World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: So-Called Father I

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Bai Yan was blocked at the doorway by the guard. She did not get angry, but instead, only took two steps closer to the guard.

“Zhang Yao, the son-in-law of Bai Manor’s housekeeper and using your identity as the son-in-law of Bai Manor’s housekeeper, got a job at Bai Manor and obeys orders from Yu Rong’s mother, Madam Yu. If I guess correctly, you stopping me is also Madam Yu’s order.”

With every word Bai Yan said, the guard’s expression turned uglier. His identity as the son-in-law of the Bai housekeeper was not a secret in Bai Manor.

However, the matter of his obedience to Old Madam Yu’s orders was something even the head of the house did not know about.

“Madam Yu was fearful that with the fame of the Bai family, there would be women who came to seduce Bai Zhenxiang and therefore asked you to stop everyone who wish to step into Bai Manor. Am I right?” A smile hung on Bai Yan’s face.

Before coming over, she had already looked into the details of everyone in the Bai family. Even these servants of the Bai family were not missed out.

If it was not for the fact that he had a backer, he would also not dare to be so presumptuous here.


A surprised, doubtful voice suddenly appeared in front of the quiet Bai Manor doorway.

Just as Bai Yan looked over in which the sound came from, the person behind her had already detoured in front of her, with a pair of beautiful eyes full of disbelief.

“You are ... Eldest Sister?”

Bai Yan looked at the delicate and sweet young maiden before her and secretly sighed in lament in her heart.

Was this considered enemies meeting on a narrow road?

She had just returned to the family gates and she had directly met Yu Rong’s daughter.

“Eldest Sister, it really is you.” The young maiden had a face full of smiles. “Did you know that your disappearance all these years caused my maternal grandmother to be worried sick? My mother also missed you day and night. It is really great that you’re back now.”

The young maiden’s small face was pinkish as her bright lit eyes were like stars in the night.

“Zhi’er, this is your Bai Manor’s lady who was unfaithful and had gotten pregnant before getting married-the eldest miss, Bai Yan? Tsk, tsk, never thought that a woman who had just lost her innocence also dares to come back!”

That group of young men and maidens who were following behind Bai Zhi all swept a disdainful glance at Bai Yan as thick intent of sarcasm could be seen in their eyes.

A woman who had gotten pregnant without getting married beforehand and even eloped also dared to return to the Bai family?

“You’re all not allowed to talk about my eldest sister like that!” Bai Zhi was so angry that her entire small face turned red. “Even if this matter is truly the fault of my eldest sister, she’s still my blood relative! My mother has also loved her all this while! She’d rather allow Second Sister and I to be aggrieved rather than to let her feel aggrieved! If you all bully her, that is to be standing against Bai Manor!”

Bai Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly. In her impression, Bai Zhi had never been an innocent and kind person!

Back then, these two sisters had allied together quite a bit to bully her together!

Just now she was still wondering if that Bai Zhi actually learned how to speak on her behalf?

As it turned out, dogs can’t change their habit of eating sh*t!

“You mother indeed really loved me.” Bai Yan swept a glance at Bai Zhi. “She kindly wished to help me lose weight and therefore ensured that I did not have full three meals a day. She was absolutely fearful that I would squander away my mother’s dowry and therefore kindly helped me to manage it! She was afraid that I would be too much of a show-off, so since my mother’s passing, I never had even a bit of jewelry.”

Bai Yan successfully saw that Bai Zhi’s expression turned ugly and the smile by her lip also lifted broader.

“Therefore, I would indeed like to thank your mother for loving me as such all these years!” magic

When her words were spoken, Bai Yan strode in past Bai Manor’s main gate. She held her head high and puffed her chest out, entering Bai Manor proudly after six years of absence.

The crowd was in an uproar.

Back then, Bai Yan was known as the number one beauty in Liu Huo Kingdom, but she was very skinny even after puberty. She did not even have the slightest bit of meat in her chest and she frequently faced the world without any make up. Without mentioning jewelry, no one had ever seen her put on even rouge or powder.

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