Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 26: One Strike To Injure Gu Changge, My Own Creation

Chapter 26: One Strike To Injure Gu Changge, My Own Creation

A string of text flashed in front of Chu Kuangren.

Every piece of information regarding Gu Changge’s identity, cultivation techniques, and even hidden tricks were now known and understood by him clearly.

Chu Kuangren could not help having mixed feelings about the Eye of Revelation’s superiority.

After all, knowing oneself and one’s enemy would mean a sure path of victory, never having to face defeat.

However, this Eye of Revelation was too overpowered. Without even experiencing the enemy’s techniques in battle, it had already completely disclosed and analyzed them. It was truly a terrifying technique.

“Hey, ‘Elder Senior Brother of the Black Heaven Sect’, are you afraid to fight?”

Gu Changge uttered, thinking Chu Kuangren’s silence meant that he was scared to fight him.

When the thought of that came to mind, the upbeat tone in his voice proved that he was delighted.

Chu Kuangren, who was browsing through all the information about his opponent retracted the Remarkable Eye of Revelation technique upon hearing those words and replied, “Bring it on then.”

“Alright!” magic

Gu Changge murmured, with fighting intent radiating from his eyes. “Let me witness how powerful this Supreme Daoist Physique of yours is!”

After speaking, he unleashed the spiritual power in him and made the first move with a punch.

The spiritual power he emitted manifested in the form of a large dragon with razor-sharp claws. The terrifying power and crushing intent of innumerable Daoist rhymes completely shrouded Chu Kuangren in an instant!

That was a sage technique meant for offense, the Dragon Slaughter Fist!

From Chu Kuangren’s memory, specialized sage techniques for attacking were rare in the Azure Dragon Domain, some sage orthodoxies did not even have one.

Facing the incoming dragon, he drew out his Sacred Descendant Self Sword.

With a single slash of his blade, impeccably pure spiritual power materialized as an overbearing pillar of purple light, overwhelming and tearing through the large dragon!

Yet the unyielding purple light of the blade never faded, and was pushing Gu Changge back!

“What?” He exclaimed with shock, and hastily let out another punch. It managed to block the light beam from the blade, but he was still being pushed back by it.

The disciples of the Black Heaven Sect were astounded by the sight of this.

In his previous battles, Gu Changge had never taken a step back when facing Nangong Huang or Lan Yu.

Now, he was being forced back by Chu Kuangren’s blade!

“Elder Senior Brother is indeed powerful!”

“Haha, breaking through sage techniques with a slash and pushing back Gu Changge, it seems that Elder Senior Brother truly is the real owner of the Poise of Invincibility! ”


“What overwhelming Sword Qi” Gu Changge’s expression changed slightly.

“I suppose that’s not yet the full extent of your abilities. It’s true that your Dragon Slaughter Fist technique is already a fully realized one, but is it the only sage technique you have that’s fully realized?” Chu Kuangren uttered.

Upon hearing this, Gu Changge was a bit shocked, and involuntarily replied, “How did you know?”

Being able to cultivate any sage technique to the fully-realized realm was an extremely difficult feat, even someone at the Sky-pride level would require hundreds of years to achieve this.

However, because Gu Changge was constantly challenging himself with fights against every Great Daoist in the process to cultivate his Heart of Invincibility, he unexpectedly cultivated his Dragon Slaughter Fist to the fully realized realm!

Besides that, he had not shown this technique in front of others, the only ones who knew about this were his bodyguards. How did Chu Kuangren know?

“That’s something trivial to think about, you should focus on finding a way to defeat me first. However, the chances of this happening are close to none.”

Chu Kuangren said casually.

Since his opponent came to Black Heaven Sect looking for a match, he would naturally deal with it with nothing held back as the sect’s Elder Senior Brother.

From the experience from the recent clash they had paired with the analysis from the Eye of Revelation, Chu Kuangren’s chances of losing were slim.

His isolated cultivating this time around had made a ridiculous difference. Comparing how he was before with how is now, the difference was like night and day.

“Don’t be arrogant, you think you can look down on everyone just because you possess a Supreme Daoist Physique and all these high Foundation Levels?”

“In that case, do you have techniques like this up your sleeve?”

Chu Kuangren was unrelenting when he shot back in reply.

Gu Changge’s face was gripped with anger and he stopped talking. Spiritual power could be seen violently surrounding him. “You really want to see the Dragon Slaughter Fist? Then let me give you a taste! Now learn your place!”

A loud roar boomed, the spiritual power around Gu Changge reached a tipping point.

A devastatingly potent wave of Daoist rhymes was released.

An incomparably ferocious, large, and life-like golden dragon appeared and was swirling around his body. Dragon scales had also taken shape on the surface of his right arm, a sign that Dragon Blood energy was gathering into his arm for his ultimate move.

The punch was followed by a loud crackling sound, which caused the surrounding air to boom with vibration, violently tearing through the void.

The great golden dragon’s roar resounded across the atmosphere! It rushed toward Chu Kuangren with destructive intent and overbearing poise!

The disciples witnessing the battle from afar all felt the terrifying force emitted by the golden dragon, an expression of fear and worry surfaced on their faces.

“He has such amazing power!”

Even one of the Daoists could not help but exclaim.

However, Chu Kuangren, despite facing the attack head-on, was calm and unmoving in his gaze. At the same time, his body was releasing a menacingly powerful aura made of Daoist Rhymes.

He released a slash from the blade!

In that instant, the attack of pure sword intent was as if a tsunami had been unleashed upon the realm, making the area reek of murderous intent.

Whatever the beam of light from the sword touched, anything in its way was torn apart in total destruction!

Almost as if the blade was the only thing left in the world.

That single slash stunned every living being!

While at the same time, ripped through the terrifying golden dragon.

“Not good!”

An elderly voice cried somewhere in the distance.

That was followed by a white-colored wave of spiritual power that rose and landed against the sword’s beam of light.

“Hmmph.” Groaned the Honorable Xuan Qi, who seemed to foresee the incoming attack. He flicked his sleeves, releasing another wave of purple-colored sword qi.

The white-colored wave of power was shattered instantly!

Meanwhile, the beam of light from Chu Kuangren’s sword lingered and enveloped Gu Changge’s body after dispersing the golden dragon. A painful cry sounded, followed by a silhouette of someone being flung out and falling onto the ground.

It was Gu Changge.

In the midst of all that, an elderly man in a white robe rushed to his side.

At that point, Gu Changge’s body had a layer of extra golden armor on, but his face was pale white and he kept spitting out blood. There was a mild trace of sword qi lingering within the blood that was spewed out.

Upon seeing the golden armor, the elderly man in the white robe breathed a sigh of relief and turned towards Chu Kuangren, who was standing not far from them. The look on the man’s face was a dignified one, but it was also laced with disbelief.

There was no mistake in what he saw.

That slash of the blade, that Daoist rhyme, was definitely a Sage Ruler Technique!

There was a Sage Ruler Technique within the Black Heaven Sect!

He had not heard nor known of this fact in the past.

“I see you managed to bring out your Dragon Scale Armor in time, ” Chu Kuangren snorted.

That armor was a rare sacred weapon of defense, which was developed in Gu Changge’s body.

He summoned the armor before being struck by the sword’s light beam, but it was too late. Although the armor blocked out most of the attack, some of it still managed to hit and affect him, causing a major injury.

“What a terrifying slash, this Sage Technique... No, this could even be a Sage Ruler Technique! What kind of sword technique is this!” Said Gu Changge as he stared menacingly at Chu Kuangren.

“It’s called the Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique, made by yours truly.” Retorted Chu Kuangren.

Gu Changge sneered. “What kind of joke is this, a self-developed Sage Ruler Technique? You think you’re a sage ruler?”

The people surrounding them had a stupefied look on their faces.

Gu Changge did not believe what he said, but everyone around them knew that what Chu Kuangren said was true. That Sage Ruler Technique really was developed by him.

“That’s the difference right there.” Nangong Huang sighed.

“Yeah, the guy had already invented his own Sage Ruler Technique and then had personally admitted to you that he did it all on his own. Yet you choose to not just doubt him but to question him instead. You really are incomparable to him.” Murong Xuan chimed on.

Gu Changge took in the look that everyone gave him and started to realize something within himself. Could it possibly be that his opponent had invented a technique on his own?

No, it was impossible.

Even with the Supreme Daoist Physique, this Chu Kuangren was just simply a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, how could he possibly come up with his own technique?

How could a monster like him possibly exist in this world!?

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