World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Old Madam of the Lan Family I

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Bai Yan was angered into laughter by these shameless words. “I had only found out today that the blood that flows in my body is of the Bai family’s. I had even thought that you were merely my stepfather.”

“Presumptuous!” Bai Zhenxiang slapped the table top as he stormed in anger. “You rebellious b*stard. How dare you actually say that I am your stepfather?! If I don’t discipline you today, you would really be lawless! Guards, bring the family law over. Today, it is useless, regardless of whoever comes to plead!”

Bai Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly as the hidden energy in her palms slowly formed. Just as swords were drawn and bows stretched, the old lady’s sharp voice rang out.

“Stop!” she stood up from the chair and the tea cup in her hand was also heavily placed on the table. “Bai family head, we can forget the fact that your Bai Manor is ungrateful and bullies our Lan family people, but now you are firstly being rude and even wishing to discipline the Bai family’s eldest miss. It seems like it is about time my family’s Old Madam makes a trip to the palace and properly have a talk with the empress dowager.”

When Lan Yue was alive, the empress dowager had loved her a lot and had originally wished for her to marry the emperor. However, Lan Yue had insisted on not entering the gates of the palace and the empress dowager could only let things be.

If it were not because Bai Ruo had already become the crown princess consort alongside the fact that the empress dowager was well into her years and was immersed in Buddhism, Bai Zhenxiang would not have dared to be so bold and reckless!

“Bai Yan, if you dare to leave with the Lan family’s people today, you will no longer be the bloodline of my Bai family from now on! I hope that you can think it through properly!” Bai Zhenxiang displayed an arrogant look as he spoke sharply.

The corner of Bai Yan’s lips curled upward slightly. “Couldn’t wish for more.” magic

‘Couldn’t wish for more?’

Bai Zhenxiang’s eyes widened as his breath became unstable. It was obvious that he was not lightly angered.

‘What is this b*stard saying? Couldn’t wish for more? She would rather choose the Lan family, which is already in decline, and want to leave Bai Manor which was flourishing at its peak?’

“Get lost!” Bai Zhenxiang shouted angrily. “Immediately get out of my Bai family’s gate. From now on, I, Bai Zhenxiang, no longer have this daughter!”

“And you!” his gaze turned to Bai Xiao who was by Bai Yan’s side, clearly livid. “Interact less with this kind of rebellious women to avoid being ruined by her! Anyway, you still have Ruo’er, who is such an outstanding elder sister, so there is no need for you to interact with such people.”

Bai Xiao, who had just turned around, halted when he heard Bai Zhenxiang’s words. He said without turning his head back, “In this world, there’s no one comparable to my elder sis. What is Bai Ruo?”

“Bai Xiao!” Bai Zhenxiang stood up angrily, his fist clenched so tightly that it was crackling. “Just try it if you dare take a step out!”

Obviously, Bai Xiao could not be bothered about Bai Zhenxiang’s reputation. After he finished speaking his words, that snow white robe had already walked out the hall, walking over in the direction in which Bai Yan left.

Bai Zhenxiang’s expression was absolutely ugly. It was a pity that Bai Xiao was not Bai Yan. He could chase Bai Yan out of the Bai family without feeling any heartache, but Bai Xiao was his only son!

The Bai family could not be without an heir!

The old lady had also left unknowingly. Yu Rong looked at the direction in which this group of people had left and an evil glint flashed in her eyes, which turned into a sob. “Husband, I know that in Xiao’er’s heart, the Ruo’er sibling duo and I will forever be outsiders. In order for you and Xiao’er to reconcile...why don’t you divorce me? I will bring Zhi’er away from here.”

Bai Zhenxiang, who originally had a pot full of anger in his heart, heard Yu Rong’s aggrieved crying and got even angrier.

“This is Bai Xiao unable to recognize people properly. What has it to do with you? This brat Bai Yan has sinister intentions and cannot be compared to you and Ruo’er’s genuine treatment toward Xiao’er. Sooner or later he will understand how big of a mistake he has made!”

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