The First Store System

Chapter 28 - Rules

Chapter 28

Aakesh stopped in his footsteps when he saw a blackboard next to the counter. The blackboard wasn't empty; there were some things written on it.

He read and nodded after reading the entire board. There were rules of the store for customers written on the blackboard.

The rules were:

(i) The store will open after the rising of the sun and will close when the sun sets down,

(ii) No bargaining allowed. What price the store says, you'll have to pay that if you want to buy/use the products,

(iii) No arguing with the store owner. Arguing can get you blacklisted from the store,

(iv) No damage to any store property. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for the consequences.

There was a written message at the end of the board that read: 'Shop without any tension. You're safe in here'.

"Hey, system, why am I feeling every kind of language spoken in the primal dimension from the board?" Aakesh asked since whatever language he thought, he got similar words and meanings.

[Host, it's to make sure every race can clearly understand the rules of the store irrespective of their language and their way of communication.]

Aakesh nodded after understanding the information. He then went forward to the door. He grabbed the doorknob and turned it right.

With a click, the glass door opened. Aakesh pushed the door open and went outside.

He stretched his arms as soon as he saw the sun since this was the first time he had seen it. For the last eighty millennia, he has been living in the darkness of the void.

His eyes shined, seeing the bright environment around him. He turned around and saw the words 'The First Store' in enormous golden fonts on the storefront. Some of the people that were moving around the market stopped when they noticed Aakesh. They curiously looked at him since he was different from them.

The Bisan Kingdom was a Kingdom predominantly belonging to humans. Many races lived in Bisan, but how can it be possible to have a happy relation with other races. The store owner had blue skin even darker than poison. Among the inhabitants of the Kingdom, he was unlike any other race. The bun and the barechested look gave him a wild look. His appearance piqued the interest of many but annoyed many too at the same time.

Aakesh also noticed the people curiously looking at him. He smiled at them in response. The crowd in front of the store started gathering again. Many people joined the group gathered around the store to see the pure drama that was about to occur, and many were intrigued by the strange features of the store owner.

Aakesh seeing the crowd gathering crowd became excited. He thought they were intrigued by the sudden appearance of the store.

His only exposure to people was those who came to his store, so he had no idea how emotions worked. He could understand people in his previous store since he could hear their thoughts, but here, the system took this ability away from him so he could grow in the real world.

"You're finally out."

Aakesh was smiling and looking at the gathering of the crowd in front of his store when he suddenly heard an angry voice.

He got confused and turned around to see a man glaring at him. He had no idea why would someone be angry at him?

The man glaring at Aakesh was none other than the soldier who tried to call him out sometime before, but he was embarrassed after getting no response twice from the store.

He would've thought twice about offending Aakesh before, but now after seeing the store owner wasn't a human, his fears disappeared. No matter how strong the freak is, the Kingdom will support him as they are human.

"Are you talking to me?" Aakesh lightly asked in the same language the man and the Kingdom spoke.

At first, the man was confused by the gentle voice of the store owner. Half of the anger he had for the store owner somehow vanished.

"Yes, why didn't you open the door before? I knocked twice," The man spoke. His voice was softer this time.

Aakesh knew the title 'Myrioglot' worked. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was asleep at that time," Aakesh apologized to the man for not opening the door.

The anger the man had for Aakesh entirely vanished after that. "Oh! Then it's fine," The man responded while a smile appeared on his face.

The crowd gathered was shocked by how the conversation was happening. The man was no ordinary guard; he was the guard of the youngest prince. How can he talk while smiling to the store owner whom he must have complained about to the prince?

"Did you need something?" Aakesh then asked the man for his reason for knocking twice.magic

The man then broke out of his stupor. The smile disappeared from his face. He then solemnly said, "The land you've built your store on is out of bounds for everyone. Don't you know the history of the land? Youngest prince has told me to leave the store; otherwise, the soldiers will destroy the store and arrest you."

After he went on to complain to the youngest prince about the new building, the prince ordered him to arrest the store owner and then torture him for the prison. He was a coward in his heart, so he decided to first find out enough about the store owner before deciding to act, but when the man learned that the owner wasn't human, he chose to execute the prince's order without any fear. But now, after talking with the owner, he had good feelings about the store, so he decided to give him a warning.

When everybody present in the crowd heard about the warning, at first they were shocked, how can a cruel bastard like the youngest prince give notice to anybody, but then they focused on the store owner to see his expressions, and what will he do. Who doesn't like to see chaos and drama?

While after hearing the warning, Aakesh's face turned weird.

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