World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: I’m Back II

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At the marquis’ manor, a man quietly sat before the study table. His phoenix eyes were slanted and flirtatious. After leaning back lazily, half of his robe was open as his purple robe was gently raised by the gentle breeze. His attitude was domineering as he coldly glanced at the guard who was kneeling on the ground. “Have all of you still not found the person I ask you to look for?”

“Marquis.” The guard’s back had already long been drenched. Cold wind swished by and he could not help but shudder due to the cold. “That lady you mentioned did not have any specified looks nor surname, so I ... am unable to investigate.”

The man who was originally sitting down quietly slowly stood up as his voice was a little cold. “I’ll give you another half month’s time to find that woman. If you can’t, bring back your head to meet me!”

“I understand.”

The guard slowly stood back up from the ground and retreated after receiving his orders.

His thighs were shaking. Every time he came to speak to the marquis, he needed great courage. Just his mighty aura alone was sufficient to make him unable to raise his head.

After the guard left, the man’s eyes narrowed slightly. The humiliating scene from six years ago once again appeared before him.

The tea cup in his hand could not withstand his clench and with a thud, it turned into dust. The boiling hot tea splashed onto his large hand, but yet he did not notice it.

“How dare you rape me and even have the guts to escape! Even if you escape to the corners of this world, I will use my entire lifetime to drag you back out!”

Six years ago, he had just left the demon realm. His cultivation was being constraint and had caused him to fall into unconsciousness.

The one who had forcefully woken him up from his unconsciousness was that death-deserving woman!

It was a pity that because he had passed through the seal which affected his sight, the woman’s looks could only be vaguely seen. He originally wished to settle the score with her after his body recovered, but who would have known that the woman sweep her butt after eating him clean!


At this moment, a guard walked in hurriedly and said respectfully, “Sixth Princess is here. She says she wants to see you.”

Di Cang’s cold gaze swept past the guard as his voice almost seemed able to suppress one’s nerves, causing the guard to immediately kneel down in terror as cold sweat dripped.

“Do such small matters need to be reported to me? Chase her out!” magic

“However, Sixth Princess said that if Marquis does not meet her, she will not leave the marquis’ manor.”

Di Cang, who had originally intended to leave, stopped after hearing this sentence. His cold voice which carried an air of dominance rang out. “Then just throw her out!”

The guard felt his whole body tremble. In this Liu Huo Kingdom, the only person who would not bother giving any face to the royal family was his own marquis.

However, his marquis was so arrogant and His Majesty had still quietly let things slide!

No, it should be said that His Majesty did not dare to bother about it!

Di Cang stroked his purple robe and had already stepped out the main door of the study. Dressed in a purple robe with a head of long silver hair, he appeared extremely dazzling under the sunlight of this clear morning ...


In the streets of Di City, Bai Xiaochen held Bai Yan’s hand as his wide eyes were roaming all around. His gaze was filled with curiosity, as if he had never seen such a lively scene before.

“Mother, are we going to meet Uncle first now?”

All these years, the person mother had been talking about was Bai Xiao alone.

Therefore, Bai Xiaochen had long carried a heart of anticipation toward this uncle of his.

“No, not for now.” Bai Yan stopped. “I’ve changed my mind. I won’t bring you back to the Bai family home yet. Instead, I’ll get people to buy a house in Di City and you’ll stay there first. There will be someone to look after you.”

The rim of Bai Xiaochen’s eyes turned red as he pitifully tugged Bai Yan’s hand. “Mother, is it Baby that made you angry and that’s why you want to leave Baby behind? Baby knows his mistake, Baby will not simply find a Daddy anymore. Please forgive Baby?”

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