The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 29 - An Important Clue: Budding Starlet

Chapter 29: An Important Clue: “Budding Starlet”

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Lu Man silently clung onto the door, afraid of making a sound.

Upon seeing Xia Qingwei’s peaceful sleeping face, she swore that she would never ever let her mother get hurt again.

After looking at her silently for a while, Lu Man returned home.

This home was Xia Qingwei’s old home.

After her divorce with Lu Qiyuan, Xia Qingyang could not bear to let Lu Qiyuan give any of his enormous assets to Xia Qingwei.

Who knew what she had secretly told Lu Qiyuan.

Thus, in the end, all Xia Qingwei received in the divorce settlement was the old apartment they used to live in when they were not well off.

However, Xia Qingwei did not wish to see anything related to Lu Qiyuan that would remind her of him.

Hence, she decided to sell that house. However, it was also at that time when Xia Qingwei coincidentally suffered from a heart attack. Therefore, the place they were currently living in became an even smaller apartment.

Back in that time, the property prices were not as ridiculous as now. Old buildings usually had six floors but did not have an elevator. Thus, the sixth floor was the cheapest.

In order to save more money, Xia Qingwei wanted to buy an apartment on the sixth floor.

However, because of Xia Qingwei’s health, Lu Man insisted on buying the one on the first floor.

While the remaining money from the sell was all used to treat Xia Qingwei’s illness.

Now, returning after eight years, Lu Man cried right after stepping through the entrance.

The previous time she was here, all that was left was a dusty and empty house along with the bad news that her mother had died.

However, this time around, her mother was still alive and receiving treatment in the hospital.

As long as Xia Qingwei was around, she always had a sense of belonging.

In her past life, the house key was always kept in her bag.

Even after a lifetime, Lu Man still habitually looked for the key in her bag.

Ha! She was right. She found her house key.

Taking it out, she opened the door.

She cleaned up the house and boiled an egg, rubbing it on her unsightly eye and face to reduce the swelling. magic

Finally, when she laid back on her comfortable bed, Lu Man took a deep breath.

It was great. In this life, she can sleep peacefully at her home.

That was because in her previous life, she had been under investigation. Afraid that Xia Qingwei would worry, she would always stay at the Lu family home.

Even Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi did not chase her away; afraid that she would run away.

However, what they did not know was that Lu Man was an honest and upright person. Even though she may have been wrongly accused, since the police have already found her, she dared not think of running away. She only thought of cooperating with them as she believed that they could still prove her innocence.

Besides, if she left, what would happen to her mother?

Nonetheless, she did not expect that her name would never be cleared. That was because even her own biological father had worked together with Xia Qingyang and her daughter to frame her.

There were only two men in her life and somehow both of them had betrayed her.

Lu Man’s eyelashes fluttered, and she closed her eyes. There were tears in her eyes, yet they did not fall.

She will no longer cry for those who are not worth it.

Calming down, Lu Man took out her phone and surfed the internet. She wanted to see the news Tang Zi wrote.

Indeed, Tang Zi did listen to her. He only mentioned that Lu Hanli was gravely injured and was sent to the hospital.

Even though they managed to save his life, he was still unconscious.

Thankfully, the other paparazzi also lent a hand. Those who were waiting outside the police station hoping to catch Lu Qi yesterday did not manage to see her, however, afraid that Tang Zi would leak any news that they did not have they, quickly released the news that Lu Qi was sent to the police station to assist in the investigation.

Taking this chance, Tang Zi gave an important clue: “budding starlet”.

He then added the picture of a silhouette to the article.

The netizens went wild. With the news that Lu Qi was perhaps under investigation by the police along with the words “budding starlet” as a hint, many people started talking about Lu Qi.

While there were other female celebrities who were gossiped about too, most of the netizens were still talking about Lu Qi.

On the other hand, the fans of all the celebrities had started to fight for their idols and refute all the different rumours, working hard to throw the blame onto other female celebrities.

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