The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 27 - She Had Been Too Naive

Chapter 27: She Had Been Too Naive

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“My gosh!” Tang Zi felt dizzy, holding such a big scoop in his hands.

Seeing how Tang Zi already could not wait to publish the news, if it was not for the fact that they still needed to edit and think about the official documents like copy-writing, come up with an explosive title, Tang Zi probably would have put this big scoop up online immediately.

Lu Man advised, “Take these back and sort them out, but don’t publish them too hurriedly.”

“Why?” Tang Zi did not understand. “Once these details are revealed, Lu Qi will be finished.”

“I know, but publishing everything at once will not have a good outcome. Gossip has a time limit. After a while, people will forget about it, and the harm it will cause will be decreased,” Lu Man explained, “Even though you’re a famous paparazzi now, you still don’t know this whole idea?”

“You can release it bit by bit, don’t be in such a hurry now,” Lu Man said, “For example, Lu Hanli’s hospitalization news will be released soon right?”

“Yes, if nothing happens, it’ll be up online tonight,” Tang Zi nodded his head.

“Then you shouldn’t laze around, quickly put up what has happened to him on the Internet, mention that Lu Hanli’s injuries are very severe and he won’t wake up anytime soon,” Lu Man told him as remembered that in her past life, Lu Hanli had only woken up after a very long time. magic

Although Lu Hanli’s life had been saved after being sent to the hospital, his injuries were severe and he had been in a coma for a month.

Thus during that one month, Lu Man had been waiting for her sentence by the court.

Even after Lu Hanli had woken up, although he knew that Lu Man was innocent, but for whatsoever reason, he did not say anything and let Lu Man be imprisoned.

Upon seeing Lu Qiyuan’s attitude today, Lu Man could roughly guess the reason why already.

It must have been that after Lu Hanli woke up, Lu Qiyuan had made a deal with him to protect Lu Qi and send Lu Man to jail, ruining her entire life.

It was not that Lu Qiyuan did not know that Lu Man was innocent. He definitely knew, yet he wanted to protect Lu Qi, and would rather ruin his first wife’s daughter.

Whether it was her past life or this life, Lu Qiyuan’s choice would always be the same, sacrificing her to protect Lu Qi.

At first, in her past life, she used to think that it was because of the ‘evidence’ provided that Lu Qiyuan truly thought it was her, who did it.

However, she had been too naive.

“Xiao Man, Xiao Man?” Tang Zi called her.

As Lu Man returned to her senses, Tang Zi asked, “What are you thinking about? Why did you suddenly go off in a daze when you were speaking?”

Furthermore, her eyes had a mocking look to them.

“Nothing much, I’m just thinking about some things that have happened before,” Lu Man said, “Anyway, you can first tell people about Lu Hanli getting harmed by someone, then say that you know who did it. The Internet will definitely come up with theories, and then you can provide some hints concerning Lu Qi for the citizens to guess, and finally reveal her identity only after a certain period of time.”

“Lu Qi’s company will definitely try to deny those rumors. Yet, no matter whichever rumor she denies, you can put up the corresponding evidence. The fans will want a stone hammer, so you will give it to them. However, just put out only a bit of information at a time, what the fans want, you will give.”

If they want a hammer, they will get a hammer.

Tang Zi had been in this circle for many years, and instantly understood what she was saying, “I get it! I’ll reveal the evidence a bit at the time and make people interested in this whole incident for a long time. The effect will be much better than providing all the evidence at once and then letting it die out after a while.”

In this fast food generation, there were so many gossips to learn about, and the memories of netizens were not very good.

So as long as the person would lie low for a period of time before appearing again, they could still do very well in the entertainment industry.

Just as she had said, a bit by bit, revealing a bit of information every once in a while, to keep the situation ongoing and keep reminding those online about this whole Lu Qi incident, making them unable to forget such that even if Lu Qi wanted to lie low for a while, it would not work.

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