As the spark expanded, it gave birth to eleven beings whom Aakesh couldn't see. The only thing he could see was a dot in place of those beings. That spark was none other than the Multiverse. After giving birth, the speed at which the Multiverse expanded slowed down.

The first being, the Multiverse gave birth to, became the leader of the newborn beings. The leader then ordered their subordinates to create worlds and new species since their mother has become weak after giving birth to them.

As per the order of their leader, other beings started creating new worlds by using the energy of the sound that gave birth to the Multiverse. As these individuals created new worlds, these newly created worlds sent some of their energy to the Multiverse. It gave a boost to the Multiverse.

The Multiverse regained the speed at which it was expanding. It was how the Multiverse came into creation. It created a perfect cycle as the newly created world, galaxy, or universe gave birth to new species. The leaders called back all the ten beings after the creation of the perfect cycle.

It is still growing at the same rate, despite the passage of inestimable years. There are countless races in this Multiverse, but new races are born or disappear with every breath.

The illusion ended after that. The complete letter appeared on the screen. Aakesh took a deep breath to calm his pounding heart after the end of the illusion, but the pounding didn't stop.

What he saw was too majestic to take in. He only saw a dot in place of the eleven beings, but he still felt the pressure of that dot. He only forgot one thing from the illusion, and that was the sound.


[The quest: Knowledge of Languages, successfully completed.]

[Mission reward: Skills and Title unlocked, successfully rewarded.] magic

Aakesh ignored the system notification, as his mind was still fixated on the illusion.

"Hey, system, who was those eleven beings, and why did I forget what was the sound?" He asked the system, as only it could answer him.

[Host, those eleven beings are the first Devas. The leader of the group is the ruler of the Multiverse, the strongest of all, and the only being allowed to have direct contact with the Multiverse.]

[Host, even Devas can't remember or recognize the sound. Only the first eleven beings remember the sound.]

The system answered both questions. Aakesh jaw dropped listening that someone can contact the Multiverse.

"Hey, system, why is that only the leader can contact the Multiverse? All the other ten are also her child, and the leader didn't even do anything," He curiously asked the system.

[Host, some things are beyond everything.]

The system responded emotionlessly. Aakesh understood the meaning of what the system was implying, so he shut up. There was an awkward silence after that.

[Host, would you like to see your title and skill.]

The silence broke when the system reinformed him of the reward of the successful completion of the quest.


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