The First Store System

Chapter 16 - Products

Chapter 16

Blue light engulfed the entire room after the system's response. Aakash was intrigued by the sudden blue light and eagerly waited for the result.

In a few seconds, the light faded, and new black shelves and some chairs appeared in the room. The bed that had appeared for Aakesh also disappeared.

Three black shelves were combining all four sides of the wall. Aakesh went up to the shelf in his front direction. He carefully studied them and noticed different designs on the shelf edges. There were several powerful creatures represented in the patterns, either extinct or still existing.

There was a design of a white three-eyed Lion with white wings. When he focused on the design, he suddenly heard a roar that threw him off-guard. He then found himself in an illusion. He was in an empty space looking at a giant lion rushing at him. He wanted to move out of the way of the creature, but his legs couldn't move.

As the lion came closer, his heartbeat started rising fast. The next second, the lion appeared in front of him. He closed his eyes in fear of seeing him ripped apart, but the attack never came.

He opened his eyes and saw the lion curiously looking at him. He couldn't see any intention of attacking the creature. He tried to smile, but the next moment, the lion waved his paws, and Aakesh reappeared in the store.

He looked around twice to make sure that he was in the store. He then took a deep breath to calm himself after making sure that it's not another illusion.

"Hey system, what was that?" He asked the system, losing all his interest in the newly emerged shelves.

[What was what, Host?]

The system puzzledly asked him. "Eh!" Aakesh exclaimed. Did the system not know that he was in an illusion with the three-eyed white lion?

"Did you not see the lion?" He confusedly asked.

[No, Host.]

[Host, you must've fallen in an illusion looking at the shelves. The design you see on the shelves are the signature created by the real being themselves.]

The system explained emotionlessly to Aakesh.

"But, it was nothing like an illusion. The lion threw me out. If it was an illusion, how can this be possible?" He asked.

[Host, the designs you see are of the most powerful entities in the three dimensions, so even their signature is sentient.]

The system explained. Aakesh nodded, after listening to the explanation, as it made sense. He then became curious about the power of the system. To have the living signatures of many of the powerful entities besides Deva in the multiverse was astonishing.

"What are you even?" He curiously asked the system.

[I am the 'The First Store System'.]

The system replied. The system's reply dumbfounded Aakesh. He didn't ask another question related to this because he knew the system knowingly diverted the topic. The day he gets high authority, he'll have all his answers.

"Would I fall into another illusion if I focus on other designs on the edge of the shelves?" He asked.

[Yes, Host.]

The system answered. As there was nothing to do, and the creatures weren't harming Aakesh, he decided to meet every living signature.

The subsequent design he focused on was an eyeball with vertical slits. He felt disgusted looking at the creature, but all his disgust disappeared when he looked at them in reality.

There was a golden hue covering the eyeballs all around it. The creature also introduced themselves. It was a female, and her race was Bles-eye.

Aakesh continued looking at other living signatures after that. The more he saw, the broader his worldview became. Half of the living signatures were of the unique Primordial entities.

For the first time, Aakesh felt mentally taxed since opening his eyes. He wanted to sleep desperately. He didn't even ask the system for the bed and fell asleep on the ground.

He opened his eyes after several hours of sleep. He found himself on the bed when he woke up. He was in a different environment currently. There were no shelves to be seen in the room he was sleeping in. There was only a bed in the entire room.

[Host, the store products have arrived.]

The system informed Aakesh, breaking him out of his sleepiness. He disappeared the next moment from the bed and appeared in the store.

"Eh!" He exclaimed in amazement, seeing the shining shelves all around him. He even forgot to ask the system what that room was.

He rushed to the closest shelf and saw a glass bottle containing a golden pill. He activated his skill 'Energy Overseer' and saw a blinding light in place of it. According to the energy signature, it was a very high-level product.

He looked below the bottle to see the information about the pill, but nothing was written below it. The next moment, a blue window containing the pill information appeared in front of him.

{Pill: Ascension Pill,

Use: Help peak Heavenly Monarch, Demigod, Maharathi, etc., to face tribulation to attain Divinity,

Requirement: Peak of Immortality,

Warning: Anyone below the peak of Immortality will burst due to the energy of the pill.}

After Aakesh read the information about the pill, the window disappeared. Aakesh looked at more products after that. The majority of the products were high-level treasures. Rarely any product was for anyone below Level 9 in all the treasures.

[Host, please see the screen for the quest.]

The system suddenly activated a quest and informed him, breaking him out of his trance.

A blue window with golden fonts appeared in front of him. He put the bow he held to its place and focused on the screen.

[Mission: First Sale

Description: Your journey as a store owner will only start when you start selling the products,

Requirement: Sell the first product to the first customer of the store,

Reward: A random reward,

Failure: The resting room will disappear.]

"Where would I get a cust-"

[Host, the first customer, has arrived.]

The system suddenly informed Aakesh, stopping his speech.

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