The Insignifcant Female Supporting Character Actually Became a Bigshot in the Novel!

Chapter 299 - 299: Escaping

Chapter 299 - 299: Escaping

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Su Xun and Xi Wan greeted Professor Wang who had already arrived at the school auditorium.

After Su Xun introduced Xi Wan to Professor Wang, the white-haired old man looked Xi Wan up and down in surprise.

“Good, she’s a good child. She’s really good-looking!” The old man looked at Xi Wan with loving eyes and kept complimenting her.

Xi Wan replied obediently, “I’ve also heard Su Xun mention his teacher. I’ve long wanted to meet you. I’ve always thought that you must be a very kind scholar. Now that I’ve seen you, you’re exactly the same as 1 imagined!”

“You’re such a sweet talker. You keep saying nice things to make me happy!’ Professor Wang was amused by Xi Wan’s words. The more he looked at her, the more he liked her.

Su Xun had a cold personality. Although he was the most talented among Professor Wangs students, ever since his brother passed away, Professor Wang had been very worried about him. He was afraid that Su Xun would suppress his emotions because of his personality. Fortunately, Su Xun did not.

He was very lucky to have met his wife, Xi Wan.

Even though Professor Wang and Xi Wan had only known each other for a short ten minutes, when he looked into Xi Wan’s eyes, he could feel that Xi

Wan was a pure person. Simply put, she was not the kind of superficial person who would get together with Su Xun because of his family background.

Furthermore, Professor Wang could feel that Su Xun really liked Xi Wan. From the moment he introduced Xi Wan to him, Su Xun’s gaze had never left her, and he had been standing at the side watching her gently.

Xi Wan did not think that there was anything wrong with her sweet mouth and coaxing people. Instead, she admitted it openly, “It’s good that the professor is happy. Shouldn’t us juniors be more sweet with our words and make the elders happy?

Xi Wan tugged at Su Xun’s clothes.

Su Xun felt his clothes being pulled and immediately understood what she meant. “Teacher, today is your birthday party. Wanwan is right. Us juniors should make you happy.”

“You child…Alright, alright. There are still a few hours before the birthday party and the debate. Take your little wife around the campus!” Professor Wang walked away after he finished speaking. He was also one of the judges for the finals of the debate later, and he still had to talk to the students who were participating in the debate.

After finding out that Su Xun and Xi Wan were not planning to attend the dinner party, some people did not give up and continued to invite the couple to join them for lunch.

The result was the same, Su Xun rejected it.

Although the principal wanted to chat with Su Xun a little more and mention the upcoming autumn job fair, he knew that Su Xun wanted to bring Xi Wan around the school, so he tactfully held back.

When Xi Ze saw that the two of them were about to leave, he did not follow the debate team to the backstage to listen to Professor Wang. He only frowned and looked at Xi Wan with an unpleasant expression. “This is the time when the sun is at its most scorching. Be careful not to get a heatstroke if you walk around for too long.”

Hearing his words, Su Xun turned around to look at him. His gaze was as calm as water.

However, Xi Ze could not help but tense up.

Xi Ze had realized that his tone was not very nice, but he did not want to change it.

Xi Wan calmly turned her head, her fingertips seemingly inadvertently brushing the back of Su Xun’s hand. “When will the debate begin?”

Xi Ze turned his face away from her and said reluctantly, “It starts at two in the afternoon.’

Xi Wan nodded and asked, “Should I call you for dinner later?”

“No need.” Xi Ze glanced at Su Xun. If Su Xun wasn’t around, his answer would definitely not be like this. He casually gave a reason, “Our team takes this final very seriously. We still have to review the last game at noon. I might not be able to leave at noon.’

Xi Wan nodded and turned to leave. Xi Ze walked a few steps forward and handed her the meal card. “The restaurant on the first floor of the canteen, a Sichuan restaurant that makes spicy chicken is not bad… The yogurt and fruit scoop next door uses fresh ingredients.” magic

After saying this, Xi Ze flew backstage like a gust of wind..

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