The First Store System

Chapter 24 - Kakot

Chapter 24

The sudden announcement from the system stunned Aakesh. He couldn't help but feel excited after learning that he was finally going to leave this place. He would meet new people irrespective of their power, make new friends, and listen to their stories.

"Hey, system, when are you going to start the new store?" He excitedly asked the system. magic

[Host, everything is getting prepared for your entry into the world. Please wait.]

The system informed Aakesh. "Okay, I'll wait," He murmured in response, but his face said something else. He couldn't wait despite living for more than eighty millennials now.

"Hey, what is going on?" the next moment, Aakesh heard a childlike voice, breaking him out of his excitement. He could hear the irritation present in Lily's voice.

He gently picked up Lily, who was sitting on his head and brought her to his face. He couldn't help but smile, seeing the irritated look on her face.


Lily hissed in response to show her protest to Aakesh. He has been ignoring her for the last few minutes.

"Why are you smiling? Do you want to get beaten?" Lily irritatingly said, making Aakesh laugh out loud with her amusing voice.

Lily turned her entire body around in anger to ignore him. Now her butt was facing him. He stopped laughing and making fun of Lily. He knew he would be in big trouble if he continued making fun of her.

"I'm sorry," He then forcefully turned Lily around and apologized. Lily kept her eyes away to continue ignoring him.

"If you don't look at me, I won't tell you the good news," He tried to bribe Lily, but she showed no response and continued ignoring him.

"It seems you want to stay here alone. I'll go and live by myself outside then," Aakesh joked with a heartbroken face.

"Are we going outside?" Lily forgot her anger and blurted out. She eagerly looked at Aakesh for the answer.

"Yes, but I am the only one going. Oh, Lily, you've no idea how much I'm going to miss you?" He joked with an expression of sadness.

"Hmph, like you can leave without me," Lily scoffed in response and jumped back on his head, her favorite resting place.

"Eh!" Aakesh was simply dumbfounded by Lily's response for a while before he couldn't help but smile wryly.

"When I leave you here, then we'll see," He retorted. But after hearing no response from Lily, he shut up and waited for the system to complete the requirements.


[Host, everything is ready for the store to start in the material world. The only thing that the store doesn't have is the store owner.]

[After five minutes, you'll be transferred to the store in the material world.]

The system suddenly announced. Aakesh's excitements knew no bounds after this. He took a deep breath to calm himself. After calming down, he looked at the store, and the memories of the first day he opened his eyes emerged inside his mind.

He was just like a child then who knew nothing about himself and the world, but now he knew more about the Multiverse than the majority of the people living in it. He still hadn't discovered anything about his past, but he was confident that he would eventually find out everything related to his past and the details of the system.

Although he was sad to leave, he was more excited to see the world than he was about leaving the store, so he smiled when he saw the details, items, and design of the shelves in the store for the last time.

Five minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

[Host, are you ready.]

"Yes, never been more than today," He answered the system when it asked him whether he was ready or not.

[Destination: Selected,

Store: Created,

Transfer: Ready to activate.]

[Transfer initiating..1%...5%...10%...]

The system sent continuous announcements. When the transfer initiation achieved 100%, a white light engulfed Aakesh and Lily.

The next moment, both he and Lily disappeared from the store. Immediately after Aakesh left the store, a sigh echoed in the store.

Then a blue light engulfed the store, and the light started slowly eating the store. In no time, the store also disappeared from that part of emptiness without any evidence that once a store that created 100 Gods existed here.


While Aakesh felt that he was in the transfer for eternity. He, and lily, both lost their consciousness midway due to the uncomfortable experience they were having.


In the Primal dimension, there was a planet named Visteerna.

Visteerna was the biggest planet in the primal dimension, with its size even larger than many universes combined. The legend has it that every so often, a Deva themself visits the planet and stays here. There were eleven continents on this planet, with even the smallest continent bigger than several superclusters combined.

One such continent in Visteerna was Anga. It was the smallest continent on Visteerna. There was a small kingdom on the far south side of the Anga continent named the Bisan Kingdom. It ruled over a vast region with a sum of land exceeding several millions of yojana (1 yojana= 8 miles/12 km). Still, it was only one of the small kingdoms in the southern part of the Anga continent, let alone the entire continent.

The capital of the Bisan Kingdom was Kakot. It's a city that includes almost half of the area ruled by the kingdom and inhabits more than a trillion people of every race combined.

In the busiest market of Kakot, out of nowhere, a building appeared in the darkness of the night. With only the words 'The First Store' written in golden letters on its front.

What impact will this new building have on Kakot, Bisan Kingdom, Anga, Visteerna, and the entire primal dimension is up to the future.


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