The First Store System

Chapter 14 - Weapons

Chapter 14

There were ten levels in which weapons were categorized in the primal dimensions. It didn't have much information about them written on it.

The next moment, all the fonts disappeared, and new golden fonts started appearing on the screen. The details about the level of the weapons appeared on the screen one by one.

Common weapons, as their names say they are the most ordinary weapons. They can be anything used to attack or defend. The most striking feature about these weapons is that they do not require energy and do not have any energy source.

Rare weapons are more durable and potent than ordinary weapons. Because they possess the ability to use energy and they are able to cause harm to others, beginners use them.

Epic weapons are the known most potent weapon in a world. Epic weapons have the ability to destroy mountains and seas. Any large faction to survive in any world needs to have an epic weapon.

Legendary weapons are weapons that have the power only heard in legends. They have the ability to destroy a world in one attack. These weapons have their own energy source.

The Mythical weapon is a weapon that has the ability to inspire mythology. These weapons may not be the most powerful, but they cannot be created by anyone. These weapons can only be developed by the galaxy and utilized exclusively in the galaxy. It merely becomes a more potent ordinary weapon in other universes.

The King's weapon is the weapon that the ruler of ten or more galaxies creates for themselves using their blood. The most ordinary material used in these weapons is a world core.

Time flew. Aakesh read about every level of weapon in more detail. He was most interested in mythical weapons and growth weapons after reading about them. The growth weapon stood out from the list because it is the only weapon that could transcend with the immortal when they achieve divinity.

The fonts on the screen disappeared after that. It then started explaining the second dimension.

The 'Sacred Dimension' is the second dimension in which beings who attained or were born with divinity reside. As only immortals can attain divinity, this is also the dimension of beings who live forever. The time difference between the first and second dimensions is 1000:1. When only 1 second passes in the sacred dimension, 1000 seconds advance in the first dimension.

The screen then revealed the details about the level of weapons and their descriptions. Time flew. After explaining the details about the weaponry in the sacred dimension, it started showing details about the third dimension and then the fourth. Since there were no levels in Devas dimension, it only showed that weapon and its descriptions.

Aakesh's mouth didn't close since he started reading about the power of weapons in the third dimension. The screen disappeared after he read about all the details of weapons in all four dimensions.

After the details about the weapon disappeared, details about the pills started appearing.

In the primal dimension, pills were divided into six categories:

(i) Inferior pill: The pill with common use for injury, meditation, and diseases, etc.,

(ii) Medium pill: The pill used for serious injury, level up for beginners, etc.,

(iii) Top pill: The pill used by kings,

(iv) Superior pill: The pill used by emperors and overlords,

(v) Immortal pill: The pill that has the ability to revive, cure any disease or toxin, and breakthrough to immortal level,

(vi) Ascendance pill: The pill used by Immortals (these are the only pills that work for immortals).

It then explained that these six levels are also divided into three grades; first, second, and third. The third grade being the worst, and the first grade is the best.

Time flew. It explained the details of every level of treasures in every dimension. It took six weeks for Aakesh to completely learn about the different kinds and levels of treasure.


[The quest: Knowledge of Treasures, successfully completed.]

[Mission Reward: The fourth quest has been successfully activated.]

[Host, See the screen for the details of the mission.]

The system informed Aakesh after the completion of the quest. Something unusual happened this time as the system activated the mission on its own, unlike previous times.

A blue screen with golden fonts appeared in front of him. Aakesh didn't straight away read the quest. He has just read about treasures so he needed some time to settle the knowledge.

The knowledge of treasures used in the fourth dimension still stayed in his mind. An arrow that was only an ordinary weapon for Devas could destroy all the three dimensions together in a single attack and would still have enough energy to do it ten more times.

Aakesh took a deep breath to calm his pounding heart and try to imagine the scene of the destruction. After calming down, he focused on the quest.

[Mission: Knowledge of the Power system and Levels

Description: Creatures of every level will come to your store in the future. As a great store owner, every customer will be equal to you, but every customer has needs according to their power level. So you need to show the best product according to the power of the customer, even before they ask for it.

Requirement: Learn about different power systems and their levels.

Reward: Unlock the profession and few skills.]

Aakesh read the quest, and the quest window disappeared after that. It was still a mission related to knowledge, so he was excited about completing it.


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