World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Tier 4 Pill I

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Just at this moment, a lady who stood by Old Madam’s side gave a gentle smile. “This is the first time Yan’er has visited our Lan family. I’m afraid that the servants will not make sufficient preparations. It is still better for me to prepare a room for her.”

“Alright, Ruolan, I will trouble you with this matter then.” Old Madam smiled gently. “Yan’er, this is your uncle’s wife. All these years, you’ve never come to see the Lan family and it could be reckoned that you’re still unfamiliar. That’s right, you also have three elder cousin brothers and a younger cousin. When the time comes, I will introduce you all to each other.”

Hearing that, Bai Yan turned her head to look at Dong Ruolan and coincidentally, Dong Ruolan also raised her head to look over and gave her a friendly smile.

“Yan’er, I think your maternal grandfather must be anxious. Let me bring you over to see him first.” The old madam once again lightly patted Bai Yan’s hand as a kind smile appeared on her face.

Bai Yan did not do anything more as she supported the old madam’s trembling body and under the guidance of a maidservant, she walked over in the direction of a bedroom...

In a large bed with four pillars carved with flowers, Old Master Lan’s sickly body leaned against the wall behind him. His old eyes swept across the handsome man who was a little distracted and immediately glared at him. “Why? Do you wish to see that little brat that much? Then why aren’t you getting lost? I don’t need your care.”

The man was a little awkward. “As an uncle, I definitely need to meet my niece since she is back. Furthermore, who was it who kept looking outside since Old Lady Sun left?”

“What a joke! Why would I wish to see that brat? Don’t you see how that brat never once came over to the Lan family to see me all these years and had even done such a thing like getting pregnant before marriage? Forget the fact that she had gotten pregnant before marriage. Even if the Bai family did not want her, it wasn’t as if my Lan family would be unable to raise this pair of orphaned child and single mother. But see what good deed the brat did? She actually left without a word!”

Old Master Lan became more and more agitated as he spoke and his entire face flushed into a deep red, scaring the man so badly that he immediately used his hand to stoke the old master’s chest.

“Yu’er, tell me, what kind of sin did I commit in my past life to have provoked such a pair of mother-daughter that have angered me till I’m half dead?”

“Father, ease your anger.” Lan Yu was worried that the old master would be angered till the point he could not even breathe and anxiously said in comfort. “Back then, Younger Sister also could not see through people properly and that’s why she was cheated. As for Yan’er, although I have not interacted with her much, I know her character. She would definitely not have had improper relations with others on purpose. She was definitely framed by someone!”

“You just continue to make excuses for her!” Old Master Lan harrumphed as his gaze once again flitted to the outside of the door uncontrollably. “It seems like it has been quite some time since Old Lady Sun had gone over to the Bai family residence. Why hasn’t that brat been picked up yet? Yu’er, go and take a look, don’t let the people of the Bai family bully our Lan family’s old lady!”

Lan Yu pursed his lips. ‘If you’re worried about Bai Yan, then just directly say so. To actually bring out the old lady...When Yan’er comes over and faces Father, who has the temper and stubbornness of an ox, I really don’t know if she would be scared silly...’

Just at this moment, Lan Yu heard the voices of Old Madam Lan and a lady speaking from outside the door. A hint of delight appeared in his eyes. “Father, that should be Mother and Yan’er who have come.”

Old Master Lan’s fingers trembled but his expression remained calm as usual. The gaze which had flitted to the door earlier on was immediately retracted as he snorted. “If they’ve come then they’ve come, do you need to be so excited?”

“You just continue to pretend.”

Lan Yu secretly complained about his own father in his heart and no longer bothered about him. He left the head of the bed and walked toward the outside of the door. magic

He had just reached the door when the room door was pushed open. A maidservant entered first and said respectfully. “Old Master, Old Madam and Miss Bai are here.”

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