World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Why Didn’t You Bring Me Away? I

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“In the end, she’s still my daughter. Saying that I wanted to chase her out of the family was merely words of anger. As long as she can turn from her evil ways, I will forgive all the past wrongs she had committed.”

Bai Zhenxiang frowned slightly. He was not one to forget the relationship between father and daughter. If it were not for Bai Yan’s actions being over the top, he would not have possibly spoken such words back then.

“I only acknowledge the words you said before. She’s no longer someone of the Bai family.” Bai Xiao’s icy-cold gaze swept past Bai Zhenxiang’s face as he slowly turned around, walked to the front of Bai Yan and paused momentarily. “Leave with me.”

Seeing that young man’s lonely and proud back, Bai Yan felt the bottom of her heart tingling. She did not reject the young man and left in the direction in which the young man walked toward.

Seeing Bai Xiao ignoring his own words, Bai Zhenxiang was livid. “Yue’er was such a gentle and kind woman. How did she give birth to such a pair of stubborn, donkey-like son and daughter?”

“Husband, it is all my fault.” Yu Rong pretentiously wiped the corner of her eye. “Not only was I unable to bear you a son but I also did not dare to discipline Xiao’er too much for fear that he would tell the Lan family that I, as his step mother, was ill-treating him. Therefore, Xiao’er ended up being so disrespectful toward elders.”

Yu Rong’s aggrieved voice made Bai Zhenxiang’s expression turn slightly warmer. “You can’t be blamed for this matter, the blame can only be placed on the old man of the Lan family. Xiao’er is his grandson and his temper is just the same as his! If the Lan family’s old man did not have such a stubborn personality, Xiao’er would also not have inherited such an ass-like temper.”

All these years, Bai Zhenxiang was never grateful for all the benefits the Lan family had brought to him. Instead, he resented the old master of the Lan family.

If it were not because of Old Master Lan’s obstruction back then, he would have long become husband and wife with Lan Yue! Then, things would not have dragged out for so long.

However, even if he was not willing, so what? Lan Yue had already fallen in love with him to the point she was unable to extricate herself. How would she be willing to leave him?

“As for Xiao’er, there indeed is a need to teach him more. Why don’t we do it this way? I will give you the authority. If Xiao’er does something wrong, you can beat him or scold him to your liking. If the Lan family comes to the door, I will block them!”

Bai Xiao was his only son. In the future, he would be the person to inherit the Bai family.

However, all these years, he was too accommodating toward this son of his and had practically never been bothered about his matters. If things continued on like this, Bai Xiao would definitely be ruined!

And with Yu Rong managing to teach such an outstanding pair of daughters, she was definitely a qualified mother!

With her teaching and guiding Xiao’er, he could also work hard outside without worry.

“Husband, don’t worry. I will teach and guide Xiao’er as if he was my own biological son.” Yu Rong lowered her gaze, hiding the dangerous gleam in the bottom of her eyes.

‘Lan Yue, you had stolen my position back then. However, your daughter is ruined by me and your son has thoroughly fallen into my hands now!

‘Even if you had your maiden family as your backer and you were the number one beauty in this world, so what? In the end, I still won!’


Naturally Bai Yan was unaware of Bai Zhenxiang’s request to Yu Rong.

At this moment, she was quietly walking behind Bai Xiao. Her dark pupils never once leaving the young man’s cold and detached back.

“Xiao’er ...” After a long while, she halted. Under the rays of sunlight falling on the courtyard, her voice was full of longing.

The young man’s body stiffened as he stopped under the afternoon sky. His snow white robe fluttered in the wind as he did not turn his head back, leaving his back to face the woman behind him.

“Have you been well all these years?”

‘Have you been well all these years?’

The young man tightly clenched the hands by his side. Under Bai Yan’s gaze, he slowly turned around. Yet that handsome face had long been covered in tears...

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