The First Store System

Chapter 23 - End

Chapter 23

When George attained Godhood, he became the 100th customer of 'The First Store' to become a God, resulting in the completion of the quest given to Aakesh by the system. He was playing with Lily when he got the alert from the system for completion of the mission.


[The quest: Create One hundred Gods, successfully completed.]

[Mission Reward: Random.]

[Result: One hundred Gods, created in eighty-one thousand years.]

[Bonus Result: Seventeen of the customers attained the status of the Godking in the sacred dimension.]

[Reward: Calculating...]

The system informed Aakesh. He stopped playing with Lily and eagerly waited for the result since it was the grandest quest the system gave him in the last eighty-one thousand years.

Some time passed, the system was still calculating the rewards.

"Did the system still didn't give the reward?" Lily asked Aakesh as he was still in a trance.

Aakesh didn't respond as the system began telling him about his rewards.

[Main Reward: Increase of a level.]

[Bonus Reward: Increase of another level.]

The system informed him.

"Huh!" Aakesh exclaimed after hearing the rewards. Spending so long to decide the prize and then only giving an increase of a level at the end.

By raising two levels, his power would increase by outrageous amounts, but what is the point. He is just going to stay in the store. magic

"Hey, system. Why are you acting so cheapskate?" He complained to the system.

[Host, the rewards are random.]

The system responded to him in its mechanical, and emotionless voice like usual.

The next moment, a blue light engulfed Aakesh. He had already gotten used to this, so he stood there waiting for the breakthrough to end. After a few minutes, the blue light disappeared.

He looked the same as he did before having the first breakthrough.

He then checked his status to see his new attributes.

Level: Level 6(Initial),

Physical attributes:

Strength: 8,768,953,

Agility: 8,785,841,

Endurance: -0-,

Intelligence: -0-.

There was a sudden change in the level section. Before today, Aakesh only used to promote in levels, but now there was an initial added to it like other cultivation systems.

"Hey, system, why is there an initial with my Level 6?" He confusingly asked the system.

[Host, from now on, your level promotion will be the same as the other cultivation systems. Otherwise, after the subsequent two increases in your levels, your power will surpass the limit of the primal dimension.]

[So, I've decided to decrease the rate at which you grow since you still have many things to do in the primal dimension.]

The system informed the reason for nerfing him down. Aakesh only nodded after hearing the logic as it was the only thing he could do. He then returned his focus to his status screen.

The next moment, his jaws dropped, and his eyes flew wide open after seeing the exponential increase in his strength and agility.

His strength grew from 42,675 to 8,768,953, and agility grew from 48,758 to 8,785,841. His attributes grew by more than 150 times in place of 100 times due to an increase of two levels.

"Hey, system. Why did my attributes grow by so much if you want to nerf my growth?" He curiously asked the system.

[Host, it's due to your training. I had nothing to do with it.]

The system explained emotionlessly. "Oh!" Aakesh exclaimed.


The next moment, Aakesh suddenly heard an alert, breaking him out of his trance.

[Congratulations, Host!]

[You have successfully reached Level 6(equivalent to Tao Palace in the Qi cultivation system or Dharma palace in the Prana cultivation system). You have completed the first phase of the store in the primal dimension.]

[The next phase of the store can begin from now on.]

There was a sudden announcement from the system in an unfamiliar voice. For the first time, Aakesh heard any hint of emotion in the system's voice. There was a hint of happiness in the voice of the system when it informed him of the completion of the first phase.

The sudden influx of announcements stunned Aakesh. Everything he heard was new to him, including the voice of the system.

"Hey, wake up," Lily slapped Aakesh's head, seeing him in a sudden trance.

Aakesh woke up from the trance and confusingly asked the system, "Hey, system, what was that sudden notification, and who was the owner of the voice?"

The system belonged to the Yantra race, and he learned that Yantra's don't have any emotions, so how can the voice had a hint of happiness.

[Host, the store will expand its footwork throughout the Multiverse through a number of phases, the first phase was from the initiation of the store to reach Level 6. Your reaching Level 6 has initiated the second phase.]

[Insufficient permission.]

The system answered his first question, and he didn't have enough permission to get the second answer. Aakesh could only nod in response.


[Host, since the first phase has successfully ended, it's time for the second phase to start.]

[How can a store or its store owner become legendary if the store only caters to a few beings?]

[For you to become the legendary store owner, it's the time for you to go outside and cater to every power level of every race.]

[Mission: Start your store in the world where anyone can see or enter your store.]

[Reward: A new journey with new people and stories.]


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