Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 716

As Zhang Dong, Liena, and Zhi vanished through the portal, they were bathed in a blinding light, leaving behind the chaos and destruction of the fortress. They reappeared in a silent location that they had all seen before. They were now in the portal chamber of the Golden Palace where their people were already waiting for them.

“It’s the Patriarch and the great Elders, they have returned!”

Upon their arrival, they were met with the boisterous cheers of sect members who bowed in respect. It was a refreshing sight to be greeted with such warmth and friendliness. When counting the time dilation inside of the trial tower they had spent more than two years inside of it, one of them just inside of a cultivation chamber without any other souls close to them. But now, with everyone finally gathered, it was time to set their old plan into action and breathe life back into the golden palace.

“At ease brothers and sisters. How are things faring here, can someone give me a detailed report?”

“Yes, Patriarch if you would allow me.”magic


The man who stepped forward was the elder whom Zhang Dong had entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the place after his encounter with Huo Qiang. He quickly briefed Zhang Dong on all the developments that had taken place during his absence. Firstly, the Golden Palace had undergone repairs in several areas, which meant that the expenditure of spirit points would be significantly reduced. Secondly, they had managed to locate and ensure the safety of most of their sect members, although unfortunate casualties had occurred due to the treacherous trapping formation and the ferocious beasts in the vicinity. Lastly, Zhang Dong's grandfather and Huo Qiang were still yet to arrive, their whereabouts unknown.

“He hasn’t been found?”

“Regretfully no Patriarch but several of our masters have returned safely from those underground tunnels, it is composed of a treacherous maze filled with monsters and beasts alike.”


Zhang Dong glanced at his system, relieved to see it finally functioning properly. Ever since his encounter with Huo Qiang, he could once again track his location. As instructed, Huo Qiang had set off to search for Zhang Dong's grandfather. Given that his junior brother was still healthy and alive, there was no need to panic just yet.

After all, the second strongest man in the sect had become even more formidable after their intense training session within the trial tower. With this newfound power, Zhang Dong had full confidence in his ability to handle any beasts that lurked below. However, the pressing question remained: could Huo Qiang reach Zhang Jin before any harm befell him?

This was not the moment to fixate on the fate of just one individual. Despite successfully evading the relentless pursuit of the Long Clan, they were not yet at their peak strength. The presence of the Azure Emperor within the trapping formation raised concerns that he might have traced their location through the spiritual energy pattern of the teleportation gate. They had to take into account the fact that their hideout was compromised, and time was running short.

‘At least those bracelets are no longer functional. That should buy us some time... but should I proceed with restoring the palace immediately, or should I wait?’

Deep in thought, Zhang Dong contemplated by weighing the urgency of their situation against the potential risks of acting too hastily. If he initiated the restoration process and the golden palace ascended into the skies, they would undoubtedly be exposed. The sheer magnitude of spiritual energy it emitted made hiding within the confines of the trapping formation impossible. However, if he allowed too much time to pass, the enemy armada might arrive, presenting an obstacle to the palace's restoration.

After careful consideration, Zhang Dong concluded that waiting any longer would only increase the risks. His sect desperately needed their colossal flying fortress, the only force capable of standing against the enemy ships. With a resolute determination, he made up his mind: it was time to set the wheels in motion and restore the golden palace, regardless of the dangers it might bring.

“Have you made up your mind?”

“That I did, we will prepare for the final battle and the Golden Palace will rise once more.”

Zhang Liena's smile widened as she nodded, and the cheers of the other sect members erupted around her. They had arrived here with the sole purpose of establishing their dominance within the empire, and their unwavering faith in their leaders remained unshaken. It wouldn't be long before the flying bastion was restored; a mere few clicks on the system screen were all it took to accomplish the task.

As the moments passed, a sense of wonder enveloped the entire place, casting a radiant, golden glow that left everyone in awe. It was nothing short of a miraculous transformation unfolding right before their eyes. The once lifeless engine at the heart of the bastion began to stir, the destroyed egg had reformed itself into a new one. Simultaneously, the once-broken walls seamlessly knitted themselves back together at a pace that defied belief.

The onlookers from the sect stood frozen in place, unable to comprehend the grand spectacle unfolding before them. They had never fathomed that such a breathtaking display of restoration could occur in their midst. The collective gasp of amazement hung in the air, and no one dared to make a move, for they were captivated by this unexplained phenomenon that defied the boundaries of their understanding.

At the same time, Zhang Dong found himself dismayed as he witnessed a steady decrease in his spirit points. He had to go and click through all the areas that this golden palace was composed of. His immediate priority was to repair the engine, for it served as the very heart of their flying fortress. Following this crucial task, he would turn his attention to fortifying the walls and defensive formations, essential for shielding them from the devastating attacks of the spirit cannons.

Fortunately, Zhang Dong had managed to accumulate a substantial number of points during his journey through the trial tower. These newfound resources proved just sufficient to fully restore their central hub of operations. Before long, the Golden Bastion burst into action, its massive form rumbling as it gracefully ascended into the skies.

An ethereal, golden aura emanated from it, coalescing into a protective, spherical barrier enveloping the palace. Swiftly, the walls and towers began to materialize, their impressive structures rising in tandem. The numerous spirit cannons, positioned strategically, awaited the skilled hands of their sect members to operate them. The radiant brilliance of this breathtaking transformation dispelled the concealing fog, pushing it back and allowing them to emerge from obscurity, their presence now revealed to the world.

“Everyone, get back to your posts. We have probably roused all the spirit beasts and demonic beings in the vicinity. They will certainly try to attack us.”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Every member chosen for this campaign possessed the competence to execute their assigned roles with precision. In just a matter of minutes, they seamlessly returned to their respective battle stations, now focused and determined on their tasks. They stood prepared for the impending arrival of the formidable beasts, ready to face the imminent challenge head-on.

Swiftly, the trapping formation responded to the sudden surge of spiritual energy. It unfolded precisely as Zhang Dong had foreseen; this place displayed a hostile reaction to anything excessively conspicuous, and his palace was comparable to a treasure of near-immortal quality. With a sufficient reserve of spirit points at his disposal, there was potential for further evolution and growth, it could transcend its current size. While it had not reached its full capacity yet, it would have to suffice for the impending battle against the beasts and the eventual clash with the Azure Emperor.

As the Golden Palace settled into its newly restored form, the first wave of spirit beasts and demonic creatures arrived. They were drawn to the immense spiritual energy emanating from the fortress, their instincts urging them to attack. But they were met with a barrage of powerful spirit cannon fire, expertly aimed by the sect members manning the weapons. Explosions rippled through the air as the attackers were repelled, their numbers dwindling rapidly.

Zhang Dong, Liena, and Zhi stood at the forefront, directing the defenses and coordinating the efforts of their fellow sect members. Their teamwork and combat experience were evident as they seamlessly responded to each new wave of attackers. Despite the chaos and ferocity of the battles, their spirits remained unwavering.

With time, the Azure Emperor, having recovered from his earlier encounter with Zhang Dong, appeared on the horizon with a fleet of ships. He gazed up at the Golden Palace, his eyes filled with determination. He knew that the key to his victory lay in seizing control of this formidable fortress. Yet they were not alone, a vast swarm of other spiritual beast soon followed after them and started attacking. They were now incapable of controlling the trap formation and were suffering the same attack as the Golden Palace was.

Thanks to their prior actions, their enemies found themselves caught in a two-front conflict. While the golden palace served as a tempting target for these monstrous adversaries, the arrival of numerous flying vessels gave them another target. In contrast to the formidable defensive capabilities of the United Element Sect's flying fortresses, these vessels lacked similar protection. Consequently, they fared poorly, with some succumbing to merciless beastly assaults, resulting in tragic crashes and casualties among their occupants.

This was the opportunity his people had been waiting for, a glimmer of hope for victory. With their side faring better in defense, they finally had a chance to turn the tide. The tactic was straightforward: they needed to bide their time, maintaining their defensive stance while the relentless horde of beasts continued to hurl themselves at the flying ships of the Long Clan.

Their tactic was seen through rather quickly but this revelation provided no advantage to their enemies. Whenever they approached the Golden Palace, they were met by a group of monsters that simply saw them as better prey than the golden fortress encased in a golden bubble.

The advantageous terrain had unmistakably transformed into a deadly snare for his pursuers. Both he and his counterpart, the Azure Emperor, maintained their cautious approach. A premature dive into the fray would subject them to a dual onslaught of spirit cannons and beast attacks. The decision rested with his opponent, would he plunge headlong into the heart of the battle, wielding the quasi-immortal weapon, or would he opt to watch his forces gradually wither under the relentless assault of the beasts trapped within his own formation?

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