The First Store System

Chapter 2 - Store-Products

George followed the man into the cabin. The cottage appeared to be tiny from the outside as well as the inside, but he got a sensation that even if he could put the entire Universe inside, it would still look the same. George then glanced around timidly and felt shocked to see so many strange kinds of things. He didn't know any of the materials stored on the shelves, but he wanted to snatch everything and run.

All his thoughts vanished when the man turned around and looked at him. George put his eyes down due to fear.

"You don't have to be afraid," The man commented. George's soul relaxed on its own as if it had heard a command. He became even more fearful of the stranger.

"I am Aakesh. She is Lily," The man, known as Aakesh, then introduced himself and the cat. He then snapped his hand, and a chair presented itself out of thin air. Aakesh then gestured for George to sit down. George nodded and sat down on the newly created chair.

"So, what do you want to buy?" Aakesh asked George.

"I don't want anything. How did you know my name, and how did I come here?" George fearfully asked a barrage of questions.

"You asked God for help, so he brought you to my store," Aakesh replied, turned around, and started taking things out of the shelves that George could need.

George became dumbfounded by the reply. "Are you God, then," George asked him.

"No, I am just a store owner," Aakesh replied without even looking back at him.

"Um, how could this cat speak?" George asked as the shopkeeper appeared unconcerned by his questions. magic

"Like, You and I can," Aakesh replied straightforwardly.

The next question got stuck in George's throat. "If cats could speak, then why haven't I seen one in my whole life?" he yelled in his heart, but he didn't speak out loud. Then suddenly all his hairs stood, as he felt a sudden danger of life. He looked around and saw Lily glaring at him.

"Lily, don't," Aakesh ordered. Lily scoffed and stopped staring at him. George took a deep breath after that.

"Thank you, senior," George thanked Aakesh. Aakesh didn't show any response to his thanks.

"How can you survive in outer space, senior?" George then asked another question, as he had never heard of anyone surviving in space, let alone living in a hut suspended in space.

"Just like you could survive in your world," Aakesh replied. George felt like coughing blood by the straightforward reply.

"Am I dead, senior?" George asked after staying silent for some time. "If your race has more than one life, then you aren't dead yet," Aakesh responded without turning back.

George smiled wryly. "Let me leave, then. What would a dead man want?" He said, sighingly.

"Okay, these are the things that may help you," Aakesh ignored his statement, turned around, waved his hands, and strange things started floating in front of George.

The sudden floating of strange things astonished George. He felt snatching everything in front of him, but he kept his hands to himself. Confused, he asked, "Are these things for me, senior?"

"Yes, these things are my store products. You can buy these things if you can afford them," Aakesh answered and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly a bottle having a golden pill stepped out from all the contents as if it was sentient. "This is a Genius Reincarnation pill. If you eat this pill, you'll reincarnate into one of the higher worlds, and you'll have a body talent, even greater than heavenly chosen," Aakesh pointed at the pill and explained its characteristics.

George's jaw dropped listening to the characteristic of the pill. His breathing became rough seeing the pellet, he wanted to snatch the medicine and eat it, but he didn't have the guts to extend his finger. He even forgot to ask about the payment method.

Aakesh didn't wait for his answer. He snapped his fingers, and another bottle having a green pill with a red circle on it stepped out. "This is a revival powerup pill. If you eat this pill, you'll get revived on the spot you died, and your cultivation will increase by one level without any limit," Aakesh explained. George nodded. He didn't care too much for this pill, as he'll still be too weak for the undead sect even if his level increased by one.

"This is a Revival Genius pill. If you eat this pill, you will revive and have the best of that universe talent," Aakesh explained while pointing at the next pill having the same color but with a golden circle instead of a red one.

Aakesh continued explaining different kinds of pills after that. The more George heard about the pills, the dumbfounded he became. One of the pills described by Aakesh was especially horrifying. That pill was named the Strongest pill. Anyone could become the strongest in the Universe they belong to if they used it.

After the pills, it was time for treasures. An opaque sphere stepped out from the group of strange things this time. "This is an embryo of a hellfire mage. If you combine your soul with this embryo, you'll have a new body, and this body will have complete control over hellfire: the fire that once starts burning never stops burning," Aakesh explained the characteristics of the sphere.

The sphere was likewise a unique treasure, but after hearing about the pills, the embryo didn't look impressive to George at all.

Aakesh snapped his fingers again, and this time a black sword stepped out. "This is the Bloodhorn sword, made up of the mixture of the blood and horn of the Chaos Lion. This sword can devour blood as you fight, and it will also make you stronger without any side effects until you reach the level of the Chaos Lion," He explained the characteristics of the sword.

"What was the level of the Chaos Lion, senior?" George asked as he got curious about the level of the lion.

"In cultivation level," Aakesh asked as there were multiple power systems in the Multiverse. George nodded.

"Heavenly Monarch," Aakesh answered.

"I have never heard of this level, senior," George asked.

"Because you and your Universe are very weak," Aakesh responded straightforwardly. "Heavenly monarch is the highest known level in your cultivation system," Aakesh added.

George's jaw dropped hearing this.. The value of the sword in his eyes suddenly rocketed.

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