World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I am the Eldest Miss of the Bai Family I

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“Baby, do you think the people of the Bai family are qualified to meet you?”

In this busy street, Bai Yan stopped and she looked down and her line of sight stopped on Bai Xiaochen’s white, tender, small face.

Bai Xiaochen’s brows raised. He already had the aura of a king at such a young age. “In the Bai family, besides Uncle, the rest of them aren’t qualified to meet me.”

“Then isn’t that fine? Mother will find a chance to bring your uncle to meet you. Before that, don’t let the people of the Bai family know of your existence.” magic

Even if Bai Xiaochen was mature and understanding, he was still a child. All these years, no matter whether it was his three grandmasters or Chu Fengyi, they would put him in the palm of their hands and pamper him. He had never suffered before.

Therefore, Bai Yan did not wish for Bai Xiaochen to hear those filthy words.

“Mother, then let’s pinky swear. You must bring Uncle to meet me. You aren’t allowed to coax and lie to me just because I am young.” Bai Xiaochen pouted as he stretched out his finger.

Bai Yan’s expression immediately darkened.

‘Young? Coax and lie to him? Does he really think that he’s an ordinary five year old child? In this world, there’s only him cheating others, there are none that could cheat him.’

“Alright, let’s pinky swear.” No matter what Bai Yan was thinking in her heart, for the sake of coaxing Bai Xiaochen now, she still decided to hook her own pinky to Bai Xiaochen’s pinky. “Now you should believe me right?”

Only then did Bai Xiaochen reveal an innocent, pure smile. “Mother, what kind of a place are you going to prepare for Baby? Baby is going to say in advance that I won’t live in the place if the environment is not comparable to Holy Island.”

Bai Yan vaguely mumbled. “When you’re outside, don’t have such high requirements. It’s sufficient to have a place to live in. If you speak too much, I’ll immediately send you back.”

Even the imperial palace of Liu Huo Kingdom was not comparable to the Holy Island. He actually wanted to have an environment that was like Holy Island? Was this little fella still asleep?


“Mother, Baby knows his wrongs. You, such a beauty, isn’t on the Holy Island, and facing those old men daily would cause Baby to lose it. However, Mother, you need to remember to come back to make food for Baby or Baby and Xiao Mi will starve to death otherwise.”

Xiao Mi, who was nestled in Bai Xiaochen’s embrace, raised its head and growled lowly, as if agreeing with Bai Xiaochen.

In the outside world, Bai Yan instructed that it was not allowed to speak the human language. It could only use this kind of ways to express itself.

“I’ll find you a cook,” Bai Yan said as she patted Bai Xiaochen’s head. “Also, you aren’t allowed to be picky.”

Bai Xiaochen lowered his head, feeling aggrieved. How could those cooks be comparable with his mother’s cooking? However, in order not to be sent back to Holy Island, he was very obedient and did not mention a word of opposition.

In Liu Huo Kingdom, the Bai family, as one of the four prestigious families, also naturally had their manor on the most prosperous Eastern Street.

Coincidentally, the house in which Bai Yan had sent people to search for was also nearby Bai Manor. Furthermore, compared to Bai Manor, its environment was quieter and the mansion was more elegant and noble.

“Mother, although this house isn’t comparable to Holy Island, it is a lot better than Bai Manor.”

On the way here, they had passed by Bai Manor and Bai Yan pointed it out to Bai Xiaochen. Now that Bai Xiaochen saw that his own house far surpassed Bai Manor, there was no need to mention how happy he felt inside.

‘Hmph! Who allowed these bad guys to dare bully mother!’

“Baby, this isn’t Holy Island, so don’t take advantage of my absence and cause trouble. Do you understand?” Bai Yan patted Bai Xiaochen’s should and instructed sternly.

Bai Xiaochen blinked. “Then, what if someone bullies Baby?”

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