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Chapter 264 - 264: Let Me Explain Gu Shaoxuan ‘s Appearance to You

Chapter 264 - 264: Let Me Explain Gu Shaoxuan ‘s Appearance to You

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“Chirp ~(Little Ruo, long time no see.)) ”

Aunty Jing Lan greeted Ji Ruo, but she didn’t look at him. Instead, she kept looking around.

Although she had already left the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain once and watched many soap operas, Aunt Jing Lan was still very curious about the outside world. After all, the last time she came out, she did nothing but get beaten up and run away…

She looked at Gu Xing Zhou and spoke in human language. After watching too many soap operas, her words were no longer as stiff as before.”Brat Gu, have you spoken to your superiors? I came out to help this time. Tell them not to beat me up too.”

Ji Ruo:

“Don’t worry, we’ve already agreed that they won’t do anything to you.” Gu Xing Zhou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Of course, the prerequisite was that you didn’t harm humans.”

“Of course!” Aunt Jinglan said,” I’ve said that I’ll come out to help, so I’ll come out to help. I won’t do anything unnecessary…” By the way, did you help me get my autograph? Remember to help me get an autograph after you’re done.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t miss out on you.”

“What signature?” Ji Ruo was confused.”

“Ting Lan has been addicted to watching soap operas recently and has started to chase after stars..” Gu Xing Zhou explained simply.

At this moment, the Sacred Mountain Tree also walked out of the portal.

The Sacred Mountain Tree was too huge. This teleportation door was unable to allow him to completely come over.

Of course, the Sacred Mountain Wood was not a regular flesh demon. As a tree demon, it was too easy for it to split its body.

However, even if it was only a portion of its body, it was still a thousand feet tall.

Gu Xing Zhou suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.” It’s good that you didn’t activate the holy statue. I was worried that the demonic aura you emitted would activate the holy statue.”

Although the pure demonic qi that was not tainted by the blood of humans was huge and oppressive to the villagers, it did not activate the defensive function of the statue.

However, the villagers were also panicking because of this. They were used to seeing demons living on the border, but they had never seen such a powerful demon!

If they really met, they would have been long gone.

Furthermore, Aunt Jinglan and Grandpa Shenmu were especially large, especially Shenmu. Even if it was only a part of its clone, it was still a thousand feet tall. Its branches and leaves danced continuously, as if it was looking for a place to take root.

Seeing this, Ji Ruo quickly said,” Grandpa Shenmu, Auntie Jinglan, let’s go outside the village to talk. You’re scaring the villagers.

Aunty Jing Lan raised her eyebrows. Is he more important to you than me?

Also, am I not good-looking? Why are the villagers afraid of me?”

“Ah, this…”

Ji Ruo suddenly began to regret giving Aunt Jing Lan a soap opera…

Because of the appearance of the two great demons, all the warriors of the Eight Treasures Stronghold rushed over at once, including the Spiced Spicy Dumpling.

Initially, they thought that a great demon had invaded, but after seeing Ji Ruo and Gu Xing Zhou chatting happily with the two great demons, everyone had a stunned expression on their faces.

Where did this demon come from?

Logically speaking, the Tranquil Mist Sacred Wood had been broadcasted live in Ancient Star Continent for a long time, and its popularity had reached a terrifying level. There was almost no one in Great Xia who did not know these two peak four-star demons who had good relations with humans.

Furthermore, because of the Sacred Mountain Tree, Great Xia had already achieved freedom in the use of low- grade spirit herbs. The price of those spirit herbs was even lower than cabbages. However, there was a small flaw. All the spirit herbs more or less had a bit of marrow cleansing effect…

Because of this, the Sacred Mountain Tree was so famous that some children in kindergarten or primary school would specially write small essays to praise him. During this period of time, the Sacred Mountain Tree was most happy to hear Gu Xing Zhou recite the poems written by those children to him.

Therefore, normally, the villagers and the martial artists guarding the border should not be frightened. However, there was one thing. The border and the territory were using two completely isolated networks, so the border was still very lagging in obtaining information from all aspects of the territory.

This was not a direct attack, but there was a strange monster in the country that could transform itself into an electronic signal to invade the network. If they did not do so, the network of Great Xia would be invaded.

It was also because of this that people living on the border did not like to go online. Because of the existence of the Internet monsters, many of the comments on the Internet were especially brainless. It was uncomfortable to read them, so they simply did not watch them.

As a result, they did not even recognize the Sacred Mountain Tree and the Tranquil Mist.

As for the people from the Spiced Spicy Dumpling…When Shenmu and Jinglan made their fortune, they had already entered the First Martial Arts School. The First Martial Arts School was in Chen Zai’s body, and the network was not connected to the outside world. Therefore, other than Liang Shixian, no one else knew these two.

“Aunt Jinglan, Grandpa Shenmu? Why are you here?”

Liang Shixian was also very surprised.

“Auntie and the others are here to help. Class monitor, help me introduce magic

Auntie and the others. Let’s go outside the village and talk.”

Liang Shixian nodded, “Good.”

Gu Xing Zhou suddenly said,” Little Shixian, tell the villagers to go through the portal to the Myriad Beast Mountain. There is no longer any danger there.

When this matter is over, they can come back if they want. If they don’t want to come back, they can just stay at the Myriad Beast Mountain. The infrastructure there is almost done.”

“Uncle Gu, is this appropriate?” Liang Shixian was stunned..”

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