Thriller Night Talk

Chapter 180: Reunion

Chapter 180: Reunion


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Bei Quan led Luo Lan forward.

As they got closer to the central area, the buildings became more dense and the ruins from the collapse grew larger, making it increasingly difficult to walk.

Shortly after, they were faced with a massive pile of debris.

Luo Lan looked at the broken wall, which was at least three stories high and immediately became scared.

“I can’t climb over it…”.

The girl pitifully mumbled.

Bei Quan chose to not make things more difficult for her and instead led her to go around the stones and bricks, searching for an easier path.

Luckily, after not searching for long, he found an opening with almost no obstacles.

“Let’s go from here.”

He gestured for Luo Lan to follow closely.

Luo Lan immediately approached like a pitiful little chick, mimicking Bei Quan’s steps.

When they walked into the opening, he used the flashlight on his wrist to illuminate the surroundings? whilst raising an eyebrow.

“This seems like a plaza.”

He estimated that Ran Qu was probably inspired by the famous Roman Colosseum or some other sports venue, which led him to create a similar place in his own ‘Tianyuan City’.

The plaza was oval-shaped, about the size of a football field, with a circle of terraced stands around it. After collapsing into ruins, the rubble and broken walls almost blocked all the entrances and exits, except for the opening they had just walked through, and another that was directly opposite, which allowed people to pass through easily without the need for climbing the difficult terrain.

“It’s just that…”

Bei Quan adjusted the flashlight to its brightest setting, turning it into a straight beam and shone it towards the faintly visible ‘exit’ sign in the distance that was almost hidden in the darkness.

“It seems like we’ll have to cross the entire plaza to get out.”

Luo Lan expressed some concern, “Is that… the right direction?”

Bei Quan quickly sketched a floor plan of the places they had passed in his mind and came to a conclusion:

“Although not perfect, it’s much closer to the Immortal Tower.”

The girl finally felt relieved.

Compared with the pile of rubble they passed before, this clean square with few obstacles was much easier to walk through.

Then, after they had both walked forward a short distance, they saw a light that didn’t belong to either of them.

They both stopped in their tracks.

There were three light sources in total and from their positions, it was clear that they belonged to three people.

Bei Quan estimated that the newcomers must have found a relatively easy gap to climb over in the collapsed wall and came from there.

It wasn’t long until the newcomers noticed them, with the three light spots stopping their advancement.

The two groups of people stood facing each other from a distance, seemingly wary of each other.

Bei Quan furrowed his brows slightly, then raised his wrist, directing the flashlight’s beam towards the opposite side.

In the darkness, there were multiple light sources of varying brightness and interference, making it difficult to see a person’s face.

However, Bei Quan was familiar with his little boyfriend’s height, body shape, standing posture, and walking movements. With just a glance at the silhouette, he could instinctively recognize him.

Sure enough, the flashlight illuminated the face of the person in the middle.

The other person also saw Bei Quan.

“Bei Quan!”

“Xiao Wei!”

They both called out each other’s names simultaneously.

In the next moment, Wei Fuyuan took long strides and pounced towards his lover.

“Bei Quan!”

He rushed towards him like an arrow as he embraced him tightly in his arms.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Wei Fuyuan seemed like a big dog who had finally found its owner, filled with indescribable joy. He wished he could just pin Bei Quan down and shower him with kisses at that moment.

Bei Quan was being choked and could hardly catch his breath. He could only rest his chin on Wei Fuyuan’s shoulder and asked with a smile, “What can happen to me?”

As he spoke, he reached out and gently rubbed Wei Fuyuan’s back, trying to soothe him. “What about you? Are you injured?”

Wei Fuyuan quickly shook his head vigorously.

During the past fifteen minutes, he, along with Luo Yin and Mr. Xin made their way without any danger.

They encountered a madman wielding a submachine gun, seemingly seeking to enhance his abilities through killing. The madman had already killed two other people.

They were alerted by the gunshots and discovered the crazy murderer.

Mr. Xin was quite frightened by the gunshots and urged them to run quickly.

However, Wei Fuyuan and Luo Yin both felt that allowing such a madman to roam freely was inherently dangerous.

So, the two of them decided to join forces and take the madman down. magic

Wei Fuyuan used himself as bait, luring the other person to use the gun until they ran out of bullets.

On the other side, Luo Yin also set up a trap.

His ability allowed him to harden anything he touched, including human tissue. However, it seemed to have limitations, and once he let go, the hardening couldn’t continue.

Currently, it doesn’t seem very practical, but if it continued to strengthen, it could become a unique Medusa-like power. Who knows, it might even evolve to a point where it can stop Gods and kill immortals.

And now, he intercepted a rope on the road, waiting for Wei Fuyuan to lead the person to their agreed location.

Sure enough, not long after, the man who was holding the gun chased after Wei Fuyuan and ran towards him.

Luo Yin held onto the rope, anxiously waiting for the perfect moment.

Wei Fuyuan quickly ran over.

The madman soon followed while wearing a bulletproof vest as he held the submachine gun.

While running, he raised his gun, trying to aim at the person who seemed to be fleeing for his life.

The madman was too focused on the chase, not noticing a stiff rope underneath his feet.


He tripped over the rope!

The spot chosen by Wei Fuyuan and Luo Yin was in a sloped area. The madman held his precious submachine gun and rolled down like a roller with his head facing downwards.

The two of them had intended to use this method to disarm him.

However, whether it was a coincidence or the workings of divine justice, just as the madman lay on the ground in a disheveled state, before he could even get up, the sand beneath him suddenly collapsed without warning, revealing a large pit.

At the same time, Wei Fuyuan, Luo Yin, and Mr. Xin, who approached cautiously, all witnessed several long tentacles, resembling octopus arms, emerging from the pit, dragging the screaming madman into the abyss.


The three of them silently looked at each other, then decided to do nothing and simply left.

They didn’t want to take the initiative to kill, but they also didn’t want to end up like Mr. Dongguo, who was almost bitten back by the wolf. So they had no intention of risking their lives to save him.

As the threesome walked away, the madman’s screams ceased…

“And then came the third round.”

Wei Fuyuan leaned in close to Bei Quan’s ear and whispered, “We found a supply crate along the way, but it fell in a hard-to-reach place. We were afraid we wouldn’t have enough time to run from the poison, so we didn’t risk going to pick it up.”

Bei Quan was relieved to hear that his little boyfriend was safe.

At the same time, Luo Yin and Luo Lan, the siblings, recognized each other.

They embraced each other and cried tears of joy, grateful that they had miraculously survived, while also worrying about how they would escape.

The four of them paired up and felt like they had found their other halves, sticking together closely.

Poor Mr. Xin stood alone at the back, ignored by everyone, feeling awkward and unsure of what to do.

“Ahem, um… well…”

Mr. Xin forced a cough.

He wanted to remind the four of them to be mindful of the time and not delay in running from the poison.

However, his long-standing mindset as a frustrated office worker made him timid and filled with many concerns, always finding it difficult to gather the courage to voice his thoughts.

Just as Mr. Xin was hesitating, he suddenly heard the flapping of wings behind him.

As he turned around, he felt a gust of wind brush past the back of his head, followed by a sharp, tearing pain in his shoulder.


Mr. Xin let out a scream of agony. In the next second, he found himself lifted off the ground, hanging from two steel hooks like a slaughtered pig in a butcher’s shop, unable to move an inch.

“Help! Help!”

Mr. Xin was terrified, not knowing what else he could do besides shouting for help.

At the same time, Bei Quan, Wei Fuyuan, and the Luo siblings saw that the one attacking Mr. Xin was a huge lizard with wings.

It was the Feathered Serpent God!

——Xiao Wei suddenly thought of this term out of the blue.

He had seen similar creatures in games before.

The legend of Quetzalcoatl is a God commonly believed in Mesoamerican civilizations. It is generally depicted as a snake covered with feathers and wings on its back.

However, the creature that appeared before them looked much more ferocious than a ‘deity.’

It more resembled a lizard, with a long snout, sharp teeth, sturdy legs and a tail of similar length to its body. Apart from its pair of gray wings resembling those of a pigeon, it looked just like a flying Komodo dragon.

Right now, this flying lizard had firmly grasped poor Mr. Xin’s shoulder with its powerful hind legs, flying up to a height of three stories, and it was still ascending, about to carry its prey away.


Bei Quan shouted, simultaneously releasing a red light that shot straight toward the Feathered Serpent God.

The talisman written on the gauze hit the winged lizard on top of its head. The lizard stretched its neck and let out a sharp scream, making a U-shaped turn in mid-air, altering its original flight path, while at the same time, releasing Mr. Xin from its claws.

Mr. Xin was flung in a parabolic arc and crashed heavily onto the ground, without making a sound as he had lost consciousness.

The injured Feathered Serpent God fell on top of a nearby broken pillar and had no intention of leaving.

It stared down at the audacious humans who dared to challenge it: its eyes filled with hatred and its eyes maintained a fierce glare.


Suddenly, the lizard raised its head and let out a loud cry.

Its voice was rough and hoarse, like sandpaper grinding, but it carried far.

“Ga! Ga ga ga!”

It called out twice in succession.

For some reason, Wei Fuyuan’s heart suddenly sank.


It was a strong sense of uneasiness, a feeling of imminent danger triggered by his sixth sense.

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